Friday, February 8, 2008

An Open letter to the lady who sighs too much...

I heard you today.

I heard the first sigh, the second sigh, the third sigh, the 10,000th sigh.

We were stuck in a medium sized waiting room. Our doctor was running late. The same doctor that your husband was seeing. Because my daughter had this appointment, my son had to miss his nap and only caught a short 30 minute one on the drive over. He was tired. My daughter did not sleep last night and was tired. I was tired.

There was enough room for my daughter to push my son in the stroller around in a square pattern. It wasn't hurting anyone. I could have let them sit in the chair next to you and scream instead. Trust me, I was tempted.

Each time as they passed you (remember you chose to sit next to me out of all the seats that were vacant), my son would say "Beep, "Beep". You would sigh. The next time you would sigh louder. I was glad to hear him repeating words since he hadn't said much before the last two weeks. Abs would say "Hi Mommy!" and that would also cause you to sigh. I know she can be kind of loud, and I did remind her each time to use her inside voice. I bet you didn't know that when she was born she didn't respond to any sounds at all. We took her to the pediatrician and they got no response. We had extensive tests run on her ears and brain to finally learn that she was okay. I'm glad she can talk. (Well most days)

When we sang twinkle twinkle 3 dozen times, including hand motions, your sighs could have at least kept time with the beat of the music. It's my son's favorite song and before my husband leaves for 15 months I plan on taping him singing that song with his son. It will be a memory for both of them.

When I brought out the snack of Scooby Doo graham crackers in the shapes of bones, I thought your "sigher" was going to overload and break. No such luck. Yes, my daughter did give a little bark each time she put a bone into her mouth. Yes, my son copied her. They are lucky that they have a sibling with which to go through life. Not to mention they could have been screaming if I had forgotten to take a snack.

When Junior threw his binky down on the floor and it landed near your feet you really started sighing again. That binky was a lifesaver for me when my husband was gone and my son had colic and would scream. It would help calm him down. That binky is my best friend.

So my kids talked, they sang, they played, they ate and they tried to determine if the lady sitting on the other end was a lunch lady at Ab's school. They were children. They were pretty well behaved. I wasn't a horrible mother.

You were only next to us for about 30 minutes. Next time move or keep your sighs to yourself.

No Bodystep

I was pumped and ready to hit the gym this morning for Body Step. I misread the calendar and it is tomorrow while I am in class. So I ran.

I am sure that me running is not a pretty sight, so I hang out in the cinema where it is dark and no one can see me. The only drawback is that I can't watch the news. I actually started running years ago after Abbie was born because of the news. I was trying to lose the weight from being pregnant and I would hit the gym after the kids were in bed. I started walking and watching the news. But I kept getting mad at the tv. I didn't feel like making a scene and yelling about how idiotic people were, so I just kept increasing my speed....and increasing....and increasing. I am still not a very fast runner, but I do love the way I feel after I am done.

I thought about the whole political system and how everything works. There is no doubt I will support the Republican nomination. I remember when I was in junior high and high school there was a girl named Amy Anderson and she was going to run for President in 2008. She'd probably be too liberal for my tastes as well.

Junior has discovered Little People so I am able to sneak a shower in now while he is awake. Thankfully with my curly hair I don't have to worry about styling....

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I wonder if she found one

We have a for sale list in the local area.

This was posted today.

Looking to buy a tame ferret and cage for my hubby!!! I have lil ones so i am
looking for one that is tame around kids....if u have one u are looking to sale
please email me pics and price and info about the ferret thanks

I died laughing when I read it and since the girls were up I asked Em to look it over. She read it, looked at me and said "Why would she buy a cage for her husband?".

Don't even get me started on the way they used the word "sale".

No, oh no

Woe is me.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

I wish I remembered the park where this was taken. My parents came over to visit while we were stationed in Germany and Em was about 7 months old. In our little hooptie we sped all over the autobahns taking in the sites. This was a park in Salzburg that we came across, probably after eating since our family seems to plan our trips around meals!

Em fit so nicely in the basket, we couldn't help but plop her in. I wonder if it would contain Junior for 15 seconds?
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Monday, February 4, 2008


Today I was a reading teacher. I loved it. Tomorrow it is first grade...wish my luck, lol. I am hoping since it is the 100th day of school that there will be plenty to keep them busy.

Em saw the ortho doctor today and she has to stay in her boot for the next month, on crutches for a while, and then she can walk more on it with very little pressure. I sure hope this heals and is not a problem for her big trip this summer with my mom!

Gunner took Em to the doctor and he said that the doctor was a jerk! He was really nice to Em and to him, but to his staff he was yelling and barking orders. One of the nurses came in and said "I hate mondays." The doctor told her to get a job at the hospital (he's in the clinics). Sad to think that people put up with this or have to. I had a horrible boss once and it made life miserable. Not to be confused with the great boss I have now. Hi Mom!

I went to body pump and body step tonight. I might not be able to move tomorrow. Maybe the class can count the 100 bones that creak when I try to move about the classroom.