Saturday, May 9, 2009

The 10K

I survived again. Right off the bat they had a massive hill. I started to run up it, but then looked up and saw that EVERYONE was walking, so I walked too. I could barely walk up it!

The course was beautiful and the people were extremely nice. There were some loops arounds, so I managed to see Gunner and Junior once. Junior waved and cheered me on. Gunner said Junior was great, but was ready to get out about mile 5.

I placed 5th. I was hoping for a little bit better position, but overall they had 500 people there that participated in the 10K and the 5K, and the hills were rough. Not sure how many were in my age group for the 10K as we didn't stick around to see all the results.

Overall, it was fun and I feel great. 5K next week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I will survive...

I survived Field Day. For 7 hours I led 20 students around and made sure that no one injured themselves, and that everyone had a good time.

I got injured. I broke my wedding ring and it gashed my finger, on the tug-of-war game. Ouch! It already looks like it is getting a little infected, but I am hoping for the best.

After school, I met with my training partner and we hit the pool. Today was sprints day. We were both so exhausted that I don't think we were sprinting as fast as we could have.

We picked up our packets for the 10K tomorrow.

I'm going to put together my running playlist tonight. I've got to get some good music to keep me going as this course is a lot hillier than what i am used to.

A conversation just overheard:

Em: Don't eat the butter.
Junior: But it looks tasty.

We can't keep him out of the butter.

I got a whole collection of Burt's Bees products today from one of my students for Teacher Appreciation week. I absolutely love the products, but they are always something that I will never spend the money on because I keep thinking that I could save the money and use it for the kids. So I was shocked and happy to get something so great! Add to it the cookies, apples, cookie cake, letters, cards, bookmarks, school supplies and the half used apple lip gloss and I was in heaven! I really have the sweetest bunch of kids, and I love my job which is always good.

I thought I would have an early bedtime, but it's almost 10 and I have my running clothes in the washer. Ugh.

P.S. Happy Military Spouse Day!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We will soon join the ranks of the starving unless one of us breaks down and goes to the commissary.

The army never switched to making everyone take their pay twice a month. I'm not complaining.

My husband spilled the beans about us moving at my work while having lunch with a coworker. I was not happy. Hopefully this person doesn't breathe a word of it, or Gunner is toast! He didn't get my not so subtle hints to be quiet.

Gunner: When we move to Carson...
Other person: You got orders?
Me: Nope, no orders.
Gunner: Yes we did, we are on the list.
Me: we aren't, just drop it.
Gunner: I saw the list. We are on it.
Me: (Trying to kick him and give him dirty looks) NO WE AREN'T!
Gunner: I really saw the list.
Me: Whatever. Other person, just don't breathe a word of it.

Sometime I just want to wring his neck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random Thoughts

Hit the pool with my triathlon training partner. I swam 2500 yards, and felt fine. I could have gone on forever, so I need to pick up the speed. Today was my endurance swim though.

I then hit the gym and ran 4 miles and biked 8 miles.

I had to drag Em to the pool today and she didn't want to come in, so she sat in the stands, reading, and mouthing to me every time I took a breath that she was "bored", "miserable", and "ready to go". She's going to be a joy as a teenager.

I've been trying to come up with some super easy, super creative mother's day present for my students to make. It's not going so well, and of course I have waited till the last minute.

Field Day is Friday. I hope I am prepared for it!

Another class tomorrow on guided writing. My one on guided reading was great. So much to learn!

Off to bed so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Potty Training

Junior did good for a while and then he decided that it was too much trouble.

I posted on facebook that I was hoping my diaper changing days were numbered, but that I doubted it. Lots of people gave us advice--hey I am always open to good advice!

Cheerios in the toilet--Junior was all about that. I described what we were going to do, he got excited, and we went to the kitchen and got the cheerios down. We went back to the bathroom, he pulled down his jeans, got his cute little boxer briefs down, and I handed him the cheerio. Junior threw it in the toilet, then next thing I know he is trying to scoop it out. Germaphobic mom takes over and the cheerio is flushed, said baby boy was washed thoroughly.

Then we had a Potty Party. He wanted to invite all the Mr. Potato Heads. I dressed 6 potato heads with his help, and then he sat down on the little potty. Then he didn't like the way the potato people were arranged, so he was up. Then I got him back on the potty and fed him cheerios. Then he decided the potatos needed to have names and talk. He was back up and grabbing potatos to play with. Of course they aren't held together very well, so then we had to reassemble them.

