Saturday, April 25, 2009

One quick story...

I am home for the night, but my campers are still out there. Last night the girls and I slept in the RV and Gunner and Junior were in the tent. It was so windy and for some reason we only packed 4 stakes. Not a good idea. Em started out in the tent with Junior and Gunner. Then Abs wanted to be out there so Em was more than happy to join me in the RV. Of course once we were all settled, Junior bit Abs on the hip and left a huge bruise, so the tears started. Once Abs started crying, Junior started crying. I think Gunner was ready to join them. So then Abs came into the RV and the boys stayed in the tent.

Gunner was so tired and in the middle of the night, the wind really picked up again. Half asleep, all the noise made Gunner think that Junior was throwing up. He grabbed Junior, unzipped the tent and put Junior outside. Junior started crying and said "It's windy Daddy, I want to sleep inside!". Gunner realized that Junior wasn't throwing up and it was the wind, so he grabbed Junior and put him back in the tent and they both fell fast asleep.

Never a dull moment...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Day off

It was dark this morning, with tons of lightening. Not a drop of rain fell, so I imagine it is waiting until we get to the campsite and then we will have a downpour. We have decided that I will go out tonight, stay all day tomorrow, and then come home after the kids are tucked in so I can grade papers, get everything finished up for school, and work on my big project for my class on the 2nd.

I got an email from Ab's teacher and apparently the sugar cubes were optional and not necessary unless they wanted to bring them. Not the story we received from Abs last night! Oh well, she has them and there are enough there for other children to share so they can each build a giant pyramid. I assume their trip around the world has taken them to Egypt, after just finishing up a trip to Germany. I sure miss Germany!

Chris is headed out to get Em and then drop off the RV at the campsite before returning for the rest of us. He has lunch with Em today since she was citizen of the month. I napped. We road 16 miles this morning and followed it with a 2 mile run--well I did. Gunner can't keep up with me yet, but I am working on him! The run felt good, and I could have gone further if I didn't have to pee so much. Having three kids sure ruined my body in that respect, I have to pee constantly! Good thing they are so cute, and will hopefully take care of me in my old age.

We got clips put on our bike and I found a pair of bike shoes for $30. They are sinfully ugly, and were originally more, but I told him I could pay that much for something so ugly. But, when he offered them for $30, my frugality took over and now I love them. I was so worried that I was going to crash or something while using them, but thankfully it was relatively easy. One less thing to worry about.

I found a disco triathlon, doesn't that sound like fun? In 5th grade I was in love with Andy Gibbs and the Bee Gees. Of course my first tape was the Beatles live in Germany. I can't believe that 40 is just a mere 3 1/2 years away. A few years ago I decided (since Gunner was gone) that we should get to take a trip for our 40th birthdays, somewhere fun and exciting. Gunner's two years older than me, so I guess I better start planning something! Maybe we can time it around jobs, deployments, and my mom's schedule to book her for babysitting and all will be well. Egypt? Thailand? Spain? Somewhere exotic?

I registered for my two classes this summer, and I will be sitting in class during the heat of the day from 11-4, monday-thursday. It could be worse, and the workload can be nothing like it was last summer or this school year, so I am hoping I can drop the kids at daycare in the morning (they have to be there by 8) and then head to the gym for a workout before going to class.

Best laid plans of mice and men....

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rain, rain, go away.....

Especially when Gunner is taking us camping again.

I asked him if he wanted to postpone it, but he said "I want my children to remember me taking them camping all the time, not just once". I can't argue with that. They will remember. Let's just hope they can experience it without rain sometime!

Gunner is off doing the grocery shopping now, and I am lying around the house. I should be packing. We were going to grocery shop tomorrow, but Abs tells us at 8:30 tonight that she needs 165 sugar cubes by tomorrow.

Tomorrow is bike ride day. I've got a ton of other stuff to do as well, especially since we have only 6 weeks of school left! I've almost survived a year! In some respects it flew by and other ways it dragged on and on and on.

Junior got booted from daycare for "lesions". I told Gunner in order to make sure that he got an appointment today that he needed to tell the appointment line that Junior had "lesions". He gets an appointment right away and takes Junior in.

The doctor walks in.
Doctor: These aren't lesions.
Gunner: I know that. You know that. Daycare does not.

Junior's getting another referral to the dermatologist and hopefully they can get his itching and scratching under control. He's destroying his poor little arms, legs, and feet.

Junior has also learned the word...terrible. Aww man, this is terrible. Mommy, this is terrible. What can I do, this is terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. It's enough to drive anyone insane, if it wasn't so cute. Of course I don't have to listen to it all day.

