Friday, May 16, 2008

Frantic Friday?

This morning I had a massage scheduled. I was tempted to call a friend and let her have it since I didn't feel like going. But, since she has been sick off and on, I wasn't sure she could use it so I went. Boy was I glad I did. I didn't really want to lie down for an hour and a half, but it was well worth it.

I came home, relaxed, talked to Gunner, then decided to make this for my lunch and dinner.

Best laid plans of mice and men. The school called and Abs had a fever. Turns out she has an ear infection and her throat was red, and it could have meant strep, but since they were treating the ear infection, the strep test didn't make much sense. So then I called the after school program, they said they would take Em, so I called the school and had a message passed on. Abs and I went to the doctor, then to Sam's to get her prescription filled. I needed toilet paper, but as usual came out with a whole lot of other "needs" too. Never fails.

I am home for a bit so I can finish cooking my lunch/dinner, then get the kids. Pizza Party at Girl Scouts tonight, but Abs will stay home with me.

My hope is that since Junior is on antibiotics for his ear and they just ended last night, that he will be okay. Em is on antibiotics for a UTI. I don't have time to be sick, I have a meeting on Monday and need to take a dessert and a salad. I sure hope they like store bought!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Things to Remember you by...

At school for Mother's Day, Abs was told to write 10 facts about me down. I'm a pretty interesting person, so it shouldn't be too hard of a thing to do, right? She even got a 100 on the list.

1. Frizy hare
2. Frecls
3. Funny
4. Fun
5. Sweet
6. Nice
7. Silly
8. Werd
9. Crasy
10. Cooks

The first fact is the fact that I have frizzy hair??? I inherited my dad's super curly hair. Can I help it if it rains a lot? And to make that be #1???? I've got so much crap in my hair to help tame the fro. I guess I need to pull out the big guns and look for something better.

I have no freckles.

All the rest apply, but I don't think I am THAT weird.

I asked Abs about the list and she told me that it was things to remember me by in case I die. Maybe I need to help with another list.

Be Prepared

So after stuffing the girls in the linen closet last night (actually Trying, Abs probably would hang out in cabinets with your kids!), we finally got some sleep. This morning I went in to give Abs her medicine and get her moving. I couldn't figure out what she was doing in her bed because she looked enormous. This is what I found:

The girl had stuffed every single animal and fuffy she owned down her pajamas. She wanted to make sure in case of a tornado all her "important stuff" was safe. Em had even given her one of those flashing light toys that you can wear around your neck--I knew Em had it in her to be nicer to her sister!. The slippers were my dad's. Abs has grown attached to them, although she rarely wears them. She wore them last night so that my dad would keep her safe. I'm sure he will Abs, I am sure he will.....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thank goodness for small children...

So tonight we come home from swim lessons, eat dinner, and then I put Junior to bed. Then the sirens started going off several times. I went outside and discussed with my neighbors what we should be inside doing.

I went back inside, got Em out of the shower, cleaned out the linen closet and explained to the girls our plan. I put the girls in the linen closet and Em and I decided that there was enough room with her to put Junior there, since that would be the safest place for him. I planned to go to the front closet. The alarms went silent.

I left Junior asleep in his crib and then the girls wanted to sleep in the closet all night. I got them back in bed, and they are now fast asleep.

My mom is holed up in her bathroom. My sister has her laundry room filled with sleeping bags, candles and flashlights.

Why is it that I can't find our lantern, the wind up flashlight or any of the other flashlights when I need them? That's what I get for putting them somewhere "safe" after finding the kids with them--reading when they should have been sleeping!

55 weeks and counting

Tomorrow is trash day! One day I swear my life will be far more exciting than counting down how many more weeks I have of taking the trash out by myself.

It stormed last night...really stormed. I love a good Texas-sized thunderstorm, but it's more fun when Gunner is there so I will worry less. It was so windy and I was debating whether or not I needed to get out of bed and check for a tornado warning. I didn't hear the sirens, but I usually can't if I am inside. I started planning where I would stash the kids so we would be safe.

I contemplated the girls' bathroom (although Em says that she won't set foot in there because Abs uses it), but vetoed that idea because of the glass doors on the tub and it's an outside wall. Then I thought I would take everything out of the linen closet and put a kid on each shelf. Once the door was shut Junior wouldn't be able to fall out. It's on the inside hallway, so they would be safe, but I wouldn't fit. There's the front hall closet, but by the time I would unload it, we would have been whisked away to Oz. Not to mention that it would probably require Em to be near Abs and possibly touch her. I think I will stick them in the linen closet next time. Thankfully there were no tornadoes near us and I eventually fell asleep.

I guess the big news is that I was accepted into the teaching program that I wanted. They have such a long drawn out process, that I started to doubt myself. I registered for classes and now have to secure employment ASAP. I've started working on my resume, so all those people that offered to help, I will be taking you up on it! Just keep in mind the number of times we've moved before you see my sporadic work history. I can say that I have had interesting employment--from working at the Consulate, doing tours in Germany with the State Department (free trip so I could count people getting on and off the bus), international trade and development, buyer, mom/maid/cook/chauffeur to three cute kids. The list goes on....

Two weeks and two days left of swim lessons....they are doing such a great job that I am thinking of continuing to make the drive 4 times a week. Insane I tell you.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pampered Chef

I want to order a new baker (the round one but I think I want a square one now) since I broke mine--that's what I get for cramming it in there while I was in a rush. I'd love to support a military spouse, so email me and let me know how I can get the best deal! Thanks!

For Gunner

Yes, I know, he needs a serious haircut! His cowlick is out of control Maybe the girls will cooperate and I'll post some pics of them later for you.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Pioneer Day & Mondays

This past Saturday we went to a Pioneer Day in Round Rock.

The story is here along with cute pics of the kids.

I went to the eye doctor today and I have old, tired eyes. They dilated them, and then I had to attend a meeting. Thank goodness for the GPS since I couldn't read one sign! I also lost my sunglasses, so I looked uber cool in the paper ones they hand out.

Three more weeks of swimming lessons till I get a break. The girls have made great progress though, and Junior is amused to sit underneath the lifeguard stand and smile at all the pretty girls.

Em got into the horse session of Girl Scout camp this summer. She's really excited, and I just hope it's a good experience. I remember going for two weeks and it was $240. Now I pay $250 for 6 days!

I got a message from my inlaws the other day and they invited us to their neighborhoods pig roast on the 24th. I'll be sure to take pictures if we go.

Our first Memorial Service is on Thursday for my husband's CO, and the CO's driver. No words.

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom kept Em and Abs Saturday night. Junior was a dream and slept through the night--a relatively new trick.

I had lunch with my mom and she gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Junior gave me a slice of cake, a flower and a card with a poem and his handprints. Em made me flowers and a homemade pop-up card! Abs designed a card and included seeds so I could plant my own flowers. Gunner even joined in the festivities and sent a gift basket! Amanda & Jessica--thank you for the wonderful voicemails you left, they couldn't have come at a better time! Thanks so much for believing in me!
Flowers by Emily...yeah I forgot to flip them.

And then Gunner called. A perfect end...

I am fortunate to have three wonderful children and a husband that loves me, and friends that take the time out of their day to think of me. Thank you everyone!