Friday, September 25, 2009

We survived

Abs wanted to go to school, and since she often throws up for no apparent reason, I sent her off and waited for the call.  Her school doesn't have a nurse (which seems really weird to me) and Abs called me at 11 and said she felt bad.  I went up there to check her out, and she came bounding down the hall. She looked fine, acted fine, and then confessed that her tummy hurt because she was hungry.

Of course there was no snack machine, so I found the apple I cut for Junior in the car and fed her that.

Me:  Here's an apple Abs.
Abs:  It's brown.
Me:  It's food, and it's not brown, that's your perception.
Abs:  Well it looks brown to me.
Me:  Just eat it.
Abs:  (pointing to the brown part) See, that's brown.
Me:  Looks fine to me, remember it's about perception.

She studied it for a while, ate it, and then bounded back to class.  Crisis averted.

I picked Junior up from daycare and he had had three accidents.  I made him carry his bags of clothes out, and he told me that they were too heavy.  I insisted and he wrestled those three bags of wet clothes out to the car.  We got home and he hauled them inside and put them on top of the washer.  I had him go potty.  Then potty again.  Then he had another accident.  His problem is that he hasn't figured out how to empty his bladder all at once.  What's the secret?

After dinner he was sitting on my lap, and Junior told me he wanted to marry me.  :)  I told him that he had to be potty trained before he could ever think about marriage (and college too, but I'll push that later).  He hopped up, went and sat on his potty for a while.  He stood up and announced "I peed and I have a HUGE turd!"  We all cheered and danced and then Junior came over and asked me to marry him again. 

Tomorrow I leave for Denver to visit my friend Dave, see my sister, and attend the beer fest!


I was imagining that it would be a relaxing day.

So far the garbage disposal broke and my sinks are about to overflow so I am bailing water. 

Abs threw up in the living room--did I mention I love having hardwoods?--but she seemed okay after that.  Abs is the queen of throw up once and then be fine the rest of the day.  She wanted to go to school, so off she went.  Hopefully she will be okay.  She always throws up once when she has strep, but she had her tonsils out and she said her throat felt a little okay.  Who knows. 

I've got papers to write, appointments to make, bags to pack, laundry to do and now I am waiting on the maintenance man.  I hope he works fast!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sickness begins

Junior had a fever, so I took him up to the acute clinic and he has strep.  We spent yesterday napping and relaxing.  It was wonderful.  He was fine today, and I hope that the rest of us don't get it!

I have a meeting with Em's school tomorrow about the classes that she is taking.  Apparently military kids get lumped into the bottom classes and then if they see any noticeable discrepancies, then they will move them.  That's insane, both from a parent's perspective and that of a teacher.  Hopefully we will be able to reach a resolution quickly.

I did find a school that they are trying to get a charter that will service gifted and talented students.  Hopefully it will be a go and it will workout the remainder of our time here.

I'm studying, blogging, and watching P.S. I Love You.  I love netflix.

We had some snow today but still not enough to stick.  Abs still wore snow boots today and she came back when she tried to walk to the bus and told me it was snowing entirely too hard.  It was small flakes barely coming down, but I drove her to school so she could have breakfast.

I had to break down and go to the commissary today because we were totally out of food.  Noodles and pesto didn't sound appetizing to the girls for breakfast.  Thank goodness they serve breakfast at school!

It's almost time for Em to home and the great homework spectacle to begin at our house.  Even Junior wants to do homework, wonder how long that will last!

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's snowing!

They said it would snow above 7000 feet today and since we are close at 6550, it has been snowing all morning.  What a way to spend the lasy day of summer!  It's beautiful, but I am sure just the tip of the iceberg of what is to come.

My neighbor just brought over gloves and a hat for Junior since we haven't found his, whew. 

More Estes Park

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Estes Park

We had a great time this weekend! More pictures to come. We spent 3 days and 2 nights at Estes Park, Colorado. Abs wanted to go swimming and was not happy when I sent her away from the water.

The reason she couldn't swim? Because we saw bears way too up close and personal. They were on the entire walk with us and we kept thinking they would find some trees, but apparently we ended up near their home.
We hiked.
Our friend the wild elk. It sure seemed like the same one everywhere we went around town.
It was fun, but we are exhausted. Next weekend is the beer fest!
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