So then we have the potato people assembled and ready to play with, the cheerios available for feasting, and Junior sitting back on the potty.

After this 45 minute fiasco, we got a little bit of pee. I did what any college educated adult would do, I yelled for his sister and we danced around the living room with potato heads, shrieking for joy.

Junior pulled up his clothes, I fed him an m&m, and then we emptied the potty. I got Junior a cup of water and 15 minutes later tried to get him back on the potty.

We got the potty party potato people ready. We got the cheerios ready. We got a book to read. I asked him if he wanted to go potty again. My cute blonde haired blue eyed baby boy looked at me and told me "That's a TERRIBLE idea Mommy".

Can I quit?

Military Wives' Cookbook

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is around the corner--May 8th. I'll be busy with Field Day at my school, but I'm sure Gunner is planning some amazing celebration to thank me for standing by his side for the last 14 1/2 years, 4 year long deployments, and being the mother of our three children. (cough, cough)

Okay, so realistically, I am not one for surprises and I don't like big deals made of most things.

Since marrying Gunner, I have become a huge fan of anything military related in my reading. I devour books filled with military history. I am intrigued by different time periods such as WWII and the Vietnam Era. While at a yard sale I stumbled upon a 4th Infantry Division yearbook. The yearbook was printed while the 4th ID was in Germany, and chronicled the occupation of Germany. I got it for a steal at a buck, and couldn't believe my find. I've studied the pictures of the men and women and wondered what it was like for them to be in Germany during that time.

I was sent a copy of The Military Wives' Cookbook by Carolyn Quick Tillery to review about a month ago. From the first email I received about this book, I was chomping at the bit to receive it in my mailbox.

When I received my copy, I was hooked, because it was stories about women like me--military spouses. Of course it is a cookbook, so I'll get to that part, but the book starts out with an introduction covering military spouses that served from the American Revolution to the Global War on Terrorism today.

The recipes--

Presented in menu format style, each set of recipes is accompanied by a story that relates to it and is evocative of the period...When combined in a recipe and remembrance book, the recipes, narratives, and photographs provide a unique story in American history: her story!

The cookbook is divided into multiple sections: Teas and Coffees; Buffets, Brunches, and Lunches; A Taste of home: Dinner Family Style; Alfresco Dining; Over There: An International Affair; Home for the Holidays and Other Celebrations.

Within each section are numerous recipes and stories about the military spouses, excerpts from letters home and pictures of military spouses from long ago. Of course I had to try out a couple of the recipes, so we made the "homemade walnut brownies" and they were excellent! The recipes are all easy to follow and it looks like most of them can be made with ingredients that I keep on hand.

I've already got another few recipes on the agenda over the next two weeks once we make it to the commissary. Even if you don't like to cook, there are tons of stories and pictures in here as well.

And if you try the Black Forest Cake under the Valentine's Dinner for Lovers menu, let me know how it tastes, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Down, down, down

I am down 32 pounds now!

It helps that if I eat crappy food, I feel crappy, so I try to avoid it.

But I still love homemade peanut butter cookies, warm and soft.

The girls had a great time on the hike today. They even got along for most of the day which is a miracle in itself. We even went out to eat tonight since everyone was in a good mood, and there was still no fighting. Junior and I sat at one table while the girls and Gunner sat at the tall tables.

Junior wouldn't eat his hot dog. Maybe he is finally burned out on them? His current love is yogurt, which he eats several times a day. I hope he left me one for breakfast in the morning.

The girls laugh when I pack my food for the day because I have to eat so much. I usually have a whole wheat eggo with peanut butter, two kiwis or a banana, a yogurt, and a protein shake or cottage cheese or an egg white omelet. I feel like I spend half of my morning eating!

Gunner has one more day of leave left which will be spent waiting for the UPS man and relaxing. I think I need to plan another day off.....the sooner, the better.

Thank goodness

Since I am done having babies, I am busy getting rid of all of our baby stuff.

The crib and dresser/changing table went last week. Today I am dropping off the fish aquarium thing for the crib, the pack and play, changing pads, and then another stop for tons of clothes for Tucker. I've got cloth diapers put aside for Allison. A pile of girl clothes for Goodwill.

We can almost see in Junior's room, so I know that progress is being made and I won't have to estimate 1000 pounds for his room. Em's room is a different story, and don't even get me started on Abs and the million lego festival that is happening in her room.

Gym is on the agenda today as well. I have been slacking and need to hit it hard in order to be ready for everything that I have coming up!

A trip to the commissary is in order too, but the thought of it being a payday weekend....ugh!