Thursday, January 8, 2009

More random thoughts from me!

--Em got invited to go to the movies for a friend's birthday--she told me it was next weekend. The mom called today and it is this weekend, so I am frantically trying to rearrange plans since I have class. We have it worked out--I think, and everyone is happy.

--Went to the dinner with the outlaws tonight, always an adventure.

--The clinic where Abs has PT called today and they had a lot of cancellations and told me I could take Abs in early if I wanted. Sounded good to me. I rushed around, went to my meeting, dropped off one kid, picked up another, drove here, drove there, and managed to arrive 5 minutes earlier than usual. I tried. The therapist tries to do things that not only strengthen Abs, but also tire her out. I hope it worked tonight. (Update: It did not work, the kid was up from 2 am on. I took her lightbulbs away, and she played quietly in the dark till about 5:30 when she started in on the opera singing)

--I'm starting to get new car fever. It's not going to happen for a long time though. It took me two years to pick out the highlander. Maybe in another 10 years.

--For some reason I always get a hole in the part of my right sock, by my big toe. Maybe I secretly have a vicious toenail?

--Ab's physical therapist recommended that she get into karate or tae kwon do. She said that is the best exercise to maintain Ab's development of her gross motor skills, and continue strengthening her core muscles which is the problem. Probably not a bad thing to do for her, so I will check into it...when Gunner is home.

--If I could wear jeans to work every day, life would be good.

--I didn't hit the gym today and I missed it--Would love a good run right about now.

--My sister and I had a cat when we were little and we named it Piffles. How in the heck did we come up with that? It had 4 kittens that we named Miss Piggy, Wobbly (she was never the same after the accident), Nibbles and Tiger. My mom kept putting them in a plastic Girl Scout cup trying to take a picture for the Girl Scout calendar. This was before digital cameras so I think we have about 3 rolls of these kittens and a cup.

--When I was little, my parents had cattle. My sister named the bull, Horny. She also had fish named Salt and Pepper that she accidentally boiled to death in warm water.

--I was a swimmer in high school.

--I went to a Michael Jackson concert on his "Bad Tour". I still like his old stuff.

--I saw the B-52's in concert and I still like them.

--I was on the sailing team in college and it is how I met one of my best friends, Dave. We haven't seen each other in about 5 years, but we still talk almost every day. We lived together shortly before I married Gunner and he was actually one of Gunner's groomsmen.

Most of these I wrote last night and got sidetracked and never posted it. I thought I lost it when Abs was on my computer at 2, trying to play Wedding Dash-2, my latest addiction. I'm sure you are relieved to know that it wasn't lost!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I waited 45 minutes tonight to get into the daycare at the gym. Finally got a spot for my plethora of children, and I hit the treadmill. I was about 25 minutes into my run, when my trainer came over to tell me that I was needed in the daycare.

On the bright side, Abs did not flood anything, but instead Junior bit somebody. So we got kicked out of the daycare for the rest of the evening. I hope he doesn't do this when I have a training session, or I am out big bucks!

Ab's PT & OT got canceled on Tuesday so we spent the evening at the gym and I went back to spinning. The lady was really nice, but not the best class I have been to. Gunner and I used to go all the time to spinning and then ride on Saturday. Oh the plans I have when he gets home! That's assuming that HIS son will behave himself.

Life is busy with all of us back at school. I have class this weekend and I am sure I'll get piled high with papers and everything else. I haven't even bought my books or picked up my parking permit, but I've got two days still, what's the rush!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Today's the day they give babies away
With half a pound of tea
If you know any ladies
That want any babies
Then send them over to me.

We are currently out of babies, so I am subbing a 7 year old girl. She does not sleep and will wander your house at all hours of the night. She will keep you on your toes at all times.

Any takers?

