Monday, December 23, 2013

A long, long, long, time

Does anyone still read this blog anymore? 

I miss blogging.  Goodness knows enough craziness happens in our life.


Em is 16.  She has her last driving class tomorrow.  God help us all, she can test for her license.  Rest assured that until she can pass MY test, she will not be out on the road by herself.

Abs is 12.  She chooses to memorize books instead of paying attention in school.  She then passes each test, and her teachers are not happy.

Jr. is 7.  I had to remove him from public school in order to save his little spirit.  He is excelling in Montessori. 

I am still teaching.  I always thought that the grass was greener in another school.  That was a huge mistake.  I did win a huge grant to put technology in the hands of my students.  I earned my Master Reading Teacher, got certified for EC-8 Generalist, EC-12 SPED, and a bunch of other stuff, and I am hoping that I find a school that appreciates me for what I can offer.

I applied to a school in Moscow.

Me:  Kids, I applied for a job in Moscow.
Kids:  As in Russia?
Me:  Yes!
Kids:  How soon until we leave?

So we can assume that the military life had no ill effect on my children, they still want to move.  I think Gunner might be happy if we stayed in one spot, but I'm with the kiddos, it's time to go!

Blogging is therapeutic.  Wait till I tell you about my pintrest failures, lol.