Saturday, June 16, 2007

Stop the Insanity!

I am not one for playing computer games but DH gave me Insaneaquarium and I am addicted. Thankfully I have almost completed the entire game. When I close my eyes I see green fish and food pellets. I've been staying up too late to play this and my finger hurts from hitting the mouse button.

Off to bed, I think after I get the kids to bed tomorrow night I will be able to do the last level....stay tuned....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

First Haircut & Security


I really wanted to wait till Junior was a year till I got his first haircut, but more and more people were calling him a girl so I finally broke down and had it done.

He was too wiggly so you really can't tell, but all his curls are gone. Such a cutie!
While he was getting his haircut Abs decided that was the time to get into everything and act rotten. My mom took her out and held her in her arms while Abs screamed. A woman from a neighboring store came out, took a look and within seconds security for the shopping center appeared. They asked Abs who was holding her and she said "My Grandma" and then they asked her if everything was okay and she replied "No, she is squeezing me". The security guard told Abs that it looked like her Grandma didn't want her doing what she was doing. Leave it to Abs to have security called on her. On the bright side at least someone noticed something was going on and did something about it. All those reports of bystanders doing nothing kind of disturbed me. Still sorry that my mom had to go through this though.
When Em was little (about 18 months) we lived in Washington State and DH and I were in Target. Em was a bear and finally DH just picked her up and was carrying her out to the car. A woman stopped him and asked him if that child belonged to him and DH replied "When she acts like this I don't know who she belongs to!"

SGT Sprader

The outcome was not good, but they found SGT Sprader last night. Our prayers are with his family and friends.

Monday, June 11, 2007


began today. I was a little worried about how Abs would do this year. Last year I was 8 months pregnant, huge as a house in the Texas heat, with DH deployed. I dropped off the girls and within a few hours got a phone call that Abs wasn't behaving. The people that worked there were Saints! They would let Abs hang out with them and even had one sit with her during class so that she could remain. This was a lifesaver as I was so miserable and needed that time to sleep. (I did have a 10 lb 1 oz bouncing baby boy a few weeks later which explained the huge amount of discomfort)

I was really worried that we would have a repeat of last year but Abs assured me that she was going into first grade and there would be no problems. Thank goodness everything went well! (Later on in the summer Abs was asked to leave a VBS, so I had a reason to be concerned! I probably have the only child that gets booted from VBS!)

Junior napped and I cleaned. Such an exciting life I lead....

Still no sign

of the missing soldier. DH is out there again today all day joining in the search party. Hopefully they find him soon as he has been gone almost 72 hours.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back to the hospital

Took Junior in for a follow up today and he was admitted. He was wheezing and grunting and having a hard time breathing. They sent him for a second xray and they sent me up to Pediatrics. We get there, get him hooked up to all the machines and the boy acts like he is wild and is all over the "cage" they put him in. He ripped off all the leads and finally I just took them off. The doctor saw him and said his xrays looked better and they think it might be viral since the antibiotics aren't working. So they gave me the option of staying or leaving and I agreed that I would rather be home but if it got worse I didn't want to wait in the er for 9 hours. They said to call them and they will meet me in the er and take him up if that happens. Hopefully not. I came home and napped and now Junior is out. DH is at the commissary--the man is the slowest grocery shopper I have ever met--and the girls are at the outlaws swimming in the neighbors pool. Now if I could just feel better....