Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day--What's your take on it?

I get kind of irritable around Valentine's Day.  There are so many people that start ranting and raving about how it's a commercial holiday and doesn't matter, because their significant other shows them how much they matter every other day of the year.

Really?  It sounds like a cop out to me.  If you don't agree, please explain it to me.

Here's my take....

Gunner tells me he loves me all the time.  He does nice things for me, and he always complements me  (my favorite is when I ask him if I have lost weight, he tells me to turn sideways and then says "Where'd you go?".  Cheesy, but it makes me laugh.)

Does he make a point on Valentine's day to do something special for me?  Yep.

So many people say that it doesn't matter, but yet they make every other holiday count.

What about Mother's Day?  Do I really need a whole day to be appreciated for being a mother?  Shouldn't they do that every day?  Mine say thank you if we go out to eat, appreciate that they have clean clothes, a clean house, full bellies, that I drive them to their events.  I am recognized daily for being a great mom by my kids and Gunner.  Why do I need my own day then?

Father's Day--Same as Mother's Day, I let him know all the time that he is appreciated as a father, so do I have to recognize this day?

Christmas--If you are religious and go to church every sunday, do you really need to celebrate the birth of Christ on December 25th?  Shouldn't you be celebrating his life and what he stood for every single day?

Veteran's Day--My husband and I thank veteran's all the time.  Should we not do it on Veteran's Day because we do it all the time?

Thanksgiving--I give thanks every day for what I have, the people I know, and I let them know.  So should I stop celebrating Thanksgiving?  (BTW, I am NOT giving up the DFAC on Thanksgiving!!!)

I could go on and on, but I just get irritated that people think Valentine's day is so commercialized.  In case you have been missing from the planet, so is every other holiday out there.

So tell me, do you celebrate it? Do you hate it, and if you do hate it, why?  Please don't tell me because he doesn't need a special day to recognize his love for you, give me the real reason, if you have one.

Oh Dear

Hello, my name is ABW and I am trying not to freak out.

We are finally back in the house after numerous mishaps.  More pipes frozen, water pressure messed up, no place to move furniture.  They drywalled over the switch to turn one pipe off and on.  They brought movers, then sent them away, then brought them back.  The movers broke a ton of stuff, including doors off my shrunk.  They said it was too heavy.  I told them it was funny that they thought it was heavy when Gunner and I moved it in this house.  Turns out they were from a temp agency and weren't movers.

So we are home, but of course nothing can be easy.

We have science fair projects due in less than 10 days, which we were able to start once we got back into the house.  It was a mad dash to make it work, and we have a backup plan if those experiments don't work.

Abs has been Abs these last few weeks, therefore resulting in never a dull moment, and constant stress and anxiety for me.  She's the one with GAD and I feel like I have it by having to keep up with her.

Junior took the time in the hotel really hard.

Emily is glad to be back in her own room.

Sammy came back to us, and got cleaned up.  I'm so glad that he's home, and even bought him a chicken pot pie from the dog bakery to celebrate.  Ummm....yeah....I have become one of those dog owners.  He's so sweet though!

We are sitting in kitchen chairs, and to be honest it is getting old.  I got a note on the door this afternoon that they want to send the adjuster over, or they are coming back to take more pictures or something equally insane.  They are not the most organized people, but I have to say that they are pretty nice.

More later when I can sit down for more than 5 minutes.  We just got back from OT, and have violin in a bit.

Off and running....