Thursday, July 1, 2010


We made it although I think they were ready to throw Junior off the plane. This cute boy?

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Monday, June 28, 2010


Junior has decided that only potty trained boys can go to Disneyworld with their sisters, and I am "just a mommy" so I shouldn't go.  Thanks kiddo.  I'm going anyway.

Abs dressed for the trip.

The bags are packed, and even though Gunner wouldn't share any of his bag with me, I managed to fit in everything that I needed.

Gunner wanted to arrive at the airport an hour and a half before our flight.  The Denver airport takes forever to get around, plus we have to park, then get bags and 4 kids to the terminal.  I told him we needed at least 3 hours at the airport, and we could always stop off at the USO if we had time.  His solution is that he will drop me off outside the terminal with 4 kids, 6 bags, 6 carry ons, and a carseat.  

How fun does that sound for me?  I think I will line them up, make them each drag a bag, Em will get two, I'll handle the carseat and my bag, and we will march to the counter to check it all in.  I think we might make the evening news.  

Some people frown at "leashes" for the kids, but since my stroller is in FL since we didn't have room in the car on the drive back from TX, I think Junior might have to be on one while we are marching.  I can't afford to lose him.

Speaking of Junior, Gunner took him to get a haircut today and Junior told the barber that he wanted his cowlick chopped off.  He came home and was so proud that it was gone, till Em pointed out to him that it wasn't.  Tears, more tears, and even more tears.  He's convinced 4 year olds should not have cowlicks.

This is our last hurrah before Gunner leaves.  So while I am excited about the trip and all that we have planned, I am also sad that it will be a long time before we can do something like this again.  

Wish us luck, and be glad that you won't be on our plane!

Too tired to pack

I got a little packing done, but it's not almost 9 pm and I am nowhere near done.

I'm exhausted.

The race was great!  The water was cold, and the timing mat was at the top of the ramp to T1.  Ummmm....that added minutes on to my swim time, and made me look uber fast in transition.

The bike was a nice course.  Lots and lots and lots of hills.  One right after another.

The run course was all cement, but wove through some field/marsh type things, so it was nice.  Lots of water stops.  I probably should have slowed down on the liquids, because I eyed the port a potty on the route pretty hard.  Fortunately I made it without a pit stop!

Abs and Gunner were there throughout the race cheering me on.  Abs was really impressed every time I raced by. She looked up from my iPhone long enough to smile, wave, yell for me, and then return to what she was doing.

I was 18th out of 54 in my age group.  Not great by any means, but having not worked out in two weeks except for a short 4 mile run one day, I knew I wasn't going to break any records.  It's my fault, but camping wasn't exactly the place to be working out, although I guess I could have run when it cooled down and the mountain lions were out.

The main thing is that I enjoyed the race.  So much so, that I am looking for another race in the same location so that I can kick some butt next time!

Abs and I went to get pedicures, and the lady saw the bottom of my feet and got grossed out.  They are covered in dry skin, blisters, healed blisters, and were looking rough.  She didn't speak enough english to understand what I was trying to say, but she did what she could with them.  All I know is that the massage felt great!

I've got tons of laundry to do before we left, but I did make Junior a shirt while Gunner ran to the store.  I also sent him out with 4 kids to get Em some Keen's for the trip and so that I could try to sleep.  I dozed off and on for hours.

I'm reading The Book Thief right now, and if you haven't read it, it is amazing!  I'm hoping to finish it up on the plane tomorrow and then start in on some of the other books I have lined up.  I completed about 5 or 6 books while I was in Texas, so I am making some more room on my bookshelf...sort of.

We are flying with 4 kids today, wish us luck!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

While you are sleeping...

I will be racing this morning.  I had to get up at 3:30  in the morning to head to Denver for my triathlon.

I am in no way prepared, which seems to be my motto for every race this year.

I do it for the fun of it, and this is a sprint, but the bike is only 10 miles, so I can't really compare it to the one where the bike was 12 miles--apples and oranges.

It's all good, I just like to have fun and the challenge.  I lost my tri shorts and Gunner and I had to race out to try and find another pair tonight.  Luckily REI had one pair left.  Whew.

I've laid out my supplies, walked through the transitions in my head so I can make sure that I have everything,

I am getting a pedicure and getting the ridiculous amount of dead skin taken off my feet after the tri and before we fly out.  A girl has to have priorities.

We have so much to do before we leave for Disney....tomorrow.  Help!