Saturday, October 6, 2007

Expos, Birthdays and Emails

We took the kids to the Kids Expo in Belton today. It wasn't too crowded when we first got there and the kids had a great time. They got to rock climbing, jump in the bounce houses, get lots of free stuff and watch some shows. We left before a lot of the more exciting things were on the stage, but we had places to go. I love to go to little things like this with DH when he is home. He misses out on so many things in their life.

Went to my mom's house and then my SIL and brother showed up. They are running an Ironman Triathalon tomorrow. Wish I could do something like that. Maybe for my 40th birthday? I'm still nursing a sore foot. Maybe the beer tonight will help?

We celebrated Em's 10th birthday tonight with my mom and sister and her boys. Em had a lot of fun and loved her gifts. Her new furniture gets delivered on Tuesday. I can't believe I have been a mom for 10 years. I can't imagine when I am old and gray and will have been a mom for 60 years! Em is mastering the being a teenager early and it is driving me nuts.

I came home and the electricity had gone off so somehow all my emails had disappeared. I needed recommendations for my new plan, and I lost all the information I had collected so far. Frustrating. Tomorrow is a new day, I will eventually get it all back together.

It is almost 10 pm and Abs is still up and singing in her bed. I wish I could function on such a little amount of sleep....

Friday, October 5, 2007

Cooking Crepes

I am not a good cook. When I was about 11 or 12 I tried to make a stir and frost cake. I read the directions carefully, and I still swear, to this day, that it did not say to stir the mix after I added the water. My family still makes fun of me.

When I was in college I was cooking shrimp and I called my mom to see how long they needed to cook and she told me until they turned pink. I hopped off the phone quickly as mine had been boiling for over half an hour. I don't remember them being tough though.

The other night I was trying to scrounge up something for dinner that was quick and easy since I had to meet a friend to go to a visitation. I finally made some turkey bacon, cut up some fruit and made some crepes. I was trying to flip one of the crepes and it was kind of stuck so I picked up the skillet and kind of turned it over and tired to scrape it off. (Looking back I think it wasn't ready to be flipped yet, but I was ready for it to flip) I finally turned it over and shook it a little thinking I would catch it with the spatula. It sounded like a good idea! Instead the little crepe fell into the gas flame and caught fire! I turned off the gas and it continued to burn so I grabbed the spatula and tried to move the crepe to the sink. That led to me picking up the burner with the burning crepe on it and causing a bigger mess. By this time I am yelling out to DH that I have a burning crepe and he and the kids come running to see this giant flaming crepe wrapped around the overturned burner. I finally beat the flames out on the crepe with the spatula. Then without thinking I pick up the burner to put it straight on the stove and I burn my hand.

I finally gave up and served what was made to find out that the girls didn't even like crepes.

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Last Saturday after picking out furniture DH, the kids and my mom and I headed over to her town's Chisholm Trail celebration. We hit the park first where they had a chuckwagon cook off. We missed the food tasting but saw about 6 chuckwagons that were setup and people dressed up in period clothing while one of the women played a mean fiddle. There was a "sheriff" that answered all the girl's questions about what was going on there and about the wagons, etc. I love it when people take the time to answer all of their questions....and Abs has lots of them!

While they were handing out awards Junior wandered over to one of the wagons and started hanging around near the front. Got some great shots! One lady said she was an artist and wanted to use him as a subject and took my name and number. The newspaper guy came along and wanted to take his picture for the paper but by then Junior was off and running to the next interesting item.

After the chuckwagon cookfoff we went over to look at the cattle for the cattle drive. There were a few in the pen and we figured that they had the rest kept elsewhere. The kids checked out the longhorns, pet a horse and we were off to downtown to see what it had to offer.

We got down there and after a quick stop for ice cream we headed to the square. They had (plastic)longhorn heads pushed into hay bales that they could rope, horseshoe toss, corn grinder, face painting, longhorn petting, music, dancing, roping and tons more that they could all do for free! (Free, my favorite word!) The girls had a great time and after seeing everything we finally took a break and sat on the sidewalk to wait for the cattle drive. We watched a roping demonstration and then the horses came, one of which was carrying an American flag. The National Anthem was sung and there were still people that weren't even standing! The number of hats left on amazed me. Guess I am used to a lot more respect in the town where we live. But, there were still a lot that did stand, take their hat off and show respect, but it is always those few that didn't that stand out to me.

So after about 1 1/2 dozen horses and riders came the cattle drive where about 6 longhorns were surrounded by another 8 riders, all led by one tiny little white longhorn. A lot of hoopla for such a small amount of cattle, but it was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it so that is all that matters. They are already talking about next year...

and we took some pictures....enjoy.....

Already Thursday?

I remember when it used to take forever for Christmas to come each year and when summer vacation would last forever. Now I turn around and another week has passed and then a year. I'm getting old. What's worse is it means that the girls and Junior are growing up way too fast!

