Friday, October 16, 2009

One little girl...

My Abs.

Things are ALWAYS interesting with her around. 

Gunner found my lost dental floss today--three packages.  They were undone and used to tie her closet together so that nothing would try and come out of there and get her.

She told us she could be trusted with a bottle of shampoo again.  She did really well for three weeks and didn't use the entire bottle all at once.  Tonight she said she just couldn't help herself anymore.  It's empty.

We had an OT evaluation yesterday and they determined that she had a visual perception and tracking problem.  She will need OT, VT (visual therapy), and probably PT again.  They were surprised she was able to compensate for her problem and read.  Apparently this problem is caught a lot sooner because the children are unable to read.  Abs is a great reader though.  I took her to the ophthalmologist, twice, for the problem I thought she had and it was dismissed.  I had never even heard of visual therapy, but they say that they have great results.

The shampoo issue doesn't seem like much anymore, when I look at the big picture and those big blue eyes.