Saturday, January 2, 2010

Buena Vista & The House of Joy & Love

This was a great house to stay in, although it would have been nice if the upper two stories connected with the bottom floor. There were enough beds for everyone though and Gunner and I had a king size bed with enough room for Junior to flop all over the place between us.
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One of the best things about getting together with my sisters and my brother is that Junior, Em and Abs get to spend time with their cousins. Just a few pictures of my little sister's kiddos, more to come since my mom had a slew of kids....okay, just four, but I couldn't imagine having that many!

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Who hearts Justin Beiber????

The picture of Abs is somewhat blurry, but she is less than impressed with the fact that Em got a JB cd and poster. Why you ask??? (Cause I know you are waiting with bated breath) Em showed Abs a video and while Gunner and I were Christmas shopping, and we got a frantic call from Em that Abs said she was going to marry JB. Apparently this wasn't fair, but we hear Abs in the background yelling "I called him first" and Em was trying to argue that JB was tooooo old for her and Em was trying to argue that there was no possible way for Abs to "call him first".

Please commit me before these two are teenagers.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

What's become of Sammy?

He's still alive.

He is the most patient dog in the world.

He doesn't know that if he was in a normal family that he wouldn't be hauled around like a baby doll loves our family.

 He got car sick on the way down here and is riding back with Gunner, in his car. 

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Ab's Gingerbread Experience

An artist in the making????

Not even sure what she was doing here...

A quick flip of the hair....

Can you tell which one is hers?

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Busy Busy

We've seen a lot.

We've eaten a lot.

I've listened to a lot of whining. 

We spent today skiing.  I'm in love and have every intention of becoming a ski bum. 

Who needs to work anyway.

Hopefully my sister got some great shots! 

I'm exhausted and my kids are talking entirely too much tonight.  I don't think that they have come up for air.

Now to figure out what is going to happen tomorrow!