Friday, January 29, 2010

My Junior

I was looking for the cord to the CD player tonight so we can try some classical music in Junior's room and maybe he will go to sleep.  The boy LOVES classical music.  Anyway, I stumbled on a CD with pictures that were taken of Junior when he was a few months old.

The day that Gunner went back on R&R, we were sitting in the airport saying goodbye, and Junior was 13 days old.  I was taking pictures of the two of them together when a lady stopped by and offered to shoot a couple of family shots.  We agreed, although I wasn't exactly feeling up to working it for the camera. 

She took a few pictures and then handed me her card, because she was a photographer and a military wife.  She offered to do a session of Junior for free, and another friend of hers came over to help, Tina Cho.  I looked for a recent webpage for her, but couldn't locate one.  Anyway, she got some great shots of my little guy to send to Gunner.
He's always had kind of a funky haircut.
Why the heck is everyone looking at me, and why am I hanging out in a basket?

Notice how he is leaning towards his left in each picture?  Torticollis.  I had no clue at the time, but he spent about 6 months in physical therapy getting it straightend out.  Apparently since he was kind of hefty (10 lbs 1 oz), he was out of room and just got lodged in there in one position while he baked.  I actually had to sleep with him for several months, because he could only sleep on one side in order to make sure that his features remained symmetrical (they were a little bit lopsided because of the torticollis and him sleeping on one side all the time).  I got no sleep because I was either nursing or checking on him, the little stinker.

But it all worked out, and he is healthy and not lopsided anymore, but the wild hair remains!

P.S.  The classical music worked and he was out within 5 minutes. 

Gunner's Abs

If she was my Abs, she would require more sleep.  Gunner always says "Sleep is a crutch". 

My Abs would not have spread an entire brand new box of expensive dog treats all over the house in an obstacle course to see if she could get Sammy to follow the trail.

If Abs was my child, then she would not have put the roll of toilet paper in the tub, over the shower curtain rod, and then the end in the toilet and sat there and flushed to see if the toilet was strong enough to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.  Guess what, it is.

If Abs was my child, she would not have eaten the entire box of cheese crackers that I got for snack.  Six crackers in each package, 6 packages.  She was at least able to tell me that she ate 36 crackers.

My Abs would not be in her room trying to take a nap because she was tired from staying up all night.

To the mom of the little boy at Junior's daycare--back off!

My 9 blisters from my 6 mile run on Wednesday are not gone, but I might have to run this morning to work off some frustration.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Another 4 weeks

After Ab's IM training, they want to do some more training for another 4 weeks for 90 minutes, three times a week.  If it helps, I am all for it.  Will it stress me out to do it while Gunner is gone?  You betcha.

I think Em's bus driver was fired.  She wasn't on her afternoon run, and I know of two other people that called.  Em returned home with 25 signatures of people that said that they have seen her bus driver texting and driving.  They don't make laws for the heck of it people, don't text and drive!

I had Ab's 504 meeting today, and the counselor told me that she wanted to have weekly contact with me, but not if I was going to be contacting the school district.  Ummmm....if you did your job, I wouldn't have to.  My friend and I were talking about the other day--if people just did their jobs, then we wouldn't have half of the problems that we do.  Do what you say you will do!

Volunteering tomorrow.  Hopefully I can go check on a trial I have been watching.

Abs didn't have a wii party, but she did break into the Halloween candy and then go into her brother's room to play with his toys and turn his light on, and when he woke up, he was so excited to see her and get up.  She brought out the candy and I found them engrossed in building train tracks all over the room and setting up little people while sucking on lollipops.  (They weren't even gluten free)  All Halloween candy is in the trash now.

While I was at the meeting this afternoon, Gunner had to take off early so he could run Em to Girl Scouts, go pick up Junior, run to my neighbor's and pickup Abs, then drop Abs off at OT, then back to get Em, then home to make dinner while I went to sit at OT and wait on Abs.  I did get to see the IM in action, and it's pretty interesting.  They said that the majority of the effects are usually seen 3-6 months after completion. 

I did stop by Ab's desk after my meeting and found all the homework that she hasn't done since school resumed.  I found the notes the teacher had written me. She spent tonight cranking out all her homework.  Her teacher told me that she wasn't bringing her homework folder back to school or her agenda book.  It's in her backpack every day, but always empty.  We are working on some changes, which will hopefully help.

I think I might go visit a friend this weekend since Em will be gone and Gunner can have a slumber party/wii tournament with the kids.  Well if you can call it a visit when you have Bikram Yoga, P90x, and the gym thrown in for good measure.  I forsee pho in our future too, and with all that working out we should have a glass or two of wine shouldn't we?

A post about deployments coming up.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I was on the news Friday night here, for reporting my daughter's bus driver texting while driving, and the school telling me "it's not our problem!". 

Ab's OT told me that I needed to get her 504 in place and to tell them that I was told to seek legal counsel and drop the name she gave me.  They have scheduled it for Monday.  It should have been done back in October when I first requested it. 

Em had a tournament this weekend for her public speaking group, and had a great time and gained some valuable experience.  She spent the night with a friend, and I guess we wore Junior and Abs out as they were asleep by 7:30 last night. 

We just got home from the pool and Gunner and Junior went to pick up our dinner.  The best pizza ever.  They even make gluten free pizza! 

Another busy week on the way.  One day I'll be able to rest, I hope...