Thursday, August 13, 2009

I did it!

I took advantage of the My Career Advancement Account, and signed up for two classes. They are online and are a specialized teacher certification that I would like to get. I got the classes approved, so I registered, and now wait for them to pay for it. I'm excited, because you know I love to take courses!

My birthday is coming up and Gunner asked me what I wanted to do. Then he looked at my toenails and suggested a pedicure. I know that I need one, but I was thinking more along the lines of a trip to the mountains!


I went and had a meeting at Ab's school today with the TAG teacher. Abs had an amazing teacher for first and second grade, absolutely amazing. She was in a TAG class of 10 kids and she excelled.

Fast forward to Colorado Springs, where there will be 28 kids in her class. The class is tiny. The teacher seemed nice enough, but I was in shock over 28 kids. How in the world can you differentiate with 28 kids? What happens to those kids who find everything easy? What about those that find everything hard? I had 22 students, but much more would have made it extremely difficult to meet the needs of all of my students.

I talked to the principal and was less than impressed. He told me that Colorado schools ranked higher than Texas. Ummm.....based on his poor grammar, I find that hard to believe, but then I went to Texas schools, so what do I know?

I will give it a few weeks and go from there. No ideas on what to do.

Junior cracked his head open this morning. He was running and tripped and caught his forehead on the corner of the schrank. It swelled up, but didn't bleed much. I emailed a pic to my mom who said he would be okay, but I drove to Carson to let Gunner take a look. He said that he didn't need stitches (not sure I agree with that) and he came home to keep him while I went to my meeting at Ab's school. So far, so good. He'll have a nice scar from this I am sure. Gunner keeps telling me that scars on boys are cool. Maybe on other boys, but not mine!

And the potty training front....not much better today. He peed all over his carseat and then came home and I asked him to undress so I could change him. Instead he went over and peed on the floor and wall. Maybe diapers till he is 10 isn't such a bad idea?


I am lost without a to-do list each and every day. I will accomplish nothing, which when you have three kids, makes you feel like a mess!

Potty training is going okay. The secret seems to be if he thinks his sisters will sit on his little potty. So if he doesn't want to pee, I ask Abs or Em if they want to, and he will race there and be naked in a split second. On the advice of a friend, we made a sticker chart. He pottied 15 times, earned a toy, then pooped in his underwear.


Yesterday we toured a haunted castle, had ice cream, and scoured the thrift shop. Pictures to come. I should have taken a picture of the eccentric woman at the entrance.

I'm meeting with the TAG teacher at Ab's school today, followed by new parent orientation, and an ice cream social. Gunner gets to work. Lucky guy!

I'm looking at new dining room tables. I want one. We are still using the same table that Gunner bought me before we were married, for less than a hundred bucks.

I also discovered pesto sauce. Where has it been all my life?

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Hitchhiker

The lady on the trail offered to let me try it out with Abs, but I didn't want to crash on it!

It's kind of wobbly. Abs doesn't have to pedal, but it helps if she does. It has really worked on her balance too. I can tell when she is looking around and not paying attention as we start to wobble even more.
We rode in circles around the street until we got the hang of it.
Still going in circles.
So the end result is that Abs loves it! It takes some getting used to it, but I can definitely feel it in my legs today, but I was still able to get a 4.5 mile run in at the gym this morning. We found it on clearance at Target for $58, and once we get Abs riding on her own, we will use it on Junior when he is older and will hang on.

Abs is begging to ride "our" bike again, so how can I say no to that? We are headed off to meet Gunner's friend who just moved in the neighborhood.
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Sunday Bike Ride

We headed out Sunday morning to take a family bike ride. Em didn't have a helmet, so Gunner gave her his, and we headed out to ride to the px in order to buy her one.

There is a small hill before we get to a HUGE hill, but I was sure that we could take it. Of course I wasn't the one pulling a hundred pounds of children behind my bike.

We got halfway up the first hill, when Gunner and Em decided it would be faster to park the bikes and they would go up this set of stairs.
We waited for a while, and then Abs and Junior decided we wanted to climb the 500 stairs. By the time I got the bikes situated, they were off and running up the stairs. We were about 50 steps from the top when Gunner and Em reappeared and told us that we could turn around. Not a chance! We finished, and the view was great!

We hiked back down, and then finally took off on the bike ride. Em started in with the complaining because she was tired and ready to be done.

Em sporting her new helmet.
We took off, and headed to the Santa Fe trail. It was beautiful! A great place to run or walk or ride. It's only about a mile from the house and we could drive there and park, which we might have to do next time.

We ran into a family that had one of those hitchhikers for the back of the bike. I flipped out, as I have been researching them and reading reviews. They got theirs for $80 at Target, and said they loved it. I was worried about the sizing since Abs is 8 now, but she still doesn't have the balance that she should to ride a bike--mental note to get her reevaluated for PT again. I sized her on their bike, and we headed off again.

Junior fell asleep.

We started heading back and by this time Em had had enough.
She quit and wanted me to ride back and get the car and pick her up. She eventually made it back.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Last of the Garden of the Gods

Family portrait....minus me of course. :)

We turned our back on Junior for 5 seconds and he ran...
The little stinker.
Entrepreneurs. Maybe they will use the money for haircuts?
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Garden of the Gods Part III

My mom needs pics of the grandkids...

These are the kissing camels. Gunner was less than excited about anything relating to camels.

They were still smiling at least!
A bench we found.
They are more excited about their dad being in the picture than me, what's up with that?
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More Garden of the Gods

Trying to make his mama happy and be excited about hiking?

A rare shot of me....
My four children...
A rare family shot!
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Garden of the Gods

We finally unpacked the wires for the card reader.

The best shot out of the 500 it took for us to get all of them to look at me at the same time.
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Yes, he is carrying around what you think he is. Poor kid.