Friday, October 30, 2009

Recommendation of the Day

I have an HP wireless printer that I love.  The problem is that everyone else has the same printer and loves it too.  Finding ink cartridges in the stores was impossible, so when the service message popped up, I clicked on shopping and ended up at 

I've always had great luck with HP, and their customer service has always been great.  In college they took my two year old printer back because it broke, and sent me a brand new one, not even refurbished. 

Anyway, I found my ink, ordered it at 10:49 am yesterday and it arrived straight from Tennessee at 1:15 today.  Free shipping, same price as in the stores, and I didn't have to even venture out in the snow.

Today is payday at FHNB, so we are off to have dinner if we can drag Abs in from snow fort building with the neighbor. 

Last night...

we had spaghetti for dinner.

all the children took a warm bath and got into their warm pajamas.

 I convinced Abs to wear the super cute 50's costume that I found on clearance at an outlet store for the costume parade at school.  This was no easy task since she wanted to be a jogger with a dog--I can appreciate that, but she wanted me to brave the ice for a sweatsuit and she wanted me to send Sammy to school.

we served hot chocolate before bedtime. 

it finally stopped snowing.

Gunner made brownies for Abs to take to school today for her fall festival.

Abs got up sometime in the middle of the night and got into said brownies.  She picked out all of the colored chocolate chips so we have brownies with holes in them aka brownie mush.

the said brownies are no longer able to be sent to school.

the roads got even icier.

Gunner left at 4 this morning to get to work on time because of the icy roads.

the school district decided to delay the start of school by two hours.  Please don't let them cancel school for the third day!

the dishes I didn't want to do multiplied.

I slept like a baby with a sheet, a blanket, a comforter, a quilt, and the window unit on.  I love the noise from it.

This morning.....

I tried to get Abs back to bed.

I cleaned up dog poop because he doesn't like to stay in the snow too long.

I did dishes.

I drank two cups of coffee.

I blogged.

I wondered if I was going to make it till bedtime.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


It's Thursday, another snow day for the kids, and so Gunner stopped on the way home from work to grab sleds.
Yep, I know he isn't wearing gloves. I am hoping that we will eventually find a pair that he will wear.

Just down the street we have a big hill next to the soccer fields. I love our housing area. Gunner did a lot of dragging Abs and Junior up the hill.  I still haven't found any snow pants for Abs yet, but she was happy wearing my old Baylor sailing team foul weather gear bottoms.  A little big, but they were warm and kept her dry.

I think in almost every picture Gunner has his tongue out. I think he had more fun than the kids!

Emily loved it too, but of course she has to be coordinated! I found her ski pants, brand new, with the tags still on them (Eddie Bauer) for $1.25. A buck twenty-five!!! How can you go wrong with that. Of course I found them in Texas before we even knew we were coming here.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Snow Day

Em broke off 6 of her brackets, so we had an appointment at 7 this morning to get them glued back on.  That means that I had to get up at 5:15, and have the kids up by 5:45 so we could be out the door by 6:15 to head to Junior's school to drop him off.  Add in snow and ice and the fact that no matter what the orthodontist doesn't close, and we were on our way.

First I had to clean up Sammy's accident.  Abs found it first, when she walked straight through the puddle, and walked around the house to find me and tell me that Sammy peed.  Cleaned up that 2 miles mess of wet footprints, and started getting Junior up.

After not having had to wake up early for the last few months, he refused to get out of bed because "It's not a brand new day, it's dark".  I managed to dress him while he slept since he disrobed during the night. 

We finally get the dog walked, kids bundled up, and headed out to the warm car.  (I love living in a place where I don't have to worry my car will get stolen!)

The roads weren't bad, so I dropped Junior off at school, and we headed to the orthodontist.  Abs decides to hole herself up in the bathroom at the ortho office, the only bathroom, while kids waited to brush their teeth.  They glued all of Em's brackets back on and then she told me that she had food stuck behind the wire, so she was jamming her toothbrush behind the wire and the brackets were popping off.  Are you kidding me?  I explained the finer points of dental floss, again, and reminded her that this did not match her story of them "mysteriously popping off for no reason while she was doing absolutely nothing". 

We head home, and at this point the two hour delay has turned into school being cancelled.  We were all hungry so we headed to Cracker Barrel.  Everyone was well-behaved, and everything was going smoothly till Abs proceeded to throw up all over the table.  Since I am not mother of the year, the first words out of my mouth were "Try to hit the plate" and "You better not be contagious!".  Typical.

We left after a very sincere apology.  The roads had gotten worse, so we are at home, with the girls quarantined in their rooms until it's time to go get Junior.  I've got tons of homework to do, and the snow is really coming down now.  It's starting to accumulate but is still little flakes.  I miss those big flakes that we had in Germany!

Off to hit the books....