Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happenings & Pictures

If you are my friend on facebook, then you've seen a lot of these pictures. 

We are in the throws of swim lessons, while there is snow on the ground.  Thankfully the pool is warm, and next week I am going to spend my 45 minutes of waiting in the hot tub this time instead of the bench.  Only Junior would pose for me.

Abs is really doing well in swimming and even falls asleep early.  That also means she is getting up at 3 am, but we're working on that too.  Em jumped up two groups, and is really picking it up fast.  Maybe by this summer they'll swim well enough to warrant a trip to Hawaii?

I went to a PEO Christmas event, and didn't buy a thing at the silent or live auction.  One of the women in the group, purchased this wreath, and gave it to me as a gift, after seeing me admire it.  It's absolutely beautiful--this picture was taken with my camera phone, so it doesn't do it justice! She's so sweet, and has a son that has similar issues to Abs, so she understands too,

Next on the list....Em got new glasses.  She loves them, thank goodness, and we avoided the Hannah Montana problems from last time.

It's been super cold here.  Down to the single digits, and negative temperatures with the wind chill.  This is our gigantic icicle.  This picture was taken yesterday, and it is now 33", but too dark to take a picture.  I thought it might melt off, but guess it didn't get that warm.  Since we will be having a few more days of freezing temps, I wonder how long it will get.

Yesterday at the AFA chapel they were having the cadet chorale perform Handel's Messiah. 

The chapel is amazing, but they were keeping it so cold in there, that I left after the Hallelujah chorus before I froze to death.  Of course with that much glass, it would be hard to keep at an acceptable temperature for everyone I suppose.

Check out that organ!

Today we went to the craft bazaar here, and I was almost disappointed until I stumbled on the last booth way in the back.  I saw this...

And I pictured this...

How could I say no?  The lady was an Air Force spouse and she had so many amazing things!  I also got this (another hat turned on its side):

Too cute!  She had ornaments (which I can't share, so Sara will be surprised, I hope she likes it!), cards, puppets, bags, tshirts, jewelry, and more.  I did get a pair of earrings, but they didn't photograph very well:

Fused glass.  I think I need more!

Abs went to build-a-bear with her Girl Scout troop, and made a little Brownie bear.  Girl Scout cookies go on sale Jan 8th, if you want to buy any from your two favorite Girl Scouts Em and Abs!

While Abs was at that, Gunner took Junior and Em to walk around the mall while I studied.  Em is obsessed with Justin Beiber, and by the time they returned Junior was walking around swooning "Juuuusssstttttiiiiinnn Biiiiieeeebbbbbeeeerrr" in a girly voice.  The joys of having a big sister.

I was typing, and I looked over and saw a GIGANTIC shadow of Abs.  I didn't run over there, because I knew she was up to no good, but didn't want to scare her since I could only imagine what she was doing. 

Me:  What are you doing Abs?
Abs:  Seeing how tall I am.
Me:  You look mighty big, what are you standing on?
Abs:  Junior's black box.  (We have a brown ottoman that Junior thinks is black and he sits there to watch tv)
Me:  You seem awfully tall for just the black box, what else are you standing on?
Abs:  Oh just a stool or two.

The girl had piled two stools on top of the ottoman and was balanced precariously.  We got her down, but not before Junior saw her, and attempted to copy her.  The stools are gone now.

On Friday when I picked up Junior from school, I noticed one of his drawings on the wall.

I told you, the boy is obsessed with his Grandpa.  His teacher said that he was so proud of his artwork, and she let me take it down, after I told her that he talks about my dad all the time, but that he had never met him.  He saw the picture in my hands, and told me it was "My Grandpa's City".  I asked him to tell me about it and he said "It's heaven, it's what heaven looks like".  Way to break my heart kiddo.

Cookies just came out of the oven, the kids are almost all in bed, and we have nothing but kids movies from Netflix right now.  Guess I don't have any other excuse other to work on my papers for school.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold weather

When we were stationed at Fort Lewis, it snowed a handful of times.

I think it snowed twice when we were stationed at Hood.

Today it is snowing, 14 degrees outside, with a wind chill of -3.

