Saturday, April 18, 2009

I almost forgot...

I've been busy running around to the campsite, to class, back to the campsite, get the picture. They are still out there and it rained most of the day. They are filthy and happy. More on that later.

I almost forgot to tell you what happened on Friday.

My phone rings during class cause I once again forgot to shut off my ringer. I was giving directions so I silenced it without looking. I finished up and then checked called id, and it was Ab's school.

I start imagining what is happening there.

I check my messages and it is the school nurse and she sounds urgent and tells me to call immediately, and that she was going to try the school.

Worries me more.

I call back within 30 seconds and get the nurse.

Me: Hi, this is Ab's mom, you just left a voicemail and I am returning your phone call.
Nurse: (still sounding urgent) Yes, we have Abs in the office and she's been exposed to pepperoni.
Me: Pepperoni? Seriously?
Nurse: Yes, she told me that she is deathly allergic to it, but I don't see record of it.
Me: To Pepperoni? As in the stuff on pizza? (in disbelief)
Nurse: She is itching and her throat is scratchy. Does she have an epi pen? Does she take medication? Do we need to medevac her out?
Me: We are talking about Abs _______ right?
Nurse: Yes
Me: She's not allergic to pepperoni.
Nurse: What?
Me: No, she's not allergic to it, she went on a field trip on Wednesday and someone had pepperoni pizza and then touched her and Abs decided she was allergic to it and she was itchy. Go figure, I have no idea.
Nurse: she's really scratching and it's red
Me: I imagine it is, if she is scratching it. She's not allergic to pepperoni, and if she was she shouldn't have eaten it. Send her back to class, she's fine.
Nurse: (starting to relax) Do you want to talk to her?
Me: Oh yeah.

Abs: Hello? (said in a weak sickly voice)
Me: Hey Abs, heard you ingested a little pepperoni
Abs: Yes, and I am allergic to it.
Me: No you aren't, but you freaked out the nurse
Abs: I really am allergic to it.
Me: Then drink a cup of water, go to the bathroom and you will be cured?
Abs: Are you kidding?
Me: No, get back to class and no more pepperoni.
Abs: Okay. (defeated)

I do listen to my students when they say that they are allergic to something. Once one told me he couldn't eat fish, so I called the nurse, and she said he could. I called the parent who freaked out and said he was deathly allergic to it and raced up to the school. I guess you can never be too safe. I did assure the nurse that if Abs was allergic to anything that I would make sure her teacher and the school was notified.

Once when Em spent the night with a neighbor girl at our old house, they served baked potatoes. She told the mom that she was allergic to them and asked for mashed potatoes instead. The mom was apologetic the next day that she almost gave her a baked potato.

If anyone asks, I must be allergic to celery.

Friday, April 17, 2009

They are really going

It's pouring down rain outside. It was hailing earlier.

The kids are busy loading everything up and running through the rain. Junior is hanging out in the housecar.

I tried to pack their clothes and Gunner told me I was packing too much. Apparently they need to rough it.

I was trying to pack too many blankets.

Abs has her Daddy Doll and her stuffed dog. Em has her American Girl doll. Junior has two fuffies, a pillow and a stuffed something or another.

They are having chili dogs tonight. Apparently the outlaws are going out there to have dinner with the rain. They are cooking chili dogs, over the fire. Apparently the awning from the RV is going to be enough? Tomorrow morning they are having camp donuts (from scratch mind you), fruit, sausage and something else over the fire. I have the feeling by the time breakfast is done, it will be time for lunch. They are making chicken and dumplings over the campfire tomorrow night. Sunday morning they are having bacon and pancakes. They are having sandwiches for lunch both days. Smores are of course on the menu.

Gunner bought a hibachi and is planning on putting rocks all around it, so they can feel like they are camping out and roughing it. Did I mention that I love this guy????

I really wish I could be out there the whole trip, because I am sure it would be a great adventure! I am sending my canon rebel so that he can document the times that I am not out there.

He's so excited. The kids are excited. I'm excited for them! More to come...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Big Camping Trip

The first camping trip with all three kiddos is a go for tomorrow.

There is an 80% chance of rain. I have class, so I am going to go out there, have dinner, hang out, and then head home so I can finish up my homework and such.

I'll head back out there on Saturday, after class, when there is only a 40% chance of rain.

Gunner sent me a text today that gave all the percentages for the chance of rain, and then asked me if it was okay if he took the kids because he really, really, really, really wanted to go camping. How can I say no?

The RV has most of the bare essentials packed. The meal plan was made, changed, rearranged, and purchased today.

