Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Streak Has Ended....

I almost hate to say this.

In the 22 years that Gunner was in the Army......are you ready for this......they never screwed up his pay.  Never ever.  During the almost 17 years that we have been married, we have been paid once a month....religiously....and lived happily ever after.  Well sort of....

When you retire, your last paycheck is delayed--anywhere from 2-6 weeks.  How's that for planning purposes? 

It's totally crazy, but I know so many people that look at Finance with such disdain, that I will not complain.  I happen to appreciate their timeliness. 

It's official, I am married to a civilian.  A full time student.  A retired GI.  I feel old. 

Sad part is that I have to get a new ID card, and I don't want to waste time off of work to get it done.  Here's hoping that I don't get sick!  (knock on wood)

I thought we could celebrate, but real life called and Gunner is off doing the student thing. 

I'm sad to think that it has all come to an end, but also thankful that we have survived it.  For the 18 years that we have been together, I have always been second priority.  Always.  Sure I know he loves me most of all, but there is no arguing that you are always going to be pushed to the side if the Army calls.

The Army doesn't care if you just had a baby, your dad passed away, your lawn needs to be mowed, or that your inlaws are coming to visit.  She also doesn't care that you are in the hospital, or that you have to somehow figure out how to be 3 places at once. 

For the FIRST time, I am his first priority.  Well of course there are three kiddos too, but I don't have to fight for his attention.  He won't deploy.  He won't get late middle of the night phone calls to check the alert roster (rest assured, in 22 years, it never failed).  There will be no lockdowns due to missing items.  No one will write me a ticket if my lawn isn't mowed.  He won't be gone for years at a time.  I can make plans, and the Army won't interfere at the last minute.

There will be no PT.  No piles of dirty ACU's to wash.  No mandatory fun days.  No deployments.  No Staff Duty.  No CQ.  No being responsible for Soldiers that make poor decisions. 

Not everything is peaches and cream.  There will be no dressing up for balls.  No homecomings.  No ACU's.  Will I ever move again?????  Not to mention, the boy will be home all.the.time.  (Come on now, he's been home off and on for 18 years, plus gone for 5 years, a girl gets used to that!  Surely I am not the only one that treasures some alone time!  (For the record, the year deployments suck!)) 

We are adjusting to our new norm.  I go to work and he goes to school and takes care of the kids.  I can actually make plans, and then at the last minute not have to cancel due to the Army.  The lawn needs to be mowed, and I just point it out.  I haven't taken the trash out since he returned home from Afghanistan.  I've learned that I have a love/hate relationship with the Army.

When push comes to shove though.......I will always love the Army and the life it provided for the last 18 years that I've been with Gunner.  For that I am grateful, but I am going to miss it......terribly......

Sunday, October 30, 2011

My name is ABW

I could tell you that tomorrow is my husband's last day of active duty.

I could also tell you that we cleaned the garage today and that we still have about half a ton of TA50 left.  We can't get rid of "this holster" because he used it in xxxx firefight.  The list goes on.  We still have the BDU's that he wore in Bosnia in 1995.  Ummmm......we were married in 1994. 

Then I found a picture of him in Bosnia.  He was so young!

I miss his clean shaven days.  He still--so far--has kept the GI haircut.  Gunner, if you are reading this, please pretend you have to be clean shaven every day!

I promise you that PT has not even entered his mind. 

I also promise you that if you are 5 years old and begging me for gum at 8:32 pm, which it is right now, that it won't happen.  Please go to bed my little man.

Speaking of Junior, he has been staying in school.  He lost a tooth, I actually bought boxers today in the hopes that he will be more comfortable in them.  Boys are not all peaches and cream!  I've learned more about stuff I don't want to know about than I want to!

Em turned 14.  How did this happen.  We got her a new cell phone, after she lost hers back in April for texting in class.  (It was disconnected before she returned home that day.)  She managed to drop it in the toilet a few weeks later. I am thankful that we know rice will solve the problem.

Abs is in orchestra after school two days a week, and we are still looking for a great violin teacher.  We had drama the other day where a girl who invited her to a party, uninvited her because some kids said they wouldn't go if she was there.  I was devastated.  I called the parent and explained the situation and the parent called back and the child apologized to me and to Abs.  My heart still hurts, but Abs wants to go to the party.  She's a tough one, so invitations aren't always extended to her unfortunately.  My poor baby.

We are babysitting my mom's cockapoo mix while she is out of town.  We love him.  I don't think she will love the fact that Gunner had him in our bed this morning.  The poor little guy was "crying" though.

I became a co-sponsor of the Science Club at school, God help me.  I have 18 4th graders right now.  I am thinking that my second graders were easier, but I am determined to make these guys love writing.  Maybe they need a blog.....

I spend entirely too much time at school preparing for the next week.  I am trying to get organized.  For me, that's a feat!

Gunner has gone overboard this Halloween.  He told me it's because he is always gone, and he wants to do every holiday to the hilt.  I'm the type of person where you put the tree up Christmas Eve and take it down immediately after the presents are opened.  I bet those days are gone.  It has been nice having him home.  I hope he doesn't think I am going to spend all Christmas vacation backing cookies!

Happy Halloween!