We live on post, and don't venture outside in the front yard much. Today we were all out there and off in the distance we heard the ice cream truck. The girls ran to get money and when they got outside, half the neighborhood was out there begging for money so that they could get ice cream. Ummmm....their parents drive nicer cars than I do, carry purses I can't afford, and I have a job! Em got smart and decided it was cheaper to go to the shoppette to get ice cream instead. She's learning!

Wish us luck on our soon to be waterlogged camping adventure.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The nurse called

I am going to stop answering the phone during the school day when it says unknown, because chances are that it is the nurse at Ab's school.

Me: Hello?
Nurse: Hi, is this Ab's mom?
Me: Yes. What's wrong?
Nurse: Well Abs tripped over a desk in music and hurt her back.
Me: Are there any marks?
Nurse: A big red one
Me: Where?
Nurse: Lower back (and she gave me a number, I guess which is supposed to mean something to this non nurse person)
Me: Did you put ice on it?
Nurse: Yes, she's almost in tears from the pain.
Me: Is there swelling?
Nurse: There is a bruise already. Can you please come take a look at it?
Me: Ummmm.....I'm a teacher, so I am kind of stuck here unless you think it is a dire emergency.
Nurse: Well.....
Me: Call her dad at this number xxx-xxxx.
Nurse: Okay

I get off the phone and my 22 second graders ask if we can take a trip to meet the nurse at Ab's school. Doesn't that sound like loads of fun?

So Gunner was coming up to school so that he could help me out with some paperwork, putting together books, taking things home, etc. I texted him and he told me he was on his way and would check on Abs since the nurse just called.

About 10 minutes later Gunner walks through the door.

Me: Is Abs okay?
Gunner: Of course.
Me: Is there a red mark?
Gunner: No
Me: Bruising?
Gunner: The bruising she thinks she sees is where Em put that tattoo on her back and it hasn't worn off yet.
Me: Was Abs crying?
Gunner: Nope. They gave her a pain scale of 1-5 and Abs said it was a 4. They didn't realize that Abs thought the pain scale should be from 1-20 and had chosen the 4 based on the new and improved pain scale ala Abs.

Apparently the nurse didn't know what to think, but the not even sad Abs went off to class with her ice pack.

We're having pizza tonight, minus the pepperoni. Don't want Ab's life to be in jeopardy or anything.

I can't make it to the gym tonight due to other commitments, but I do plan on working on some strength training and core exercises here at the house. That's almost a guarantee to be more sore tomorrow than if I had gone to the gym!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Training

With Gunner home, this blog is turning into the Idonothingelsebutgotothegymandworkout blog.

Hard to blog about military stuff when he is off work for a month. I could blog about how we still don't have orders, so no idea when or if we are moving. They need to quit dragging their heels. I've already made mental plans for 57 different scenarios, so they need to help me narrow it down a little.

I had a meeting after school and then hit the pool with my fellow teacher turning triathlon nut. After a good swim, it was home to play with kiddos. Then I hit the gym, hard. I ran a good 4.5 miles, 20 minutes on the stairmaster, weights, weights, and more weights.

When I got in the sauna my quiet time was interrupted by two of the loud-mouthed army wives that were there before. This time they were talking about how they went home for leave. Their husbands apparently left them home with the kids and no car while they were out carrying on with their friends at the strip joint. It's apparently all good now because they stood out there screaming and yelling at them when they came home and woke up the neighborhood. I just wanted to scream and yell at them to be quiet! When they finally left, one GI just groaned and said "Thank goodness". I'm going to have to change my workout times so I don't have to listen to them!

Junior was doing so well on potty training and after spending the weekend camping and wearing diapers, he doesn't want to go anymore. Today was his first day back at daycare and they finally convinced him that it was fun to go potty. It worked, so we'll see if we can get back to business with him.

Em was voted citizen of the month. Abs asked if the pepperoni I bought at the commissary was because I was trying to kill her. Junior was out in the front yard yesterday in camo underwear, a shirt and pink boots. I'm sure he will appreciate the pictures one day? Pictures to come.

My friend is having a baby this Thursday and we passed on our crib and dresser/changing table. The end of an era. We bought it for Em way back in Germany for what we thought was big bucks at the time. It survived 12 years, 3 kids and 5 moves. (side note--when we moved into housing here at Hood, the mover offered to buy the crib from me because he said his 17 year old daughter was serious about some GI and he imagined there would be grandchildren in the near future and he wanted to help prepare. I couldn't say anything nice, so I just ignored him.)

Tomorrow is another busy day. Em and I are going to have mother/daughter facials and then I have to hit the gym and get some work done. I am taking friday off this week and want to find a great place to ride!