Friday, October 26, 2007

School Pictures

The girls have school pictures on Monday next week. They both brought home the forms and I have to return them the day of with a check or money order for the package I want to purchase. Simple enough, so I look at the first package and it costs.......$57.00! You've got to be kidding me! In tiny print at the bottom I found a package that is 1-3x5 and 8 wallets that is still $11. To me that seems ridiculous!

I can choose from 5 colorful backgrounds, my children will be allowed to wear what they want (we are at a public school that requires uniforms, which I love) and some photographer will move through 800 students in one day and provide me a priceless picture that I will pay $57 for? And then I have two, so let's make it $114.

I know the girls will be disappointed, but I'll explain my reasoning. Maybe if we got to see the pictures beforehand I would be more inclined to buy them. They do allow retakes, but they usually rush through those as well. Oh well.....

A picture story.....when the girls both went to a Christian school they had a day setup to take spring pictures each year. I got the girls matching outfits, sent them off and they pulled Em out of class to take a picture with Abs. I got the picture and it was really cute of Em sitting down and Abs standing behind her. Abs had her hand on Em's shoulder and Em was not shrieking "she's touching me!". The only thing I could focus on though was that my daughter unknowingly had her middle finger sticking up and looked like she was smiling and flipping you off. Not anything I wanted to save!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


They have delayed my husband's return to the desert. He is still going, but it will just be at a different time. Is that vague enough? Hurry up and wait.

When we first got to Hood back in 2003, my husband was immediately assigned to 4th ID, given a unit, issued all of his gear and was packed, loaded, and ready to deploy at the end of the first week. Then because of Turkey not letting the troops enter through their country, he was delayed. Every day they would dismiss them and tell them that tomorrow was the day or definitely that Friday, 24 hours and they would be loaded up. Even though we treasured each additional day with him, 2 1/2 months later he finally left and it was almost a relief. The countdown could begin. I was still upset, miserable and scared, but the constant stress of wondering if today would be the last day and constantly putting things on hold was enough to drive anyone insane.

Before my husband deploys my parents always put on a big dinner for him with a lot of his favorite foods. I think we had about 8 of them before he finally left.

Until he leaves though, the kids and I will enjoy each day with him and make sure that they all count. (and secretly rejoice that he will be here to put up and take down all the decorations again this year!)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

The Easter bunny thought it was a good idea to give hair pretties for Easter rather than candy.

More pictures here.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

A Pair of Shoes

My children are friends with the little girl across the street from us. At one point she used to be here from dawn till dusk and no one ever came to check on her. Since we have become a lot busier, she is often only over in the afternoons and the girls play outside in the backyard. I noticed a few weeks ago that the little girl had a huge hole in the toe of her shoe. Her parents are never one to rush out and get the girl anything that fits properly or replace things that are worn. In the past I have given her clothes, a bike, sweaters, etc. Today when she came over she was still wearing the holey shoes so I asked her what size she wore. She told me that she wore a size 1 and I went searching through the house for the proper size. My girls usually wear out their shoes, but I did find a pair of size 4 tennis shoes that I had gotten at walmart as an extra pair of shoes (I think she probably wore them once or twice) when Em went to camp a few years ago. I had put them aside in the goodwill pile and dragged them out. I offered them to the little neighbor girl and her face lit up. I told her to try them on first and see if they fit. Her little feet swam in the big shoes, but she declared that they were "great because I still have room to grow!" I think she has about 3 inches to grow into them. She tightened them up and wore them the rest of the afternoon while the kids played. I wonder if she will wear them tomorrow to school.

I also wonder if she has a winter coat.