Sleeping arrangements have been created and he has even had all the kids out there to make sure everyone would fit in a trial run. Apparently if I come then Junior has to sleep in the playpen because there will be no room in the bed. I don't see how there will be room for anyone in the bed, at least if you are wanting a good night sleep! It's all good though, and I will go out on Saturday and spend the night since on Sunday there is only a 30% chance of rain.

Gunner has the map printed out, and the bathrooms highlighted even though the RV has one. He knows where all the playgrounds are and where he wants to go fishing. He bought a minnow bucket today and was on cloud nine. Ummmmm......he went fishing while we were stationed at Fort Lewis, spent like 8 hours out there and returned home with a few trout. By the time he skinned them, I couldn't eat them and we didn't know how to cook them correctly. I've gotten a lot more adventurous since then and as long as it is cooked and not celery or chow mein noodles I can eat it!

Oh, and the only one without a cold is Em.

So we will be out in the rain, already sick, trying to camp, and hopefully having the time of our lives so that Gunner will want to take us out again. He's started a camping book where he is compiling all the information, and where he will add all the things we will change next time. He is so unlike me. I try to be organized, but truth be told I will always overpack and probably still have to make a run to Walmart at least twice.

It will be fun. And worst case scenario, we are stuck in a small RV with three screaming kids, a bathroom that I know is clean, a DVD player and a microwave....and did I mention air conditioning?

I might need to pack a set of earplugs, a camera, and a triathlon book for good measure.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Bug

I was over at Just another Day In Paradise, who recently completed a half-marathon while her husband was deployed. Her husband has been bitten by the running bug and they are currently planning their travels/runs. I love it!

The bug has also bitten Gunner, as on the 2nd of May while I am sitting in class, he will be cruising around Fort Hood on a 50 mile bike ride. He just turned his bike in today to get new pedals, and mine goes in tomorrow. Now to to think about shoes, which I am sure I can locate a good deal online.

I skipped the gym yesterday in order to write a paper. It's still not finished, but the outline is there and I should be able to crank it out today after a trip to the gym.

I think I am catching Ab's cold. I don't have time for this!

I think I may have convinced a fellow teacher to do the triathlon with me. She's just as green as I am.

.......I'm home from the gym...control your excitement. They started this new thing where you have to sign in for a spinning class up to an hour before it begins. Sounds crazy, but people get kind of violent. So far I like it because I can attend the spinning classes now. Junior's daycare provider was going in during lunch to reserve her bike and some people were going before work. That's insane! So I hit an hour spinning class, ran two miles immediately after--ouch!

I heard from said friend of mine from school and she is going to do the triathlon with me, so it makes me feel a little better. She's also the one that I am going to do the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon with as well.

Tomorrow is Ab's big TAG field trip. She's super excited about it. I emailed her teacher and told her that Abs had packed a robe and a stuffed camel. Her teacher made some random announcements today about the field trip and included that robes and stuffed camels were probably not necessary. Abs was disappointed, and told her teacher that I wouldn't buy her a jacket!?!?!?!?! Geez. I ran into her teacher tonight at the gym so she filled me in on Ab's disappointment. I guess if that is all she is getting disappointed about, her life has to be easier than most other 8 year olds.

More details on Gunner's camping obsession are coming soon. The boy is about to drive me crazy! I'm so glad he's home though.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Seriously, if we are moving, I hope they cut orders sometime in the near future, so we can have SOME idea of a timeframe and make plans accordingly. I know some people have them, but who knows what the whole story is.

I am super sore today in my left calf. I went for a short 2 1/2 mile run and took it very slow. It felt good to stretch it out, and I was plugging along. I even did it outside, and I think I can become addicted to that! I didn't even realize it had been that far.

It's supposed to rain this weekend and it is the first weekend that Gunner wanted to go camping. I have class on Saturday, but I was going to go out there Friday and then back out Saturday afternoon. Hopefully it will be dry enough to make it a good experience because he's determined to get out there. He's now printing recipes for a campfire, but I am not sure if the burn ban will affect those plans. My sister once mentioned something about cookies on top of pie filling and something else and cooked in a dutch oven. I think I need her to send me the recipe.

The girls were happy with their Easter baskets and Junior was ecstatic with his Diego rescue pack. I can't say that we were overjoyed with the song that it plays over and over and over again. I guess the Easter Bunny should have been paying closer attention to that feature!

I can't believe it is already time to go back to school. This three day weekend flew by. I think I might need a day off this week. I'll have to look and see what is going on. I better use up all my days!

A friend took pictures at the race on Saturday and in each one I look like I am walking. I guess I need to work on my form? Gunner said I keep my arms too tensed up, and I need to lengthen my stride. Hmmmm....imagine what I could do if I ran correctly!