Friday, June 6, 2008

Screwed Up

I was trying to change the colors on my blog and screwed it up, so I had to go with a whole new look. Still working on getting what I really want up and working.

I took Em to the doctor this morning for a physical for camp. I finally have a child that is healthy as a horse. Thank goodness. To celebrate I took myself to the doctor and I had RSV, which then led to RAD and she wrote down bronchial asthma or something like that and gave me an inhaler. She said I should have been in there weeks ago. Who has time for that? She said I should take the inhaler before the run and that should help a little. Best laid plans of mice and men. Maybe an early bedtime tonight, like last night, will help.

While Em and I were out today we managed to get some shopping done. She is so picky! It can't have flowers, be too girly, or be too form fitting (no complaints from me there!). She is perfectly happy wearing two shirts and sweat pants all the time. I told her that I was not going to send her to camp, in one hundred degree heat, to dress like she is at the north pole. We ended up going home and not shopping.

Later she came and apologized and asked for a second chance. This time we headed out to the PX, with Junior in tow, and actually managed to find a few things. We had to shop in the Junior's section as the children's section is too small. It really leaves us with very few things to choose from once you alleviate all the clothes that are too short/tight/low cut or form fitting. I looked at a pair of shorts, and I kid you not, the inseam was a whopping ONE INCH! They might as well wear their underwear only, because it covers just as much. Anyway, we managed to find a pair of shorts that were an appropriate length (thank goodness Em is not an exhibitionist!) and a few shirts.

After the clothing, we headed over to look at shoes. I got Junior a pair at Dillard's today and Em was upset with me there because I wouldn't buy her a pair of $140 tennis shoes. Ummmm...not when you are 10! We finally found a pair we agreed upon for $57. I skimp on clothes, but I don't skimp on putting good shoes on my children's feet. That's one thing my dad always did for us, and I still follow those rules.

Since Abs was with my mom in Houston, I called to see what color shoes she would wear. She refuses to have any pink in them. I hope that the ones I found pass muster (the nike swooshes are magenta), since finding a pair of girl shoes without any pink on them is impossible. She told me to go shop in the boy department, but I didn't see anything over there that I liked any more. At least I can return them if they are "too pink".

So after just under $150 for three pair of shoes, I know why Gunner and I stopped at three kids. Thankfully all my kids are usually able to wear out their shoes before they outgrow them.

I'm nervous about the 10K tomorrow since I can barely breathe. I finally start class on Monday and I can't wait! The girls are excited about going to the "summer camp" on post and Junior will stay put in his room until he is three, so I am hoping everything settles down into a routine. Knock on wood or as my Grandma would say "touch wood". Shoot, at this point I will beat on the wood if it will help my case!

I talked to my mom tonight and it sounded like she was enjoying her time with Abs, but my mom was exhausted and Abs was still going. My brother even took her on a run with the dogs, but the dogs got tired and Abs was still going strong. Welcome to my world!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The next step

This weekend I will be doing a 10K that benefits the organization TAPS. This organization supports military families who have lost a Servicemember. I have heard great things about them, so I couldn't think of a better organization to support. I'm a little nervous about doing a 10K, and this will be the first one I will be doing alone. My SIL assures me it is more fun to do them alone, so we will see! I am excited though, and the after the race party is promising massages and food. Hey, my two favorite things!

Wish me luck, I will need it! Now it's off to plan my next race. These are addicting!

All the idiots were out today

Some days I wish I had never left home because it seems like everyone that I come into contact with is some sort of idiot/moron/jerk.

We went to the ENT today and Junior definitely needs tubes. They think he has about a 10-15% hearing loss, and that tubes will correct it. They also recommended early intervention for speech therapy. I am waiting for a call on when they can schedule the surgery, and they will take out his adenoids at the same time. And when they checked his guessed it.....another ear infection. Back on augmentin. My heart just breaks for him. One part of his ear had dimpled from fluid being on it constantly. Apparently not a good sign. Wish they had sent me to an ENT back in March/April when I requested it. At least he will hopefully be on the road to recovery.

I got the cutest onesies for my brother and SIL's baby. One says "Someone in Iraq loves me" and the other one says "My Uncle is a Soldier". A funny story about my SIL--over Christmas they were in St Louis with us, and had joined us for breakfast downstairs. Gunner wanted some butter or something and I was sick and didn't want to get up to get it--to my defense I was really sick!! My SIL offered to get it, and Gunner refused. She kept insisting and finally Gunner agreed that he needed the butter so she got up and got him some. My brother watched and then said "Hey, I don't get that kind of treatment!". My SIL said "When you go to war, to protect me, I will get you some butter." My brother could only say "Valid point."

