Saturday, October 20, 2007

Coffee & Saturday

I went to a coffee yesterday afternoon with some ladies that I know. I have never really had coffee except for a frappacino from Starbuck's, which according to my husband is just a milkshake. (love their pumpkin ones though!) I had a cup yesterday since I didn't want to be rude and I loved it! So while sitting here this morning and waiting on my German breakfast to be delivered, my husband (who has been known to put instant coffee in his mouth and drink cold water because we didn't have any coffee while on the road) brought me a huge cup of coffee fixed just how I discovered I like it.

The girls have soccer this morning and then we are headed to GT to have a cookout for my nephews' birthdays and pick pecans. I still need to get presents for them. Boys are so hard to buy for!

I want to go to the pumpkin patch next week, something we used to do in WA all the time. I told my husband that it was about an hour and a half away from here and he voted that we go to Walmart instead. Doesn't he understand we are going for the pictures???? I won and if everything goes as planned we will squeeze it in next weekend.

German Breakfast

When we were stationed in Germany, my mom and dad flew out to spend a few weeks with us in May 1998. Em was about 7 months old at the time and a big, chubby perfect little girl. We lived in Butzbach which was north of Frankfurt and a rather small town. Every morning my parents would load Em up on my dad's back and they would walk downtown and pick up a German breakfast for us to enjoy. They became such regular customers during their visit that when we went on a trip to Austria, the bakery owners told my parents to come around back before we left in order to pick up our morning order. (I do have pictures!)

My in laws used to live in California and they have a huge German store out there with a bakery, deli and restaurant. One of the things that DH's family does is go to German restaurants anytime we go somewhere. (There was a great one we went to in DC with his brother and his wife complete with a woman in a dirndl singing to us while playing her accordion) Anyway, when we would travel out to CA we would go to the German store and get brotchen, ham and bierschinken and some German butter and sit outside and have a picnic.

Now that my in laws live in town, they go to the local German bakery/deli and pick us up breakfast every Saturday morning. They deliver pastries, brotchen, lunch meat, cookies, bread and usually some German crackers or the like for Junior to enjoy. Recently DH told his mom that our waistlines couldn't take much more of eating all this good food on Saturdays. She understood and agreed not to bring any temptations over. Today was to be the first Saturday without our German breakfast.....until my husband called them. We put in our request since they were luckily still on their way out to the bakery. Maybe next Saturday we will be able to be strong and eat plain old cereal....

Friday, October 19, 2007

Three more weeks

And I will be hiking the trails on Oahu, kayaking, snorkeling, going parasailing and drinking something with a little umbrella sticking out the top. DH and I aren't much to lie on the beach and be bored and goodness knows I don't want to literally hang out of a bathing suit, so we will slather on the sunscreen and stay busy! He always says he needs a vacation after a vacation with me.

Okay, so I did make us get up one morning in NYC at 4:30, but that was only so we could get started and it was usually around 6 after that day. Besides, I was the one who was pregnant during that trip and if I had the energy then he should too!

I better start my list making today and get started on the flow chart, maps and everything else my mom needs to manage this crew for those 10 days. I'm sure there will be plenty to keep her busy....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

All is well

Abs is back in fighting form. Thanks for all the well wishes and the emails.

I am hitting the gym tomorrow, no excuses. My feet still hurt, my knees still creak, but I have to get back in there to lower my stress level. Maybe I should do core pilates instead of run....

I made the front page...

I really need to get a life.

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Then you will see my family on the second button on the top I think. (The hot soldier with the three cute kids next to him) Click on that too.

That's all...not too exciting, but I appreciate it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nothing says I love you like a clean toilet...

Abs is sick.

The school called after I was already a half hour away at work. I didn't hear my cell so they called my MIL who dropped everything and ran to get her. She called FIL who then got a hold of DH who was headed to the field for the day and couldn't get away. DH got a hold of me, I left to go get Abs with Junior in tow. Got to MIL's house and apparently Abs had thrown up in her car. Poor kiddo. Of course MIL was not bothered by that (maybe 6 puppies prepared her for that?). I have to admit, my MIL would do almost anything for us and I really appreciate that.