I took Abs to the doctor yesterday and she is going to have to have her tonsils out. They are enlarged and there are some other problems so hopefully their removal and the adenoids removal will clear them up. She is excited about it and looking forward to having ice cream. I'm not going to have it done until right before Thanksgiving though so she won't have to miss as much school.

Em's new furniture arrives next Tuesday and I haven't finished switching out rooms. I thought I could do that this week....I better hurry.

Junior is getting funnier every day. Never a dull moment. He's still asleep this morning, so I think I can actually say he slept through the night again? I guess he didn't know that he was supposed to do this regularly by 15 months, not let this be his 3rd or 4th time.

Gunnery is coming up. Hopefully Chris will get some great pics while he is out there. He is slowly getting better about having someone take pictures of him while he is gone. Reminds me of when the guys went to Iraq the first time and a friend of mine got a roll of film from her husband. We raced over to Walmart to the one hour photo, dropped it off, and waited patiently with all the kids while they were developed. The hour finally ticks by, we pick up the pictures and she is so excited about seeing him (This was in the first 6 months of OIF I when we had no contact but a 10 minute call every few weeks). We searched through all the pictures in order to find her husband and it wasn't hard at all to not spot him since every picture was of the desert! The guy hadn't managed to take one picture of himself! Chris says it is because they don't want to ask. I told him to suck it up, I need pictures. How else will I be able to use all this scrapbooking stuff I keep buying?

The girls start soccer practice tonight. They are excited and I am hoping it means they will go to bed and not talk for an hour. They used to play some game that they made up which was a combination of Deal or No deal and American Idol. Had to put an end to it because every time Abs sang Em would tell her no deal. Poor little kiddo would then cry. Ah sisters, you have to love them!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sacrifices & the Military Challenge

Michelle over at A Cup of Tea with Friends, has a husband who is deploying in the near future. She was challenged to give up three items during his 12-15 month deployment to show her support for her husband and his fellow Soldiers. How can I argue with that! This will be Chris' third deployment and I know I can follow suite.

Three things that I will give up during this deployment:
1. Ice cream. My husband and I love it, and this will be hard but if he can't enjoy Blue Bell, I'll wait until he can.
2. Diet Coke. This will be a hard one too as I have a several-can-a-day diet coke habit.
3. Frappacinos. Another weakness.

Hmmm....all these center around food.

Michelle also takes on the following challenge:
But then I got to thinking. In honor of the freedoms they fight for, maybe I should try three new things because as Americans we have the luxury of making choices, whereas in many other countries people are persecuted for going against their society. So in honor of their fight for our freedoms I will:

1. Try something new every month (they give up their hobbies and liberties to protect us)
2. Workout at least 4 days a week exercising (my husband had to run on a dirt track that surrounded the FOB when in Afghanistan)
3. Participate in at least two activities a month that include other spouses (support is a valuable asset during a deployment.)

These are great!

So I vow to do the following:

1. Try something new every month (this is a great one and will hopefully get me out of the house and help me to meet some new people).
2. Complete an unfinished project a month. Hmmmm...maybe my mom should join me on this one.
3. Complete at least 4 fun runs/walks/rides or something. I really want to do this with my husband, but I'll just be in tip top shape when he gets back. Not to mention if I have to carry three kids on my back across the finish line that will help me along!

I'm off to work, but who else wants to take on this challenge?

Wordless Wednesday

A hole in a rock at the park. Of course we all had to look through it.

See more pictures here.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Soccer and Pound Cake

I missed the sign up for soccer, but they called today and they have room for both girls. I have to run over there and pay after my MOPS meeting, and then they will be assigned to a team. I am hoping that this will be a positive experience for them. Abbie just needs to run off some energy and Emily needs to get out and meet people and not be so shy. My children are total opposites.

They will have to be on different teams, so I just hope that the practices and games and all that workout since DH is going to gunnery soon. The Army never times things for when it works well for me.

On a side note, I wanted to take pound cake today for my meeting so I asked DH to pickup some when he went to HEB last night. He called and went over the flavors for me and I asked him to get three since I thought that would feed the hungry crowd of moms. He came home with HUGE bags! I couldn't figure out what extra stuff he got so I took a peek and he bought 4 HUGE creme cakes, not pound cakes. So now one cake will feed the masses and we have three to eat for ourselves. I better make room in the freezer so that I can still fit into my clothes before Hawaii.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Plan #756

I have figured out what I want to do with my life. Hopefully it will work out and I will be accepted into the program. Guess I need to get busy!

On a side note, GMAT only keeps scores for 10 years, so now I have to go take the THEA test. I believe this is like the TASP test I took way back when. I am sure that those scores are gone too. Oh well, I looked at the practice test and it seemed simple enough.

Wish me luck!