Thursday, May 31, 2007

Weird Noises

I went for an evening run to the kitchen to find something sweet to snack on and instead heard weird noises. I started searching through the house, in the garage and finally outside in the backyard where I was sure my neighbor was pressure washing their grill or something so late at night. Turns out it was my A/C. So I called housing and surprisingly they can get someone out tomorrow afternoon. Of course I will be gone to the waterpark with the girls and my mom is watching Junior so she gets the joy of all of this. Hopefully it is a quick easy fix. I am thinking Abs put something in there maybe?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My Current Favorite Baby Product

With every child I have found one thing more useful than another. With Junior I have to say that hands down it is my baby carriers. I strap Junior into the Mei Tei or the sling and go. I am able to get more things done and he just hangs out with little sidekick. At the urging of a friend a few months ago I ordered an ERGO. I am in heaven with this thing. I usually wear him on my back and I can be hands free and do laundry, clean, set the scooba or roomba to go, and play with the girls. He doesn't like it much if I am standing still (well unless I am washing dishes) but other than that he is content. It even has a sleeping hood so if he falls asleep I can secure his little head so he can continue napping while I continue running around the house taking care of things.

We took the ERGO a few months ago to Explore UT and it was a lifesaver. Not only could Junior use it, but Abs, our very tired 6 year old by the end of the day, was able to ride comfortably in it and it did not hurt DH's back at all.

My sister just had a baby and when she comes to visit I am going to let her try mine out and I know she will be sold on it. Anyway, helpful hint from me #746.

Weird things

After I have a baby something always changes about my body...besides the obvious like my weight and the plethora of stretch marks that adorn my tummy. I have always had curly hair but it gets curlier after each child, so I now have a mass of ringlets. Surprisingly the girls have straight hair and Junior is the one that inherited my curls.

After Junior was born 11 months ago I developed a rash around my belly button. It was pretty nasty and really hurt so I finally went to the doctor. Turns out I am allergic to my jeans, more specifically the button on my Tommy jeans. I guess they use nickel in the button and I am now allergic to that so I have to throw out about 4 pairs of jeans. I tried duct tape and other remedies in order for my cheap self to save money and not have to buy more jeans, to no avail. Now I am in love with Ralph Lauren jeans, and as with the 14K gold or higher that I have to wear in my ears so they don't become infected, I just tell DH that it is for my health.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Narrow Minded People

I belong to several email lists via yahoogroups. Most of them I could take or leave, but often I find some bit of useful information that makes the sorting through the emails worthwhile. Anyway, today an email came across and it just made me mad (I changed all the names and actually was able to keep the name changes clean!).

We got bad news this morning. Millie's cousin who was in the Military died while in training in Alberta. His truck flipped over and he was pronounced dead at the hospital. He was only in his early 20's. Please keep his parents, Millie's Aunt and Uncle Mavis and Davis in your prayers as the wait for the only son body to be shipped home. Think of his sisters to they are in their early twenties and this will be a hard blow. Millie is in a fog. She was close with him, She and her parents lived upstairs and his parents and family lived downstairs. Millie use to babysit him and change his diapers. We can't afford to go back for the funeral. But, we have a planned vacation there in a few weeks, so she will be able to spend time with the family then.
I know a lot of you are military families. But, Millie and I really feel like the military wasted a promising young life and ruins many other promising young lives. 4 boys from this
area have died recently in Afghanistan. My heart hurts for the mothers, who held them closed and put them to bed like I do with Rufus. I hope to God Rufus never ever joins.
While it is unfortunate that this young man died, where does she think the world would be without young men and women who were willing to join the military and defend their country? I sure don't want my husband to die, but I also don't want to be the one who is sitting there enjoying freedoms and expecting someone else to foot the bill for me because I deem myself "more valuable" than someone else.

I believe in the job that my husband does and support him 100%. Thank goodness he doesn't have to deal with idiots like this....

Disclaimer: If this makes no sense it's because I am tired and too mad to make any sense right now!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Please remember all the Fallen Soldiers and their Families today...