Thursday, October 1, 2009

More changes...

Em gets braces in less than three weeks.  We went to our consultation appointment yesterday, and since he came highly recommended and had an opening, we took it.  I cannot thank my parents enough for paying for me to have braces, but I can pass on the gift to my own children.  Em is excited....sort of.....until she realized that she would have them on before Halloween and wouldn't be able to eat most of the Halloween candy.

I took Abs to the doctor on Monday and asked for a PT and OT referral.  So far only the OT referral has gone through, but she has an evaluation set in a few weeks.  Hopefully this will get abs the help she needs.  She still really struggles with her handwriting, and she's such a bright, bright, bright kid!

Today Ab's class was going to the zoo on a field trip.  Her teacher asked me to accompany them, so I couldn't say no.  Her teacher told them to dress in layers because it was going to be in the low 40's today.  Abs took that to heart and wore a pair of tights, two pairs of leggings, two t-shirts, and a long sleeve shirt.  Then the girl tried to get away with sandals and no socks.  I vetoed that and she wore socks and shoes along with her unmatching outfit.  Oh did I mention she wore striped toe socks all her leggings and tights?

Junior had an accident yesterday, and the teacher asked where the puddle came from.  He looked at her, and answered excitedly "My penis!" as if it was some big surprise.

Making plans for this weekend, assuming I finish all my school work.  If you know of something good in Colorado, let me know!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

All is well

Knock on wood.

Em was back at school today.  Abs is doing fine, and Junior is back in fighting form as well.  I have cleaned and sanitized everything.

The new roomba and scooba batteries have arrived and are charging.  I can't wait!

My group project is going okay I guess.  I told her to help me write an outline and I would write the paper and she could proof it.  Let's hope it flows to me easily.

It's supposed to be cold on Thursday again after the last few absolutely beautiful days.  Wouldn't you know that is the day that I am going with Ab's 3rd grade class on a field trip to the zoo.  I can hardly wait.

All those thousands of dollars of scrapbooking supplies that I own are finally being put to use.  Em has a "wanted" poster to do for a book report, and we spent the afternoon distressing file folders using the distressing kit that I had to have.  Abs got in on the action too, and plans to do her own book report for her teacher in the same format. 

The Children's Place is having a sale on their clothes.  Go through ebates to get 3% back, shopping is $5, and use the code NEXTJ78 to get an additional 10% off.  I got Junior some cute shirts (although he needs pants), and Abs some shirts that go with her clothes I bought for school from them in August.  I'm all about a good deal.

I'm working on Christmas shopping too.  My goal is to be done by the end of October for all the nieces and nephews, my mom, and most of Em's, Ab's and Junior's gifts.  I'm sure I'll add a little bit more as I land some good deals, but I don't want the stress of waiting till the last minute, and I hate the mall! 

I think the 17th is going to be renovate our basement day since Em will be at a babysitter class (I can't believe she is old enough to do that!), and Abs is taking a trip with her brownie troop to a dinosaur museum.  I have big plans--well sort of.  We realized that there is dry wall up down there so we just need to lay some flooring, setup the arts and crafts area, my sewing machine, and organize some toys and we will be good to go.  Don't quote me on that though!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"I'll make it up to you"

I'm sitting here watching Army Wives, with Em in her bed asleep, still running a fever and suffering through strep throat.

I just watched the part where Trevor had to leave the bowling alley and he promised Roxy that he would "make it up to her" as he raced off to do his job.

How many times have you heard that?  After a spur of the moment staff duty or CQ, a long deployment, JRTC, NTC, field time, TDY, PCS, and eventually one day, when he puts in his retirement package and there's finally an ETS.  I'm not even sure how many years Gunner has left in the Army.  I used to know at least how many years, but now it just seems par for the course.

When he calls from Iraq and I've got three barfy kids and am sick myself, he promises to make it up to me.  When he misses birthdays, anniversaries, and pregnancies, he assures tells me that he will try to make the next one (besides pregnancies, those days are over!).  He sends letters and cards.  He calls when he can, and he thankfully, does make up for it when he gets home. 

This weekend I left Gunner with all three kids while I headed off to the Great American Beer Fest with a good friend of mine.  He sent me off with a hug and a kiss, and assurances that everything would be fune, and I should have a good time.

I had a great time!  I went to my friend's house and then we met a friend for lunch and then my friend and I went to the GABF.  When you walk in they give you a small glass with a 1 oz mark.  There are thousands of beers to sample!  We tried a few on the way to find my sister's booth.  Met my sister and she gave us a list of beers to sample.  We headed out and tried those out.  We had our pictures taken in those photo booths, got a free tshirt, and met some interesting people.

We met friends again for dinner, hung out by the pool and went to bed early.  The next day we hit a Russian spa and had massages, body polish, and got hit with leaves in a steam room.  It was absolutely the best massage that I have ever had.  We ended the weekend with my first taste of Pho and I headed back to reality.

The house was a mess, Em now has strep, we're out of food (but he bought extra ice cream!).  The kids were happy though, had a good time, and I am ready to face the next week, but this time he's home, and he kept his word and in two days made up for the last year away.  It's the little things....