I don't do well with sick kids. We came home and got Junior squared away with a bottle and put Abs in the shower. She was cleaned up, put in pj's and into bed with a glass of water and a barf bucket. She's asleep now, which is how I know she is really sick. Usually Abs will urp once if she has strep, but she rarely throws up more than that. She doesn't even sleep at night, so for her to take a nap during the day definitely means she is under the weather.

Luckily we are close to school so we called and Em is walking home and we have nothing else planned for the rest of the day.

I have scrubbed the toilets, washed the towels and blankets to make sure we had plenty, chicken soup is on the stove and DH who ended up not having to go to the field for the day is coming home with sprite during his lunch.

Maybe we can make it through this. I'm just glad DH is here and I don't have to do it alone.

Update: It's after 5 and Abs is still sick. Poor kiddo. My usually bouncing off the walls strong willed child has been lying in bed all day with no complaints and taken two naps. I've put us all on the sick diet just in case. Em hates it when I do this!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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After almost 5 years of living on post I remember why I didn't let the girls play with the other kids for the first 4.

There is a new family that moved in next door and the lady is a single mom with three kids by three different fathers. Her deadbeat brother lives with her and is a drunk and spends all his money at the bars and this is just what the kids told me!

Anyway, Em and Abs got in a fight with the middle kid over there about something--typical kid stuff. What came out of Tiana's mouth thought was not typical by any means and could only be learned at home. She told Em and Abs that they were stupid because they were white. She went on to make more comments but all of them ended up with her referring back to their skin color. I was livid. If my kids had said anything like that to her kids, I am sure that everyone would be up in arms. Em was devestated about it since she is not like that at all, and Abs was mad.

Yesterday I heard yelling and went outside and Tiana was throwing rocks at my kids (not the first time) and I guess it was too much for Em and Abs and they threw a rock back. Of course I immediately sent them inside and they were in trouble. I went over to Tiana's mom's house and realized after about 20 seconds that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The lady is totally ignorant. She basically said that my girls got what they deserved and what her daughter says is true about them being white and stupid. The neighbor across the street came over to tell me that he saw the girls throw a rock at her daughter and I told him I saw it too and they were going to be punished for it, but that they were attacked first by this little brat. He of course said that she was just a kid (same age as Abs) and she wasn't at fault for that reason even though he did see that little brat throw rocks several times at my kids.

I am still pissed. The girls are grounded for now but they won't be playing outside again unless we are away from this place. I am so ready to move away from this hell hole.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Strollers & Puppies

When we were stationed in Germany, we bought a really nice umbrella type stroller. Now 10 years later it has cratered and doesn't steer very well. I have spent the last several weeks reviewing strollers, searching the internet for the best deals and finally today made a decision about what to get. Hopefully it will serve it's purpose and now I can stop cornering moms outside of the schools to find out their opinions on their stroller--which they all loved to give!

Before the internet I would have gone to the store, tried out a couple and then made a quick decision. Now with the abundance of information I spend weeks even months trying to choose something. It took me over a year to pick a car.

On the puppy front, my inlaws have decided that they are going to keep 4 of the 6 puppies and their neighbors are going to take two. Looks like we won't be visiting them anytime soon! I am not a huge dog person, much less to go into a house that has 6 of them. These puppies are going to grow into big dogs and their house is only 1800 square feet. Perfect for a family of two and 2 dogs, but 6? They are already talking about having to replace the carpet and everything that the dogs have already ruined. My MIL mentioned possibly building an air conditioned dog run in the adjoining lot that they own. My FIL mentioned that they might open a dog rescue. I save coupons and donate old towels and pillows to the cause right now.

Wonder how many legs of lamb they will have to cook up each week to keep all those dogs in style?