Friday, January 4, 2008

Field Time

In Germany, Gunner would go to the field all the time. At Fort Lewis, he went about twice a year and it was for about 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer. At Hood, he has been deployed most of the time. He did leave today to go out to the field so they can play war. He wanted to be a bad guy so he didn't have to shave--he hates to shave. Shoot, he only has to shave his face, not his legs or his armpits. He's getting off easy without having to get a bikini wax or his eyebrows done.

But it's cold. Having him go to the field is just another reminder of what is around the corner for us. Em told me the other day that when he goes to Iraq she will miss him, but she is getting used to him being gone. How sad is that. She will be getting ready to go into Junior High when he returns and she is only in 4th grade now.

When he deploys, I do tell him about all the milestones they reach, funny stories about the kids and he talks to them when he is able to call. There are still so many things that he misses out on. When he came home last time, he carried Junior in and the girls were right by his side. It brought tears to my eyes when he asked the girls if he could sit up....he didn't know his own son. He told me once while he was gone that he loved him even though he didn't know him. How heartbreaking is that? Gunner has more than made up for the missed time when he returns, but the thought of having him miss out words to describe it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Today I worked and left Gunner in charge of all three kiddos. I came home and Junior was still in his pajamas, Abs was wearing black and white checked pants with an orange shirt and Em, ever the fashion diva, was color coordinated down to the hoodie that she has to be wearing at all times (Thanks Uncle David!). He got some things accomplished, but his mom also had to make two trips over to help him out. The guy cracks me up--he can go to war, but three little kids are overwhelming!

After two weeks off of work I had a lot to catch up on. I finally got it all done and then my mom and I met my sister and her boys for mexican food at our favorite restaurant. Enchilada Wednesday! After missing a week of our mexican fix, the food was exceptionally good today.

Then we ran by a few stores to pick up a few things that we needed. My mom needed medicine from walmart and ummmmm.......I think that was it. After 6 hours (and three stores) we ended up with this (minus the bag in my hand and the two bags in the backseat). The time we spent together collecting crap we didn't need was priceless!

At least we didn't stock up on wrapping paper this year! I better get busy using all these things I bought though...

Wordless Wednesday

Our Christmas card this year.
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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I usually buy the girls shoes online at I will go to the store to get their feet sized and then use ebates and deals to get the shoes down to a reasonable cost....until Em's feet grew. My daughter is only 10, but can no longer wear a children's size as she needs a 7.5. I don't think my feet were that big till college!!!!

The girls were nestled into bed...not sleeping....and I started to peruse the website looking for the perfect shoes. Since they were awake I thought I would allow them to choose the color of the shoes. Big mistake. Abs insisted that they have no pink on them at all. Try finding a size 1.5 girl shoe that has no pink and is not entirely white. It can't be too much blue or it is a "boy's shoe". Then she decided she wanted red, white and blue. I had to pull her out of bed so that we could look at several styles till we found one that we both agreed on--purple and white.

Then Em needed to have her input as well, so she came running out of bed for her turn. She was insistent that she wanted gold shoes. Gold???? Is her middle name Michael Johnson? Then there was the added problem that I was not going to pay a hundred dollars for a pair of tennis shoes for a 10 year old. I told her gold shoes were out since they would clash with her school uniform and no shoes over $75 (which is still absolutely ridiculous if you ask me, but I still hear my dad's voice telling me that you don't skimp on shoes!). We finally found something that we both agreed on and was under budget.

Whew...thank goodness for the internet so that we didn't have to go through all of this in the stores and could take care of it at home and set the search parameters! I wonder how long I can keep on doing this!

Happy New Year!

I cooked ham, black eyed peas and collards today. My sister brought her baked mac & cheese, my mom brought cornbread and the inlaws showed up with wine, german potato salad and german cookies. I'm bound to have good luck this year!

We still had Christmas presents to open, so we got that out of the way before we celebrated the new year. It doesn't take much to make my kids happy!

If you checkout my mom's blog you will see a pic of Gunner's brother and niece who just returned home from Iraq. Very touching photos.

After two weeks off I am back to work tomorrow. My boss is such a slaver driver! (See you tomorrow mom! tap tap tap)

We had a new year's eve dinner last night with the inlaws and feasted on german food.

School starts in 13 days, so I guess I better get busy and start reading all the stuff that I need to get done. I wanted to put Junior in daycare on Thursday but because he turned 18 months on the 26th of December and I haven't gotten him his shots, they won't take him. They didn't even have any appointments till the 10th of January. I have a meeting on Monday, so my MIL is coming to save the day. Since Gunner will be in the field soon, my mom and MIL have to help with the babysitting of all these children on the nights/Saturdays that I have school. I do realize how fortunate I am to have the help and assistance of both of them. Thank goodness this session is just 6 weeks or so.

Gunner got me an ipod for our anniversary and I have been downloading podcasts like crazy so I can listen to them when I hit the gym. Thursday I will start going mom and I had good intentions over Christmas at the hotel gym, but instead we dragged our workout gear up there and it took up space in the luggage for nothing. Next time for sure!!!

I've already started shopping for Christmas next year.

Abs has a birthday in March and I think I have most of what I want to give her ready. I am searching for a dinosaur alarm clock that roars though, that is shaped like a dinosaur. I am starting to think that they don't make them. I thought I saw one before.....

May your 2008 be bright, happy, hopeful and prosperous in every way imagineable. Remember the Soldiers/Airmen/Marines/Sailors deployed throughout the world at the time. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

The trip home

We finally made it home. We left Joplin after breakfast and hit the turnpike. We stopped and got gas, and then about every 45-60 minutes after that we had to stop for Em to go to the bathroom. I told my mom that she must be drinking in the car ( I rode with my mom on the way back)--which we don't allow. I checked later and found an empty sprite bottle. I asked Gunner if he knew that she had one and he said yes, but she was not drinking it in the car. It was empty.

One of the MANY bathroom stops that we made was at a McDonald's where we all tossed back a cheeseburger and were back on the road. Junior slept through it poor kid.

In Oklahoma we stopped at a gas station that had a casino attached to it. We pottied and then since I didn't have my purse, I asked my husband for some money to try my luck. So while my husband stood outside the gas station feeding the children chocolate chip cookies my mom and I ducked in the casino. I tripled my money! My mom lost. I walked out and my husband asked me if I lost it all and I handed him back $6. Yeah, we aren't big gamblers, I started with $2.

We finally hit Texas and got within 30 minutes of home, so we pulled over so Em could potty....again....and Abs and I switched back to our car so my mom could head on home in peace and quiet. (Miss us yet mom?) Junior had pooped and spilled water all over himself when he opened his sippy cup, so I took him inside to change him. I always change Junior in the car or before I leave home or in the stroller. I'm not a big fan of public bathrooms or changing tables, especially in gas stations, but he was a mess and the car was packed. I put him on the changing table and he freaked out! I quickly changed his diaper and couldn't even attempt to change his clothes, so I took him outside to change him standing up. It was so strange for him to throw such a fit like that, that I mentioned it to Gunner. He told me that Junior doesn't like changing tables and he always does that. I laughed and laughed--not that he was scared, but that I had not had to change him while out in public the entire trip till the end, so I didn't even know this.

Okay Gunner, I think you have paid your dues, you win "Father of the Year" but I still hold the longest running title to "Employee of the Month!".