Saturday, November 27, 2010


Besides my love of the DFAC--I offered to take the kids there tonight, and they declined--I am thankful that Gunner is on the other side of the world tonight.

If anyone knows me, I don't handle sick well.  While I am sad that he is gone, sick, and having to work, I am thankful that won't lead to an additional 4 people for me to clean up after.

Is that wrong?  Fortunately he loves me and laughs when I tell him things like this.

I think we will need to add immodium, pepto, and some chicken soup to his next package.  What do you send your husband when he is sick so far away?  (I really do feel horrible that he is sick.)

Also, we have a date for his return.  He will get to come home early, and he will be out of the Army sooner than I expected.  Total freakout has begun.  More on that later though.

One more thing I am thankful for????  That Sammy the dog has not become violently ill (knock on wood) from the amount of cornbread that he ingested.  It's the small things around here.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I'm in love....

I did crossfit first thing this morning, and then we headed to the DFAC for our Thanksgiving dinner.  The place was beautiful, huge, packed, and most of all, filled with GREAT food.

I admit, I am in love with the DFAC.

Did I mention the food was great?  Maybe it was because I didn't have to cook it or look at it over the next few days and try to rearrange it into something else my children would eat.

I had suckling pig, prime rib, turkey, king crab legs, shrimp......I had to try all the meats.

There were tons of veggies.

My pecan pie, while not like my mama makes it, it was still good.

The kids ate.

The atmosphere was festive.

The bigwigs were out.

The people were nice.

Most of all, it cost us $7.  SEVEN DOLLARS!

I will never ever, and I mean never ever, cook Thanksgiving dinner again (for the record, I can't really cook and surprisingly have made it 38 years without having to cook a turkey).  I already asked Gunner if they served Christmas dinner, because I want to make sure we hit that too.

I wonder if they would notice if I showed up every night for dinner.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Cards

How in the world can it be time for Christmas already?  Don't get me started on how I walk the dog and see half the people have Christmas trees up.  I'm never that together, and especially when Gunner is gone playing GI Joe halfway around the world.

Operation Gratitude has come out with a series of Christmas cards, that are being offered through CafePress.  Operation Gratitude is a non-profit organization that sends packages to troops that are deployed.   How can I not support an organization like that?

I was contacted to review some of their Christmas cards that are being offered this year, with a percentage of the proceeds to benefit Operation Gratitude.

They sent me a dozen to sample, and I love them!  Of course it helps that I have such a cute subject to include on them.

This picture was taken when Gunner was deployed the second time to Iraq.  He returned home two days before Junior was born on R&R, left when he was 13 days old, and then resurfaced when Junior was almost 6 months.

If you are looking for Christmas cards this year, make sure you check them out here.