Monday, September 12, 2011

Coming Up for a Breath

One of the hard things about starting a new job is that you have a learning curve.  Every school is different.  Every grade is different.  Every child is different.  I spend 6 days a week at school, and sometimes over 12 hours a day.  It's starting to wear me down, so I am trying to be more productive with my time and crank out my work quickly.  I haven't been as regular at crossfit as I would like, but I am determined to make a priority.  Crossfit=happy mom=happy kids

We are loving the pool at our new house, and after the kids are tucked into bed, Gunner and I are enjoying the hot tub.

Now if I could just find more time at home, then maybe we would finally get unpacked!

So far my beloved son has spent less than a week at school full time.

We've been in school for just over 3 weeks now.  The 5 days he spent in school, was probably spent in ISS. Yes, my son, was the one who was suspended on the first day of school......for sliding out of his seat at lunch and barking like a dog.  I didn't know that was a crime, but you could imagine that it only got worse from there.

I won't get into details, but it's been a stressful situation.

Abs is actually doing really well this year, and Em is hanging in there.  They both miss their school in Colorado.  I miss Colorado.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything happens for a reason.  That's my new battle cry.

My leg is still in the healing process.  It got infected and I was put on a super high dose of antibiotics.  I had to stay on them for 24 hours and then they went in, re-opened the wound, cleaned it out, and sewed it back up. Eventually it stopped swelling up to massive sizes, and I was able to walk on it....and most importantly work out with again.

So we are getting settled in, I will come up for a breath every once in a while, and I think making crossfit a priority will help some.  Maybe some wine too.  That helps right?

If anyone has a great decision on how to make my life easier, please let me know!

In the meantime, here's a shot from some mini spring rolls that I had when I went out with my friend Abbey.....

Really, these things were almost as big around as a coke can.  Mini spring rolls?

Oh, and bedtime is a battle with Junior.  What's up with that?