Saturday, February 16, 2008


I have collected several different things over the years. I usually tire of them and move on to something else. My schrank is full of things I have collected on our travels throughout the world.

Today I spent my morning in class--I can quit worrying about my post test as I made a 92!

This afternoon I spent helping my mom (minus the hour I was gone for microdermabrasion) clean out a few files in her computer room.

If anyone knows my family, we have a hoarding problem (my SIL was disappointed that they couldn't genetically screen for this during her pregnancy, lol). If there is a horizontal surface it will have a pile. Our family knows what is in those piles and can find anything in a moment's notice. Well sometimes.

While I was helping my mom organize (aka downsize) I realized what her true love is.

My mom collects three rings binders.

The bigger the better. Not just wimpy 1" or 2" binders, we are talking 5"+. They are all different colors, all different styles, all with a different story.

Not just one binder. Not just two binders. Over 30+ binders, all empty. I know that there are more in the house. I wonder what the final count will be.

New Blog

I met my friend Marcie when we worked a hellatious job together in Washington State.

Being the quiet, shy, reserved person that I am, I never really talked to her much.

Then we started hanging out and I realized I had met someone just like me. Kind of scary, I know.

When Gunner and I went to NYC, Marcie came down to visit. When we went to St. Louis for Christmas we ventured over to Illinois to hang out with her and her family. I miss her terribly and wished she lived closer--you know Marce, they have Air Force at Hood and I'm sure the kids would love the hustle and bustle of Central Texas living!

Check out her blog here.


I am tired but couldn't sleep in this morning. This past Wednesday I had a post test for the class I am taking and we get the results back today. I had to improve in order to earn 15 points of my grade. I did pretty well the first time, and then they stuffed my head with all of this information and I am just hoping I didn't screw up. The real test is on the 23rd of February so I will spend all next week continuing to study.

Maybe I will go knit till I have to leave or until Junior wakes up.

We didn't get a phone call from the Girl Scout leader so I am assuming that Abs did okay last night. She was SO excited and tried to carry her things to the tent but all the big kids came over and carried them so she tried to help her sister. Em forgot the bags to put over her boot so I hope it doesn't get filthy before Gunner gets out there today.

The daycare provider that flaked on my yesterday morning left me a message last night that she wanted to take Junior for me. You've got to be kidding me. I'm leaving him in the center.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Daycare III

The daycare dilemna is over. Finally.

I called the FCC office this morning...again. They told me that someone just came in and was going through her USDA training and lived in my neighborhood, was brand new and had an infant slot and would take Junior. The FCC provider would call me as soon as she got home. I was relieved.

It can't be that easy can it? Nope. She came home and called me to tell me that she got home and there was a voicemail that said someone wanted that spot and so if they didn't follow through she would call me back and let me know. I wouldn't want that spot if she couldn't keep her word. So I called the FCC office again to tell them the girl flaked and I needed more choices. They gave me a few more, I left a few messages and heard nothing all day.

I called back to central registration and they told me about the CD homes. So I called one and she said I had to get a referral from the waiting list lady. So I called the WL lady for about the 20th time this week. Left a message. She never calls back as usual. So I called back and explained the situation. She agreed that it was absolutely ridiculous so she found Junior a spot at the center. So he starts on Wednesday and I feel relieved.

We still have paperwork to do on Tuesday as well as the orientation.

I won't post on my daycare woes anymore, I promise. I'm sure I'll have new issues next week, lol.

And darn spellcheck still isn't working so no idea how many mistakes are in here.

Camping Forecast

Junior and Gunner are opting out and just going to drop them off tonight and go back tomorrow during the day. Can't blame them.

Now through 12:00 PM CST February 15, 2008

Isolated showers or sprinkles can be expected this morning across north Texas ahead and behind of a cold front. Rainfall accumulations will be less than 1/10 of an inch with any activity. At 10 AM...the cold front extends along a line from Gatesville to Hillsboro to Sulphur Springs. The cold front will continue to move slowly to the south throughout the morning. Rain chances will increase across north Texas this afternoon and tonight.
This Afternoon

Cloudy with a chance of showers and isolated thunderstorms. Highs in the lower 60s...with slow falling afternoon temperatures. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent.

Rain and thunderstorms. Lows in the mid 50s. Northeast winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.

Thunderstorms and showers. Some thunderstorms may be severe with heavy rainfall. Highs in the lower 60s. East winds 10 to 15 mph shifting to the southeast in the afternoon. Chance of rain near 100 percent.
Saturday Night

Showers and thunderstorms in the evening...then partly cloudy with a chance of light rain and isolated thunderstorms after midnight. Colder. Lows in the lower 40s. West winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80 percent.

Mostly sunny. Highs in the upper 50s. Northwest winds 10 to 20 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.

At least it should be nice by the time we pick them up.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Daycare Part II

So the FCC provider just called me to tell me that her infant slots were full and she can't take Junior. Apparently she thought she could have two in addition to her one, but she can only have two total. Now I am back to square one.

I swanee. About ready to say screw it all and drop them off with my Mom every day. LOL Just kidding mom!

Daycare, Bulgogi and Passports

I am on the waiting list for daycare on post. I have finally agreed that I will try a FCC provider. I've just talked to her on the phone and will meet with her tomorrow and let Andrew get a feel for the place as well. She seems really sweet and I am sure he will be immersed in Spanish, which in Texas is not a bad thing at all. I'll try her out for a while and see how he does, but they are pretty monitored so I feel pretty good about this. I'm sure it has to be more fun than hanging out with me all day!

Gunner and I were supposed to go get Em's passport today and I met him at the post office with all the paperwork and no Em. I didn't know I had to take her along! So now we have to wait till tomorrow to do it. Hopefully we can get it completed tomorrow and mailed off and it will be one less thing to worry about.

