Thursday, May 29, 2008


My husband has one of the biggest hearts. A few years ago when my dad was sick, my mom joined the horticulture club in her retirement community. They were making plans to build an organic garden so that they could reap the benefits of fresh veggies year round. With time, the plan grew and grew. My mom wanted to help, but she was often busy helping my dad, and didn't feel like there was much she could do. Enter Gunner.

Gunner has the strength of 20 men. (Once I bought a freezer and the lady told me that I was going to need several guys to move it. I assured her that Gunner could do it, and when he came and moved it, she changed her tune. He makes it all look easy!) Gunner wanted to help out my mom so he participated in the building of the garden every saturday for a year. He had just returned from his first tour in Iraq, and many of the veterans loved to "talk shop" with him. Even those that were unable to serve, still had a great respect for him. Gunner moved huge cinder blocks, dug trenches, moved mulch, built, tore down, moved some more stuff, carried more bricks, built more beds, the list went on. He absolutely loved every minute of it, and felt like he was really helping. (I'm sure the 3 hours of being child free was somewhat enticing too!)

When Gunner left for his second tour in Iraq, the club decided to have a yellow ribbon tied to the biggest oak tree in the garden. They had a ceremony, sent him pictures, and faithfully waited for his return at which time they promised a celebration. After a year, Gunner returned and true to their word, the horticulture club reserved a pavilion, catered BBQ, and even though there was a torrential downpour, the club showed up to welcome him home. We were even invited to their Christmas party as guests.

This past year while Gunner was home, he was unable to work in the garden every Saturday due to commitments that we both had (many of which I am sure were probably me saying "You take them to the garden or you stay here with them , I need a break!"). Before he left for Iraq this time, he stopped by and was greeted warmly by all the members of the club. Some of them write, some email, a ton of them ask about him.

Fast forward again to today. The residents of Sun City held a "Thanks to the Troops" golf tournament in Georgetown today. Different community organizations were able to sponsor a "hole" with a message. The horticulture club sponsored one in Gunner's name. (These things were not cheap!)

While we were waiting for the Soldiers to arrive, I chased Junior around. Of course all of these retired grandparents fell in love with the little guy. Can anyone tell me who this guy is? (The one wearing the hat with the flag and the white shirt--I didn't want to look too obvious about taking his picture (hint: he was inducted into the football hall of fame, and was an extremely nice guy who gave us directions to hole 5 and rescued Junior's binky and held on to it till he saw us again!) (Oh and I only know who it is because I stared at the Hall of fame ring for a while and then asked my mom)

Anyway, in the heat of the day, Sun City residents lined the roads, dressed in patriotic colors, waving flags, and cheering for the Soldiers that arrived. These Soldiers looked shocked at the warm reception that they received. They were fed lunch and then paired up with a Sun City resident that had served in the military. They were loaded on to golf carts and then taken to play Shotgun Golf or something like that--I am in no way a golfer! After the festivities were done, they would be treated to dinner.

After the Soldiers arrived my mom and I decided we should go find Gunner's "hole". After getting more directions and stumbling around, we finally found it (and I managed to walk through tons of poison ivy, not just once, not twice, but three times--score one for ABW). I walked back and there was a sign for Gunner and two people from the horticulture club waiting for us in case we stopped by. They asked about Gunner and I gave our thanks for them thinking of Gunner and honoring him in this way. The local Sun City news lady came out and shot some video and asked some questions about Gunner too. Junior saw "flat daddy" and was all over him.

After all the festivities, we headed out for mexican food and Junior passed out. Thanks to Sun City for honoring the Troops from Fort Hood and for the Horticulture club for honoring my hero!

Need your help!

A few weeks ago I submitted a picture of Gunner and Junior to an online photo contest. The picture was selected as one of 20 finalists, and now the winner is determined by votes by the public. So I need you to go here. Once there, you can choose to vote, and look for the only military related photo! Gunner is in ACU's and Junior grabbed his beret and put it on while I was trying to take photos. It's a cute picture! Thanks so much and please refer everyone you know to vote!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

These were taken in Baghdad, Iraq, on the street where Sadaam held all of his parades, etc. Glad to see that Gunner hasn't lost his sense of humor!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daily Life

I got a citation today for my lawn, how about you? Em started mowing it the other day, and we ended up taking Junior into the doctor so we never finished. I paid someone $5 to weedeat it, I should have splurged and had him mow. Usually I get a pre-citation notification. Oh well, I think the whole street got them.

I called ENT today and Junior has an appointment next Thursday. Maybe we can make it that long?

