Saturday, October 10, 2009

Ab's new favorite product

Ab's is forbidden from using our bathroom.  Every once in a while the other bathroom is full and she manages to talk us into using ours.  One of us will stand outside and monitor her time in there.

Last week we didn't and she took all the cotton balls she could find and put them into the glass container so it was overflowing....everywhere.

Today I went to use my bathroom, walked in, and was overpowered by the smell of cleaning supplies.  I looked in the sink, it was clear.  The mirror wasn't covered with any foreign substances.

Enter scrubbing bubbles gel toilet cleaner.  I love the product.  It lasts a week, keeps the toilet smelling nice, and lucky for us is sold at Sam's, so I can keep a plethora on hand. 

We went to Sam's last week and I picked up a 3-pack of the product.  Can you see where this is going?

Yes, my darling Abs went through two tubes of the product and the master bedroom toilet is now covered in gel stars.....lots of them.....

Some days I want to deploy....


It's 21 degrees outside, but with the wind chill it feels like 9.  My computer backs up to a window, and I am freezing even in sweats.  I'm not made for cold weather!

After leaving a message with the clinic on their voicemail that says they will call back in one hour, I had heard nothing.  I called back and they told me that they were too busy to check the voicemail.  Ummmm.....maybe you should change the message?  Junior screamed most of last night about hurting but couldn't really say where.  He started running a fever, and is passed out on the couch right now.  The H1N1 is going around here, so I am hoping that is not what it is.  He's a pretty easygoing kiddo, so it breaks my heart to see him hurt so much.  He keeps complaining that his head hurts.

Sammy, so far, is wonderful!  Last night he slept next to our bed in his new little doggy bed, and he didn't even stir when we had Junior in there screaming for an hour, all our trips to the bathroom, turn the heater up, see what Abs wanted, etc.  At one point I asked Gunner to make sure that he was breathing.  He sighed, did it, and assured me that dogs don't have SIDS.  Yeah, you can only imagine how I was with my kiddos.  Em used to peep and we would both fly across the bed to the bassinet.  I was a little bit better with Abs, and Junior was born while Gunner was deployed, so I just put him in bed with me.

It's been snowing off and on all day, and Sammy does not like it at all.  He hates to put his feet down, so Abs
stole commandeered a ball of yarn and some knitting needles and is trying to make him some booties.  Em wants to sew him a whole wardrobe.

.....Apparently Junior has the flu.  They said they wouldn't prescribe tamiflu, and then Gunner just produced the papers that they gave him, and it is all about H1N1.  Great!  I have too much homework to do this week to be sick.  I'll just lysol the whole house, wash all sheets and blankets again in hot, and sanitize every surface I see.  At least there is no need for the sick diet.....yet.  Anyone want to come visit?

I've got chili on the stove, the heater is cranked up, and I have Mamma Mia from Netflix for the evening entertainment after the kids go to bed.  I'll be singing Abba all night long with a puppy snuggled up on my feet.

Friday, October 9, 2009

First Snowman of the Season

I love these guys! 

Gunner gave me the official deployment message.  Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh.  I should have known he would only be home 15 months again. 

Thursday, October 8, 2009

For this I am thankful...

Junior has been dry the entire week.

Gunner has a 4 day weekend.

Em is home and my little girl is 12!  Happy Birthday Em!

We go tomorrow to get our new puppy!

I somehow got volunteered to make 10 pounds of pulled pork for Ab's school.  Good thing it is easy to make!

Our washer is not washing.  Gunner is ripping it apart right now.  Something about a guy in ACU's working on stuff....I like.

My working out is still going strong, but no races yet since we got here.  I'm ready to bite the bullet though and have a few that I am looking at participating in.  I'll have to wait till it warms up before I do another tri.  I don't handle cold well!

I've been busy volunteering, visiting PEO chapters (I feel like I am back in college during rush!), working on Christmas presents, and madly writing paper after paper.  I've decided the key to group projects, is do a rough outline, let them fill in their ideas, and then I write the paper, they help edit, and we are done.  No waiting till the last minute....too stressful for me!

No idea why the Done post went through, it was going to be something else before I got distracted.  I have thought about quitting, but with another deployment on the horizon, you can suffer through that with me.  4th one's a charm right?