Friday, August 28, 2009


I ran.

I studied.

I played with the kids.

We cleaned the house.

Got Junior's prescription.

Em is having a sleepover and apparently used her cell phone to call my sister to figure out who belonged to that number. Thankfully my sister has a great sense of humor!

We hit Whole Foods and picked up a supply of probiotics for Junior. Pizza for dinner. Scones and Devonshire cream for breakfast.

Em's going to a parade tomorrow with her friend. Abs didn't want to go (not big on crowds or noise, even though she is the loudest person I know!). It was fine with me since potty training Junior in a slew of dirty port-a-potties sounded less than appealing.

Gunner has to work the parade, but I'm hoping he gets off early so we can do something fun, or I can finish my work for the week. I have a timeline I need to submit on the development of the idea of intelligence. Fun stuff. I'm thankful I kept my Educational Psych book since I need the additional resources.

My bed is calling my name once I get two big girls to go to sleep so they aren't grumps tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Abs is back

Besides the overflowing toilet the first night she was home, Abs has been pretty much steering clear of her usual antics.

The other night I went to get her out of the bath, and the floor was soaked. I asked her to get out and went to put a towel on top of the toilet. It was covered with liquid soap--the entire toilet--gobs of it. She really took the time to get it into every nook and cranny. Apparently she thought it was dirty, but I had just cleaned it with my friend Clorox.

Her mini blinds got mysteriously cut.

We have to keep all the flashlights together and accounted for so that she doesn't sneak one for a little nighttime reading aka we won't be able to find them i\f the power goes out!

I talked to her teacher last night--there are 30 kids in her class now--and she told me that Abs collects EVERYTHING.

Lady, I moved about 100 pounds of rocks, some wrapped carefully in an entire roll of toilet paper, from Texas to Colorado. I understand. She did talk to me about volunteering in the class because there are so many students, so I think I will try to work out a schedule to make that happen.

I'm going to start a rock collection jar in the laundry room since there's never any money. Junior has jumped on the bandwagon and every time I ask him why he is carrying rocks, sticks, or anything else, and he always says "It's for my science experiment!".

Got a 5 mile run in this morning after getting the kids off to school. Em missed her bus the other day, so she was out there super early this morning.

Em has open housee tomorrow night, FRG meeting coming up (still not sure if I will go to that one, but I might give it another chance), and still deciding what to do this weekend! Never a dull moment! Fill it in with potty training (still), cleaning, homework, kids, running, biking, swimming, studying, and trying to grow grass in the backyard, and we manage to keep busy. Gunner's mom might come in for Labor Day weekend with her brother who doesn't speak a lick of English, but it will be nice to see him again, and I'll practice my meager German.

Beer Fest is next month, and I'll get to see my sister!

Monday, August 24, 2009

First Days

The girls started school last week, but all seems to be going well. Not really sure what is going on in Ab's classroom of the masses, but I'll stop in this week hopefully to check it out. I have to go to a volunteer class tomorrow anyway, so it might be the perfect time.

Junior started daycare today. The whole center here is wonderful. It's so calm, the front desk people are happy to be there, and the teachers were wonderful. Junior had a great day! They said he peed a lot, ate a lot, and jumped right into the thick of it like he had been there all along. Whew. It's a peanut and egg free zone, so he should be safe, and he has his epi pen there just in case. Let's hope it's not needed. I'd much rather replace it because it is expired.

I hit the fitness center here, and I am dropping my membership to Gold's. It was up on the 31st of this month, but the equipment and everything is pretty much the same. I do need to hunt down the sauna! We used the pool there yesterday, before I took a bike ride. Today it was running and weights. And there won't be any excuses since it is about 2 minutes from my house. I'll have that water bottle in no time!

My classes started to day. To say I am overwhelmed, is an understatement. I didn't have my books, so I have those on order. It will put me a few days behind, but there is plenty to keep me busy. I think that these classes will transfer back to the program I was in, in TX, at least some of them. I need to go pick up an APA manual this week too or get one on order. I should have checked the bookstore while I was there, but I forgot. APA makes me want to scream sometimes!!! My professors are great though, and I know I will learn a lot this semester. I definitely won't have any free time!

I have a ton of stuff to get framed, and I am thinking about taking the framing class here. It has to be cheaper than the coupons at Michael's. Gunner stumbled on a bunch of old WWII prints that he wants to get framed as well while we were at the Arc one day. I think I will institute a new rule that every time I go I need to take in two bags worth of crap. That should be easy once I finally sort through all my clothes that don't fit, and goodness knows I need to purge Gunner's clothes because he will continue wearing every ratty tshirt that he can get his hands on. Sound familiar Tia?

The hungry lions are roaring for dinner...