After getting the shirts, we headed back to Darnell to go to the pharmacy since it wasn't open yet, and I needed to drop something off in Temple for a funeral. We got back there and it took two freaking hours to get one tiny bottle of antibiotic. At one point, I was ready to go postal on the girl that was smacking her gum behind the counter and kept calling up this one guy to flirt with him. She was so sad and pathetic. They just revamped the entire pharmacy in order to make it much faster to get through the line, but I think it has slowed down the entire process. There was no sense of urgency from anyone working there, and it wasn't until the line was out the door that they added additional people to process the orders. Of course that was just the line you stood in to get a number to be called on in order to wait for your prescription. So they got everyone seated and I guess felt a sense of relief because it looked like they were working harder.

I got my parking permit and id card updated for the summer terms, now I just have to continue looking for a job. Hopefully something soon so I have a little bit of stress off of my shoulders. Yeah right!

....I just bathed and put Junior to bed. He was so tired. He's also covered from head to toe in a rash. I don't know what to do anymore, and all the doctors do is give him creams that don't work. He takes zyrtec and benadryl on a daily basis, and that doesn't help at all. I feed him tons of yogurt and buttermilk to no avail. Guess I'll try to book him an appointment tomorrow since he's only gone twice this week. They should just give us a standing appointment.

My mom took Abs to Houston for the Pompeii exhibit. Abs was amusing herself by counting cornfields. I miss her already, but it is a welcome break as she is a full time job in herself. Em wants to go get pedicures tomorrow, so maybe in between doctor appointments we can get it in. I'm due for one anyway. I also need to schedule a microdermabrasian too!

Maybe I don't have time for a job?

On the bright side Gunner called. He also sent this picture.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday with a Twist--Uniform

American Mum picked the theme of uniform this week.

"I don't want my daddy to go back to Iraq, I just met him.:

That same boy 18 months later.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I finally get all the kids in bed last night and spend the remainder or the night picking up, cleaning, read a little, blogged a little, and watched a little tv. Eventually the girls went to sleep and I was headed that way. I'm walking back to check on everyone and make sure that they are covered up when I walked by Junior's room. His door was shut but I could smell a dirty diaper. I debated about whether or not I should change it since he was sound asleep, but decided that I better get it over with since it was already after 11. I open his door and am met with the foulest odor in the world.

Any mom knows that smell.

The boy has barfed. Knowing that I am oh-so-lucky because I have given birth to a child that can throw up and not wake up, I turn on the light. Yes people, there is my sweet, innocent, baby boy asleep in his own vomit. Not lying on the other end of the crib away from it, not lying next to it, the boy is lying right smack dab in the middle of it. He has even managed to wallow in it so that it is covering his entire face. So I do what any other not-so-good-mom does and cry.

I went back to the living room and put out a towel, got the wipes and a warm washcloth. I go back and grab my barf covered baby and he begins to scream. I change his diaper (because of course he had to have diarrhea and diaper rash), wipe him down and change his clothes. He screams the entire time and I just keep telling him over and over "If your sisters weren't asleep, I would scream with you."

I leave my screaming child on the floor and then go back to attack the crib. I put on a new sheet, a waterproof piece of material, a towel, and wipe it down. Junior is still screaming, but I found a non-barfy binky and tucked him back into bed. He snuggled up under his fuffy and fell right asleep.

And then I waited. I waited for the next round. I started barfy laundry. I got out towels for barf. I located barf buckets for the girls. I reminded myself how Junior stuck his binky in my mouth at swim lessons while I was not paying attention and he was feeding me goldfish. I start to feel barfy myself.

I wait a barfing so I get into bed. I lay there on the verge of tears. Gunner is the keeper of barfy children, I am not. Gunner could fall right back asleep and not worry about who was going to get sick next, I cannot.

I start hearing things and am up and down every few minutes for the next hour while I make sure no one is getting sick. I finally fall asleep.

No more barfing....yet. Junior is still asleep. The girls are still asleep. I'm scared to wake up anyone for fear that will change.