The hardest thing about having three children is coordinating them. I have a master calendar that I print out and post on the doors of my computer armoire. I haven't started color coordinating things yet, but I can see where I will have to in a few years!

For some reason coordinating two children was much, much easier. My friend has one daughter and she is constantly stressed out about not having enough time in the day to cart her places. It reminds me of when we just had Em. Gunner and I thought it was a huge ordeal to take just Em to the store. Then Abs came along and Em was super easy. Then Junior came along and Abs and Em were easy. But then I see someone with an infant and I realize how good I have it since Junior can walk, etc. One of these days they will be all grown up and I will wish it was back to the days of carting, talking, reading to them and cooking for them, even if they do want mac and cheese every night!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Soldier needs mail

I was talking to Gunner online today and he mentioned that there was a Solider with him (a medic) that is not getting any mail. Gunner asked the Soldier if he needed anything, but he insisted he was fine. If anyone is interested in adopting this Soldier, please email me at ! Thanks!

President's Speech

Gunner gave me the head's up that the President mentioned SPC Tucker in his speech today. SPC Tucker was in my husband's company and was killed in April along with Gunner's CO, CPT Pearson. You can read the speech here.

Memorial Day - Arlington (Trace Adkins)

Thank you.


Pig roast on Saturday. I left once my MIL showed up and told the neighbor that we won't come visit her because they don't have a pool and started sulking. don't come to visit because you have 6 dogs and your house is a disaster, smells, and is unsanitary! They are always welcome to come to my house!

Sunday we saw my brother and SIL. Abs hung on my brother's every word and she and Em loved spending time with him. They told me on the way home "Uncle Dave is like Daddy, he likes to spend time with us and he's funny."

Got the car tuned up today--Toyota will deliver your car to you, so we opted to go that route. I'll definitely buy a toyota again! They will even pick it up, service it, and return it to your office before the end of the day. Can't beat that!!!

On a whim, since Junior has had a rash since Friday night, I thought I would take him to the doctor. He pulled at his ears a little, but nothing major. He just finished his augmentin this morning, so I wasn't too worried......but instead, he has another ear infection. He's on a different antibiotic this time. I will call ENT on Tuesday, since we need to get this squared away, and fast!!!

Last week of swimming lessons.....I see the light at the end of the 10 week long tunnel.....

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Buying Tires

As in everything I do, it couldn't be easy.

Saturday morning since I was down a kid, I decided we would get up early and head over to Discount Tires to get a new set of wheels. Gunner told me what kind to get, and the general population agreed. We head over there, and Rick at Discount Tires tells me that they don't have those in stock, but they can have them within an hour from the warehouse. Sounds good. I pay a whopping $864 and give Rick my cell phone number to call while we walk across the parking lot to wander around the one store that was open--Home Depot. Rick assures me that once the tires are there, that it won't take very long to get them mounted and put my spare back, etc.

With Junior in the stroller, Abs and I set off for Home Depot. We walked around the entire floor. We checked out tile samples, carpet samples, and Junior ate a mickey mouse paint card. We looked at flowers..

Then Abs met the Maytag repair man...

It was still early and no phone call, so we wandered around Staples. Still no phone call so we waited outside for Ross to open up. Wandered around there for a while and still no response. By this time we are getting close to an hour and 45 minutes of waiting. We head back over, get there, and our car has not moved. I waited and tried to entertain Junior. (Abs was a dream) Finally the manager noticed that my car had not been worked on when he came back from his lunch. He eventually got it pulled back there and they started work. By this time Junior is screaming. Customers are moving away from us, but only one man glared at me. I finally gave up trying to get Junior to stop screaming, it was hopeless. I moved closer to the counter thinking they would get tired of the screaming. Once we moved up there, they started hopping around trying to find my car, getting us water, etc. Finally our car was done.

I went to the car, put Junior and Abs in, and started to load up the stroller and diaper bag. I checked the trunk for the star key that opens my rims, and it wasn't there. I stopped someone who said he would go find it. Then I notice that part of my spare is not put on (you have to go through the trunk to unscrew it, but it's under the trunk if that makes any sense). So when tire guy comes back with the star key, I ask him what the extra part is for, and he says he will fix it. So he's trying to get my car back together, the manager is helping, and I am stewing in the car because Junior is still screaming and we have been there for three hours. Finally the manager comes over and apologizes profusely for taking so long, for not putting my car in the queue where it should have been, for not putting it back together correctly, for not calling (later found out that tire guy left a message at the house), the list went on and on. He then slipped me $100 and told me to have a nice dinner on the store. I think I'll put it towards my new tires.