Thursday, January 10, 2008


Junior had an appointment today for his 18 month old well baby and I absolutely loved his doctor. There's really only one other doctor there that really listens, so to have two to choose from now is great! My little boy is doing great besides the fluid in one ear and the hand, foot and mouth disease that he got again. Poor guy. It explains why he has been cranky and not wanting to eat as much though. Hopefully tomorrow will be better and I am not putting him in daycare--especially after my run in with one of their front desk clerks this morning. I later called to complain to the director and she told me she was aware that there was a problem and that they were going to a customer service class next week. They needed it about 6 months ago!

Abs was doing really well in school, but apparently the honeymoon is over and she is back to her old ways of not being able to sit still. She retains everything that she hears though, but I am sure she is quite the distraction. Imagine that. Just think if she didn't have to wear a uniform, her clothing choices alone would be a distraction. Luckily her teacher loves her. They have a reward system using tickets and so far Abs is negative. She hasn't actually ever been on the positive side of the tickets. Like my mom said, if she did have tickets she would probably hand them out to everyone and still be happy.

Em is really practicing being a pre-teen or a tween or whatever they call them now. She can be so sweet and loving too. The calm before the storm? I'm sure she will be a sweet and loving teenager like I was. Practically perfect in every way.

Gunner is still in the field. I thought for sure they would have another shower run by now. I really could have used a short break today, but it's all good. Tomorrow I will hit the gym for a run and that always puts things in perspective and gives me time to think.

I was so proud of myself for making all of those appointments a few days ago. All the ones for me I made for Monday so I could get them out of the way. That day when the girls got home from school I got notice that they didn't have school on Monday. Today I called and had all my appointments switched over to them and I now need to reschedule all of mine. They need haircuts too. Does it ever slow down?

I start class on Saturday. Wish me luck, I will need it.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Taken in St. Louis. My daughter Abs.....and here is the rest of the story.....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need some ink

Deployment Journal for Kids.

The Year of Me

I am focusing on myself this year. I'm going back to school. I'll lose the weight. I'll get organized (quit snickering guys, this time I mean it!).

I started with making all the appointments that I need to have done, like the dentist (trying a new one since I absolutely love to go to the dentist and still haven't found one that I love here locally). Of course then I had to make the girls appointments.

I know I need to get new glasses, so I made the appointment. Well the girls need to go to, and that means Abs needs a referral, so I had to make an appointment for that too. Which reminded me that she needed to see the urologist, so I made that appointment around her PT appts.

Needing a break from all the appointments I made one more for Junior for a day at the hourly daycare that he loves on post. He needs his shots, which required an appointment for him.

Maybe this will be the year of me....and Em....and Abs....and Junior.....and Gunner. Definitely in 17 years when Junior heads off to college I will focus on me. Just me. I'm in no rush though.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Gunner's Law

Who else can wash and dry their clothes with a pen in the pocket, have the ENTIRE dryer covered in ink and their clothes come out without a spot?

Oh yeah, and then remind me when I call him in the field to ask him if he made any other messes besides the dishes, the bathroom and the living room. Good thing I love this guy...probably a good thing he was only home 7 hours today or no telling if the house would be standing.