Friday, June 11, 2010

Hard to believe...

It is FRIDAY!!!  Do you understand what that means????  It means my darling Abs has survived her first week of camp!  I can hardly wait to hear the stories and see what she has to say about everything.  When I sent Em off for the first time, I had no worries.  Abs was a different story, not too many people understand her or have the patience for her.  Heck, half the time I lose it!

I hit the gym this morning and am trying to figure out how to get one more day of mexican food in before I leave Texas in less than 48 hours.  I'm sad that I am leaving, but ready to get back to a cooler climate, at least for a few days.  I looked at the weather in Utah, and it will be over 100 degrees every day.  I am buying extra deodorant for everyone.

Gunner is having a great time in Michigan with his buddy from the Army, and I have only spent a few hours watching Sammy on the peek-a-pooch at doggy daycare.  He seems to be happy.  He was playing and going down the slide.  I still think that they should have artificial grass.

I went to Ikea yesterday and only walked out with towels.  Then I read a blog about making your own hooded towels, and I want to go back for handtowels to complete the ensemble.  I need more hooded towels, right?  I couldn't pass up the towels though, as they were $2.49.  They had these cool bins for shoes, some stuff I need for the bathroom to put crap in, and cute, cute, cute comforter sets for Em.  I could have used a couple of rugs, and some bookcases, but if I show up with a car full of kids and Ikea, I think Gunner might flip!

I'm still dreaming of enchiladas....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why I love Sammy

While I didn't love this picture of him, I have yet another reason that I love this dog.....


I spent a few hours with my inlaws this afternoon, and was covered in dog hair.  Covered.  I itch just thinking about it.  I know they try, but I just wouldn't be able to handle having fur everywhere.

Abs asked for prayers for Sammy at church on Sunday because he was missing her.  I'm surprised she didn't tell them about the 911 call or something.

It's Wednesday and still no contact for camp, I think we might make it through the week!!!!!  I'm already thinking about next year!!!!

Gunner is flying out early tomorrow morning for Michigan to attend a wedding of the guy who was best man at our wedding 15 years ago.  He boarded Sammy, and I am thinking about logging in already to view him on the webcam!

Dinner and a bike ride coming up....

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's like Texas threw up in the local HEB

Tonight I went to the local grocery store--HEB.  Only found in Texas and northern Mexico.

I was with my mom, and as soon as we walked to the front of the store, the inundation of Texas items started.

A Texas planter.  Don't worry if this isn't your style, you can choose from this:
or this
You wouldn't want to put just any old plants in there would you?  Make sure to buy ones with only Texas shaped tags.
But wouldn't it be better to put in a plant that was grown and built for the Texas weather?
All this talk of plants makes me think of picnics.  We'll need our Texas chair.
Don't forget our cooler.
(The beer is an added bonus)  If those don't work for you, take your pick from water bottles, soft sided coolers, ice buckets, lunch boxes,2 liter water bottles, and more.
What would a picnic be without a pitcher for margaritas?
Plus some plates, etc.
But all good Texans eat Texas shaped chips.....
and salsa.
Don't worry, if that isn't Texan enough for you, maybe the Texas-Texas will be?
If you're not much of a drinker you can have Texas water.
Or eat some brisket with a little spicy rub.
Followed up by some Texas ice cream?

But everyone knows that real Texans eat Blue Bell.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Still here....

For some reason I cannot access my mom's wireless, so I have to sit on the floor and plug directly into her modem.  I'm too old to be on the floor.  My feet fall asleep.  My legs start to hurt.  Hence the reason I am not blogging as often.

We have been busy!  Read about some adventures here.  (The first two posts--yes, my daughter called 911, before she ate ice cream on my mom's couch, but after she painted herself with tar)

Abs and Em are off at camp, and I am glad to say that we have successfully made it 24 hours without a phone call.  I almost think it is easier to keep her (Abs) with me, because I can deal with her antics, and I don't worry about her as much.  This is supposed to be a stress-free time, but I am worried about her!  

Junior went to spend two nights with the outlaws.  They needed some time, and he thinks he is at Camp Oma.  They took him to DQ tonight and he had a gigantic milkshake, and I can imagine it was followed by a giant ice cream sundae.  I hinted that he needed to be potty trained to, and if she could potty train 4 boys, surely she can potty train one Junior.  We'll see.

I've had mexican food twice.  I went to visit my friend Abbey.   Junior luckily didn't break a window, did wet his pants, and we met the new neighbor when Abs threw noodles over the fence and I dragged her over there to clean them up.  Noodles.  Seriously.  She told me she was testing the power of her fork to fling food. I assured her that she could test it on her own forks after she had a college degree.  For someone so smart.....

Gunner and Sammy are holding down the homefront, and Gunner is not liking it.  He's lonely.  It's no fun cooking for one.  He has no one to go do anything with when he isn't at work.  Hmmmm....sounds similar to what I go through sometimes.  We'll be home soon enough though, and I can't wait to get back to the coolness of Colorado!  The heat here is unbearable.

I was at the gym today and even inside, I was sweating buckets.  

We went to see Ab's old teacher, and they both were excited.  It takes a special teacher to have had Abs for two years, and still see all the positive things about her.  I think I should nominate her for sainthood!

I visited my old school.  I miss my job.  I loved my school.  I loved my students.  I did see the ones who were still there, and they've gotten so big!  

Tomorrow I am meeting a friend to see some old stomping grounds.  Sic 'em bears!

We've seen bugs galore and even a gigantic tarantula walking across my mom's yard.  (picture from my sister)

Spiders don't get my goat, but roaches are a whole other thing.  Luckily we just worry about scorpions here.

I've worked out, swam, ridden bikes, shopped, read about 5 books, and eaten.  I'm going to miss Texas, but not this heat.