Em tried to leave the house in a sweatshirt.  I tried to talk her into a heavy coat and gloves, but she didn't want to be a dork.  She put on a light coat, and I chose my battle and let her go. 

Junior wore what I put him in, thank goodness.

Abs dressed herself. 

Two pairs of underwear.
Orange shorts.
Pink tights.
Green shorts.
Three green shirts.
Green coat.
Pink coat.
Green gloves.
Green snowboots. 

Abs:  Don't you like how I coordinated the green?
Me:  I LOVE it.  Very stylish.
Abs:  I know. 

Notice the super cute puppy that is growing his hair back.

Electricity went off for a while, hopefully it stays on till I at least eat breakfast. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Field Problem: Crooks & Henderson

I read their blog.  I laugh.  Sometimes they have an emotional one that gets me.  I signed up to attend their event in Texas, but something happened and I couldn't make it.

When we went on the turkey trot last weekend, I saw that they were having one at Fort Carson, so I signed up as soon as we got home.

So today was the event, and I was actually really excited about it.  I got there, signed in, and then there was an ice breaker for us to complete.  I hate asking people any information, so this was painfully hard for me, but I survived.  Hey, a door prize was on the line!

When we signed in, we got a tote bag full of goodies--deployment notebook from USAA, tshirt, books, coupons, and tons more--really good stuff too.  Then they also had prepared a gift bag for our husbands.  How can I not be happy with that?  After the ice breaker, they had companies that setup booths for us to visit and collect "stuff".  (Think stocking stuffers!) 

We entered to win $100 gift cards (Bed, Bath & Beyond), $50 gift cards (PX, Home Depot, Starbucks, some other places), all kinds of other stuff.  We had lunch provided for us--baked potatoes, salad, soup, and cake.  (Did I mention it was all free?)

They talked, told funny stories, shared, and handed out door prizes by the gazillions.  They had gigantic gift baskets, tons of military resources, donations, etc.  I think it was the largest and best group of door prizes I had ever seen!

I did win a door prize, more on that later.  I walked away with a ton of resources to share with everyone.  I'm really excited about everything that I learned.  I sat next to a girl who had yet to face a deployment.  I remember those days....15 years ago. 

A shot of my "stuff".

More to come on what I learned, but if you get a chance, make sure you attend one of these events! Not for the stuff, but just the resources.  I'm off to make a new list!

More Random Thoughts

My mom is gone, and all the turkey has been eaten.  Well it was eaten the first 48 hours because I get sick just thinking about bacteria growing after that magical witching hour, but I digress.

We watched the K9 demonstration at Ab's brownie meeting last night.  It was one of the best that I have seen!  Abs had plenty of questions for the handlers:

   --Where can I get one of those attack suits?  I need one with mittens.  I have an attack baby brother.

   --Can I pet that dog?  (The dog was all but frothing at the mouth ready to attack)

   -- What a cute little puppy, I bet my Sammy would love him to come live with us.  (Ummm....her dog is
        scared of the tiny little weenie dog down the street)

   --Can you train my dog Sammy to act like this?  (At first I thought this was a bad idea, but if they could
       make him keep the kids in bed at night, I might be all for it.  Maybe the dog could potty train Junior?)

  --Do you make the janitors clean up after the dogs, because my mom makes me, and I would rather have
     a janitor.

The Airmen didn't know what to think, but she balanced it out by asking "normal" questions. 

I was leaving to go get Em from Girl Scouts tonight and the main gate was closed.  I was stuck in those curvy things, for lack of a better turn--the ones that make you want to run a slalom course.

We sat and sat and sat.  I am never late.

I called Gunner and had him sort through my thousands of emails that I keep "just in case" till he found the number for the leader.  Called the leader, she said she would wait.

The gate remained locked.  I called Gunner back and asked him to try to head out the north gate.  It was locked.

Nothing is worse than not being able to pick up your kiddo.

Finally after about another half an hour we were able to get out.  At least I had facebook in the car, although I was almost out of gas and my phone was dying.  On the bright side, it hadn't started snowing yet.

I went to an event today, but that will be another blog as I found some great resources for deployments!