Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When your daughter steals the camera

Not a very good picture, but the evil eyes worked. Well actually the little imp Abs told me that she was more concerned that they were going to pop out at her, and she didn't want her appetite ruined.
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I know that this has been hit on several different sites lately, but I found something interesting this morning.

I stumbled on a blog of a Navy wife who has been a surrogate mother to 5 children, and also given birth to four of her own kids.

My boss, way back when, adopted a little boy, and the birth mother had insurance but wasn't able to care for the child.  There are people in the military that put their children up for adoption, should they be denied having their pregnancies paid for because the baby is going to someone else?

I mean heck, Tricare is paying for a ton of people to have babies, that don't need to be having babies.  I read one comment somewhere, where a woman said she would have done it at one point, but after 6 boys and no girls, she wouldn't be able to give up a girl.  That opens a whole other can of worms for me, so I won't go there.

Anyway, check out this blog.  Fertile Inspirations

So, is it surrogacy that you have a problem with or is it that Tricare is paying for a portion of it?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I admit, I did it.  I tried a crossfit class.

After 14 sessions with a personal trainer, I just was burnt out on everything to do with the gym.  I was looking for a change, and so I went to one class.

After that first class, I had that "exercise high".  I even had it when I couldn't walk for the next 4 days.  So once my personal training sessions were done, I quit the Y and signed up for crossfit.

I'm 9 sessions into it now, and I am not looking back.  I have been sore almost every day.  I go 4 times a week, and I get a lot done in one hour.

The coach is incredible, the other people are very encouraging, and even though I am weak as can be, I feel myself getting stronger every day.

Call me crazy, but I can already tell a difference in my abs, arms, and legs.  Let's add the butt in there too, based on the number of squats that we do daily!

Obviously my ultimate fitness goal is to be in shape, run races that I enjoy, do triathlons that I enjoy, and be able to get out and enjoy myself.  The coach knows my goals and is going to help me incorporate those things that I need in order to be successful in what I want to do.

I still can't do a pullup or a double under.  I may never be able to climb the rope, but I do know that I am getting stronger every day, I feel much better, and I'm a much happier person to be around when I get in a great workout.  I love the feeling of being smoked at the end of the hour and thinking that there is no way that I can walk to my car.

So consider me one of the crazies, because I can see why people love Crossfit, and count me as one of those too!