Since we couldn't get the passport Gunner and Junior and I ran over and had bulgogi for lunch. Junior was devouring the side dishes, so the waitress kept bringing him more and more. We went to the doctor after that and he had packed on some weight since he was there two days ago. Junior got the all clear on his ears which is good and he prescribed something new to try on the cradle crap that we are still battling off and on.

Tonight the VLA theatre is putting on Dream Girls and my friend Amanda and I are going to since it is free for military spouses. Gunner has no interest in going. Even after 13 years I am still working on him.

Deployment is looming over our heads and our To Do list keeps growing every day as I think of more things that we need to take care of before he leaves. Hopefully it will all get completed and we can kick back and spend the last few days relaxing. Time is going by way too fast.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Andrea over at Sgt and Mrs Hub is having a Valentine's Day Love Fest. You are supposed to write a story about how you met the love of your life....or your husband. Just kidding Gunner!

I was in college, my senior year and wasn't dating anyone in particular, just having a good time and trying to get out of school in 4 years! I was in a sorority, thanks to my friend Catherine (who always leaves such nice comments!). My "big sis" was a little girl named Michelle--she must have been about 4'10" tops. She was a great friend and she introduced me to Gunner at a party. She wanted me to meet him, but I saw him before she introduced us and I knew I wanted to meet this guy. He had on a white tshirt, black jeans, black boots and was kind of scruffy on the face and had a high and tight. I'm still a sucker when he gets a high and tight. Not a very exciting story at all.

We met, and he asked me if he could call me the next day. I said sure, but told him if he couldn't say my name correctly when he called I'd hang up. Not very nice I know, but I figured if I was important enough he could learn to say my name correctly. He asked me when I got out of class and I told him I would I had to stop and get lunch from the cafeteria, walk across campus, etc. and gave him a time to call. He smiled and said okay. I left thinking I would never hear from him again.

After class the next day I ran to get lunch and then to my apartment on the off chance that he might actually call. He called--exactly on the dot, a man after my heart from the start--and slowly pronounced my name....correctly. We talked for a bit and he asked me out.

I didn't know much about the army. Gunner was from California but had grown up as an Air Force Brat. He had been in the reserves but finally went active duty. Lucky for me.

Gunner showed up wearing a brand new shirt and I had gotten all dressed up for him. The next day he showed up again (he lived on post, which was an hour from me) in another brand new shirt. Finally after a few dates I broke the news--I told Gunner that I was an umbros and tshirt girl and an all you can eat buffet. Hey, I was on a budget in college so we loved buffets plus my metabolism was much higher than it was today. It was at that time that Gunner admitted that he didn't have very many clothes so he was showering after work and running to JC Penney's to buy a new shirt before he came over or met me somewhere. Poor guy!

Sometimes my friends would want to go dancing at one of the country places so Gunner would meet us halfway. When I met him he and his roommate were each taking dancing lessons--not as a couple though, lol. We weren't that bad together and I guess he gave up on the lessons.

I wanted to take Gunner home to meet the family for Thanksgiving, but my dad figured I would have a new guy by Christmas so he said no. Gunner was still around for Christmas so my dad agreed that he could sleep on the couch but that they weren't going to buy him anything big, just one small present. He then wanted to know what he drove--an Isuzu pickup with no air conditioning, in Texas. (Told you he needed me in his life!) My dad was relieved he didn't drive an American car.

So we went home for Christmas and on the way Gunner's fuel filter cratered and we chugged all the way home. As soon as we arrived my dad and my brother took Gunner to the auto repair shop, bought the part and then installed it for him. No telling what other ideas they installed in his head! A few days later, by the time Christmas rolled around, my parents had put a few more presents under the tree and my sister added one to the mix. It was probably the most presents he had seen in years. We left and my parents told him he was always welcome there, even without me. Thanks Mom!

A few months later, he proposed. He did ask my dad's permission which my dad loved. Score one for Gunner.

In the meantime I graduated from college and set out to enter the work force. Gunner was going to get out of the army, but I got a wild idea that I wanted to go to Germany and with very little convincing he reenlisted and I moved to Temple to be closer to him. We had a wedding date set in March 1995, but had to move it up with the introduction of orders. We got married December 17th, 1994, in Houston, Texas. I was 22 and he was 24. We were young, naive and in love.

Now 13 years later, 3 year long deployments and another one coming sooner rather than later, we are still here. We have three cute, energetic, spirited children--Em, Abs and Junior. Still happy albeit a lot more tired than we used to be.
Happy Valentine's Day! Now what's your story?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I want to hold your hand.....
Junior and Spider Monkey at the zoo. The monkey looks puzzled in the last one.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good People

I was at a meeting today and one of the ladies has a son who is a firefighter. He is also in the reserves, and shortly after moving to town, buying a house and starting his new job his unit was activated to deploy to Iraq. His wife is a teacher and without the new income of his job and the decrease in his pay, it would have been extremely hard on them financially.

His fellow firefighters took every single one of his shifts during his deployment and his wife continued to receive his paycheck.

There are good people in this world.


Gunner's weekends are limited so he is trying to make the most of them. I spend Saturday in class and then on Sunday I usually try to study. This gives Gunner Sundays to plan something special to do with the kids since I am in and out on Saturday. Em, Abs and Junior really look forward to these times. Armed with three children, a camera and a picnic lunch they set off on their "big adventures".

Last week it was the drive through animal park and this week it was the zoo. Always exciting stuff to a 10 year old, 6 year old and 19 month old.

Here are pictures from the zoo. This weekend he is going camping with the girls' GS troop and taking Junior along for the ride. I'm sure that there will be something to blog about from that trip!