Saturday, February 6, 2010

US Olympic Training Center

I LOVE the Olympics.  I love the stories behind the athletes.  I love the sight of the winners on the podium and the tears in their eyes as their national anthem plays.  I cannot wait till next Friday when the opening games will be held in Vancouver.  

We've been wanting to checkout the US Olympic Training Center here in Colorado Springs, but seems like something always comes up, or we are worn out from the gym.  Gunner had training this morning and his trainer is wonderful and lets me join in on Saturday mornings.  We both hurt, but we headed out anyway.

I was trying to get a picture of the kids poking their heads through the rings, but no one wanted to cooperate.  The story of our lives in pictures.

The tours are given ever thirty minutes, so we checked out the gift shop.
We hit the Hall of Fame and tried out the bobsled.
They showed a video of Olympic moments, that made me want to cry throughout, and run back to the gym and workout like crazy.

Instead we went on the tour, since that seemed easier.  I'll hit the gym tomorrow.  You aren't allowed to stop any of the athletes to take pictures because so many of them live there too.  Talk about a deal!  You get free training, room, board, college, and more.  You have to be the top 10-15 in your sport though, so I'm not there yet, maybe next year? 

They have a board when you walk in that lists all of the sponsors of the OTC, and so while the lady was talking, I see Abs hand go up.  I put it down, and then it went back up.  Then Junior looked over and saw his sister's hand up, so his went up.  Our tour guide finally stopped talking and took Ab's question.

Tour Guide:  Do you have a question?
Abs:  Oh yeah.  Can you tell me why there is a beer company that is a sponsor?  It seems to me that if they are athletes and take care of their bodies, that beer probably shouldn't be on their mind. 
(By this point everyone is giggling and agreeing with her)
Tour Guide:  Well it has a lot to do with them having a lot of money and wanting to help.  (She wasn't sure how to answer that question)

We watched some wrestling matches, and one athlete fell in love with Junior.  She was talking to him and asking for high fives. 

We saw the pool, the shooting range was closed, and met paraolympians, saw people working out in the gym, training, etc.  It was really neat, I recommend it if you are in the area.

I took a bunch of pictures of the kids on the medal stand, which turned into tears because Em only wanted gold, and Abs was tired of being the silver medalist.  Finally someone took a picture of all of us so I can say that I was there.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sick Diet, it's what's for dinner

I made this extensive menu plan for the week, and can't find it anywhere, and can't remember what I was making.  It's okay though since Em returned home from school with an upset stomach. 

Germaphobic mother kicked in.  I've scrubbed the toilets and bathrooms, I gave up on the laundry strike and have been madly washing clothes, towels, sheets and blankets.  All the door knobs and light switches have been scrubbed.

Gunner came and asked me what was for dinner.

Me:  The sick diet of course.
Gunner:  No seriously.
Me:  I am being serious, if she doesn't feel well, we are bound to get it.
Gunner:  That's ridiculous, no one has gotten sick.

He's obviously not around when one of us gets sick and within 24 hours we have all caught it.  

The Mrs. sent us a great care package of treats for the kiddos.  Apparently Abs LOVED them because I found the wrappers underneath the bathroom sink (during my cleaning frenzy) to the gummies and the sour worms.  I thought I had them well hidden, but apparently not.  On the bright side, at least they were organic!  Thankfully she didn't find the lollipops, so I can ration those out.

Disney Live is this weekend and Abs is not excited about it.  I thought she would like it, but she opted not to go.  The tickets were bought, so she's going.  She now walks around saying "Fictional characters, woohoo" in a monotone voice, or "I can hardly stand the anticipation I feel for seeing people in costumes".  I know once she gets there she'll enjoy it, I hope.  At least Junior will be excited.

I watched Hoarders last night for the first time, and I now want to get rid of everything that I own.  It's a good thing that we move so frequently, but I still hang on to too much.  I guess if we are sick all weekend we can sort and toss!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gunner's Kids....

Where do I find these kids?

Today Gunner's son Junior announced to the entire 3 year old class that I have a who-who, using proper terminology.  I'm having flashbacks to the movie Kindergarten Cop.  Then he told them I also have bobs.  His version of....well you know.

I ordered a shirt on clearance last year from Talbot's for a steal, and forgot to put him in it for Halloween.  I stumbled on it again, and he loves it.

He calls it his "Bad Mommy" shirt.  I tried to explain it to him that it was a MUMMY, but he refuses to believe it.  He calls me the "Good Mommy" at least.  

Notice his big boy haircut.  I love it!  Unfortunately a big boy haircut doesn't help him stop pooping in his pants, which he did at the gym tonight.  We knew when we heard the page what the deal was.  We've unfortunately come to expect it, even though we potty him right before we take him in the room.  I don't know what else to try!

Today I ran 3 miles, biked 10, and worked my core.  Monday was a run day as well.  I think Friday will be a swim day as my knees need a break.  Triathlon season is fast approaching and I bought my membership for the season, so I have to do at least 4 triathlons to break even.  My tri partner in Texas wants me to go back for an Olympic distance in May, so I am working out the logistics of it all--shipping the bike, ticket, training, etc. 

Gunner is doing great in his class!  Abs doesn't want to do any homework, but at least she is bringing it home.  Em is Em, the fastest texter in the world. 

The big news around here....

I went on a laundry strike and no one noticed. 

So much for making a statement!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to have a bubble bath Abs style

1.  Fill the tub with water until your parents come in and tell you to turn it off.

2.  Wait until you think they aren't listening and turn the water back on.

3.  Hope that your parents get distracted by your baby brother pooping in his pants AGAIN.

4.  Turn off water again and let some out after your parents come in and stand there until the water is at an acceptable level.

5.  Look for bottles of shampoo and conditioner that you have not emptied yet and see if you can squeeze any more bubbles out of them.

6.  If that doesn't work then fill them up and empty the water into the toilet until you get bored or your parents check on you again and confiscate all the bottles.

7.  Turn the water on again until your parents notice.

8.  Splash around trying to make your own bubbles and instead get water all over the floor.

9.  Get out of tub and lock bathroom so your parents don't see wet floor.

10.  Parents are too smart for their own good, hear the click, and unlock the bathroom to find you cleaning up the mess with a towel.  (Note:  They are thankful that she is trying to clean up the mess for once)

11.  Listen to your parents tell you to wash your body and get out of tub.

12.  Remind parents there is no soap.

13.  Parents will give you brand new bar of soap.

14.  Turn water a murky color due to amount of lathering up.

15.  Get soap soft.

16.  Cram entire bar of soap into faucet and turn the water on high, creating a bubble bath.

17.  Get removed from the tub after having to sit there with your mom and pull soap out of the faucet.

18.  Promise not to do it again.  Rinse.  Repeat as often as possible, because they left out a bar of soap on accident.

The last time I bought bubble bath stuff, we had the glass shower doors and we had bubbles almost up to the top. 

P.S.  She wanted me to note that it didn't make that great of a bubble bath.