I got an email from Gunner this morning (about my post last night) that said "I couldn't stop laughing so hard. I could just imagine Emily standing there with that look on her face. oh, she is so priceless. She is going to have your feisty-ness (sp?), that I love so much. I am really homesick now. I love and miss you all so very much. I think you are doing a great job without me and I am thankful that I have a wonderful wife. Hang in there and this will be all over before we know it. I love you. Gunner."

And then I cried. I cried because I have a great husband who knows exactly when I need to hear that I am doing an okay job. I cried because he is missing out on so much. I cried because I am tired.

And now it's time to wipe those tears away, get the girls up for school, spend the day cuddling a sick baby while sanitizing the entire house, and hope that no one else gets sick.

And if they'll probably hear me scream.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A few extras

I forgot to mention that I had two interviews on Saturday at the job fair. After the first one was over, I heard my friend call my name, and then she grabbed something from my hair. It was my nametag. My second interview they pointed out that my nametag was upside down. Hmmmm...and I wonder why I didn't get a job?

When we were in St. Louis for Christmas last year, Abs kept talking about wanting to go to the Black History Museum. We were only there for a few days and with the holiday hours, we weren't able to make it materialize for her. She hasn't mentioned it since. Last Thursday I took Abs to the doctor and she asked Abs what she wanted to do if she could do anything in the world. Without hesitating Abs replied "I really want to go to the Black History Museum in St. Louis".

I was talking to Gunner online today. Here's part of our conversation:
ABW: How was your day?
Gunner: Okay. We had to stand down and do safety classes.
Gunner: Some stupid kid shot a bullet in the floor of a hummer today.
Gunner: Stop the war, some kid shot the floor.
Gunner: We're just glad no one got hurt.

The kids are supposed to be sleeping, but Abs is engrossed in A Tale of Two Cities. How can I argue with that?

Today was the last swimming lesson.
10 weeks of swimming lessons $400
10 weeks of gas $399
40 red bulls so I didn't fall asleep on the way to and from lessons $80
3 free taco coupons from the pool people, Priceless because I didn't have to cook dinner tonight. My life is sad.

I JUST had this conversation with Em:
Em: I need to write my story.
ABW: What story?
Em: The one I have to do.
ABW: I asked you if you had homework and you said you didn't.
Em: Well I have to write two stories and I have only done one.
ABW: watched tv after school today, so I'm sorry you don't have time to do it.
Em: I can do it now.
ABW: I think you need to go to sleep.
Em: But I'm not tired and I need to write my story.
ABW: Well you should of done it instead of watching tv.
Em: You never let us watch tv.
ABW: Sounds like you think you never get to watch tv.
Em: Do you read books on this stuff?
ABW: What stuff?
Em: Stupid parenting things to say to us when we don't do what we are supposed to.


Saturday I went to a teaching job fair. Still no job. Long story, and goodness knows I have lots of opinions on it, but I will keep my mouth shut for now. (Don't die from shock mom!) Before I left for the job fair, I managed to lose my hair thingy, have a button fall off, the camisole was too lowcut and the socks I bought were XXXXXXXXL and could have stretched up to my thighs. Never a dull moment.

After that fiasco, I went to San Antonio for my SIL's baby shower. It was a lot of fun, and I love to see baby stuff! Just from the time Em was born, everything has changed. Junior is almost two and there are new things out since he came along. I need to come up with some trendy baby item so that I can retire and not have to worry about job fairs.

Sunday Erin and I did the Run for the Rovers 5k. I ran a lot of it, but I need to practice running outside more than running in the cool air conditioning at the gym. Pictures and the story can be found here.

Abs was up at 3:15 this morning watching Tom and Jerry on tv. I got her put back in bed and hid the remotes. Then her light was on and she was reading. I turned the light off and by the time I was back in bed and settled, I noticed it was back on. I unscrewed her lightbulbs and burned the crap out of my finger.

I was really looking forward to getting the kids to school today. Before school even started the nurse called me to let me know that Abs had tripped over her shoelace and landed head first on a desk. I raced up there and she had a massive lump on her head. They asked me if I was taking her home with me--she didn't look like she had a head injury. I told her if she came home that she would have to sit in her bed, not sleeping, no tv and she would have to help me scrub the kitchen floors. She opted to stay at school. If I thought she was really injured I would have brought her home, but she would have enjoyed that too much. I'm turning into my mother. We could be hemmoraghing to death and we would have still had to go to school!

So a whole day to myself to clean, organize and get some job related things done. Time is flying by too fast already.....