I think I slept all of 2 hours last night if I was lucky. So glad that I have to be at work today, I am sure I will be a barrel of laughs.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I took Junior to the grocery store today. First, why does eating healthy have to cost so much? And I thought 4 oz of cheese would be a little slice, not a huge amount. Good for my tummy, not good for my bank account. Cheese is expensive.

Usually Junior will stay in one of the carts for the entire trip, but not today. He managed to escape and step all over the food. Then he wanted out, and proceeded to fill up my cart with cans of tuna. I got that straightened out and he decided it was time to "skateboard" down the aisles which means he scoots sideways yelling out "I'm skateboard, watch out people!". I convinced him to help me push the cart, and while I was looking for the perfect yogurt for my meal plan, he ran it into a display of CD's and ran it over. So we picked up that and moved on to the frozen food section.

I thought he wasn't tall enough to open the freezer doors, but he was. He then tried to put himself in the freezer, but wanted to have his coat and hat on. Got him out of the freezer and then we continued to the front of the store. Damn HEB for putting a HUGE toy section in. After I dragged him away from the toys, he "helped" me unload the groceries so that I could pay for them. With that completed he wanted to help the sacker load up the groceries into the cart. That got boring so he took his buddy buck and wanted to spend it. When the machine ate his buddy buck, he was back to "helping" everyone within a 6 foot radius. He told everyone his name and was getting to know the general population of Killeen. The sacker was great and told me that I would either need his help or a few extra hands that he couldn't offer today.

He gave Junior a balloon with a lollipop attached and we were headed out. Why anyone thinks it is a good idea to hand out balloons I am still not sure. We managed to make it out to the car in the cold and wind and not lose it thankfully.

Groceries are put away, we are relaxing in front of the tv before we go to the gym at 1, and then my friend Abbey sent me this link. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise? Still not holding my breath.

And for some random thoughts:

--Remind me not to put pants that snap up the crotch on my son. He unsnaps them all and wants to wear a "skirt".

--My mom kept the girls last night so I had an evening and a day of no fighting! I wouldn't get this at Carson.

--School is back in session tomorrow and no matter how much I prepare, I am never ready.

--Yesterday in the car, Abs was giving Em a hard time. Em of course knows everything and corrected Abs. Abs response was "Don't you know sarcasm when you hear it Em?". I wonder what Abs will be like when she is 8.

--I want to see Mamma Mia the movie. I wanted to see it on Broadway when we were in NYC, but that wasn't one of the $3 tickets for the military!

--The economy is affecting many of my friends, and one just found out last night that he is out of work as of this week. Not a good thing since he just relocated for the job. Makes me glad that Gunner and I both have job security.

--I never got my car in to get serviced over the break, so I guess I will try out their pick up and delivery service while I am at school one day.

--Every muscle in my body hurts. I need a nap. I am headed to the gym as soon as the daycare opens.

--Junior isn't a Junior, but it is what my friend called him when I was pregnant. We didn't find out the sex and it drove her nuts. I was shocked that we had a boy.

--I'm kind of excited about giving the outlaws the present I got them. When it gets delivered I'll post pictures, I hope it turns out like I expect.

--I'm tired of changing diapers, I don't know how people have a litter of kids.

--When I was in college, the first color printers that were affordable came out. My dad brought me one and I used it to create a spreadsheet of my income vs. expenses. He laughed and laughed and gave me an increase in my allowance. Not exactly what he had in mind, but it worked.

--I've never seen the move "It's a Wonderful Life". Maybe next Christmas?

--I used to think that crocs were ugly and I would never wear a pair. Now I live in them, and they are great since I am on my feet all day at school chasing children. Never say never.

--Em wears a size 8 in women's shoes. I need to get her a larger size and it drives me nuts that I have to shell out adult prices for shoes for an 11 year old. Good thing I like her!

--I once worked for Golden Corral for 3 1/2 days. It was awful and my only experience with working in a restaurant--hopefully my last.

--I always wanted 4 kids. What was I thinking? Three is definitely my limit. Abs is the equivalent of 5 children.

Off to the gym....