Thursday, February 18, 2010

Future Olympian

Gunner and I took the kids skiing. 
Big surprise, Em didn't want her picture taken. 

(for some reason I can't left justify anything)

When Junior saw me with poles, he was not happy.
He cried and cried for poles.

We were watching the Olympics last night and Junior is really into the skiing portion.  When he saw them doing the downhill skiing he was mesmerized.

He sat there and watched forever.  Then he said exasperated "That's what I would have looked like if I had, had poles".

Don't these kids ever forget anything?

On the Abs front, I was able to clean her ears tonight without any screaming.  That's HUGE.  She's also slept till 6 or later the last few nights.  I think the combination of everything that we (I say we, but it's really her, I just pick up the bill and drive her everywhere and wait) are doing is finally coming together and working.  Let's hope! 

Our 18" of snow was decreased to 4"-5".  Maybe we can get some good sledding out of it though! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I have a boyfriend...

Those are the words that greeted me when Abs returned home

Abs:  I have a boyfriend.  (giggling and smiling ear to ear)
Me:  Seriously?
Abs:  Yep.
Me:  What about college.
Abs:  Oh, I'm going.
Me:  What's his name?
Abs:  Elijah
Me:  Is he in 3rd grade?
Abs:  No, he's in first.
Me:  Isn't that young?
Abs:  Oh, no worries, he got held back.
Me:  So how did this happen?
Abs:  He told me he wanted to be my boyfriend and that he liked me.
Me:  What did you say?
Abs:  Nothing, I was too nervous.  I just said okay.
Me:  So what does it mean that you are boyfriend/girlfriend?
Abs:  We love each other.

A short bit later, my neighbor stopped by to tell me that my faucet outside was gushing water.  As he was telling me this, Abs was running for cover in her room.  Elijah has no idea what he is getting into.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fondue Night

We fed them before we pulled out the fondue, but you would have thought that they had never seen chocolate before. 

Em helping out her little brother. 
Once the strawberries were pulled out, Junior forgot about the chocolate.  Don't tell Gunner's trainer that he had a few bites. 

Gunner got a canvas of the kids for Valentine's Day.  I think Abs wants another one made, as she asked for a picture of herself with Em.  They aren't strangling each other so it's a good shot!

We went swimming today for a few hours at the Y.  We were hoping to get them nice and tired.

I think the chocolate might have ruined that, but at least they had fun!

Time for the Amazing Race...

Happy Valentine's Day!

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