Saturday, January 31, 2009

My song...

On the 325th day of deployment my true love left me with....

Two girls that got into a fight and the resulting victim was my digital camera that went flying across the room.

And I found it while I was cleaning because they hid it in the couch in the hopes that I wouldn't use it between now and their graduation from college? It wasn't my rebel, but still. Their solution? Buy a new one. With your money kiddos! They are both banned to their rooms right now.

I am in the process of resetting our cable box since it isn't working. It better start soon cause I can't go without my cable tv in the evening. Sure there are millions of things I could do then, but I need down time.

Junior took a nap and so did I. I went back to check on the girls and found Em asleep. She is approaching being a teenager with full force.

Last night I went to tuck Abs in (who still is not allowed any lightbulbs) and she was chewing like she had a cud or something. I asked her what it was and she finally admitted that some gum just popped into her mouth. I asked her where she got it from and she "just found it in her bed". Luckily I got to her and the gum before she went to sleep with it in her mouth and woke up to a HUGE mess!

And on a sad, sad, sad note.....I have fed the kids fast food three days in a row. On the bright side it has been different places--Sonic, Wendy's and McDonald's. I HAVE to cook/microwave tonight.


That's the extent of the excitement in my life these days. We keep plugging away at school and the gym, although I am not hitting the gym as much as I would like.

I have given up diet coke and monsters.

I don't eat ice cream anymore cause it's not on my meal plan. I probably won't even crave it till Gunner comes back--that boy loves his ice cream. Blue Bell of course.

Junior is still sick and waking up all night. I can't wait till I can tap Gunner and tell him that his son is crying.

I was going to work this morning and then go to the gym this afternoon, but daycare closes at 1. Maybe I will try the gym in our housing area.

German breakfast was delivered. Abs is in the shower, and now I just have to motivate this crew to get dressed and on the road. Never an easy feat.

I'm going to be productive today....I'm going to be productive today.....I'm going to be productive today if it kills me! I really just want to climb back in bed and sleep a few more hours, wake up to a clean house, and well-behaved children. Oh and a husband in ACU's named Gunner!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Day...

My MIL got Junior to the doctor and he has pneumonia. Poor little guy. She was scared to give him anything, so he ran a fever all day. She did keep him well hydrated so that's good, and I do understand the medicine thing.

She kept him at her house all day and he was spoiled. On the way to her house he fell asleep and she didn't want to wake him so they sat in the car with it running until he woke up. Then the boy wanted to color, so she gave him some markers and took him into her bedroom so he could color while sitting on her bed. What's a boy to do? He colored her bed, himself, and his Oma. I guess she didn't want to stifle his creativity?

Em and I made it to school in just the nick of time. They had prepared my room for me, so I was ready to go. I told them I should be late every day.

I got weighed and measured at the gym today and my body fat didn't change at all. I was not happy. So running and everything isn't making a difference? I lost two pounds of muscle, and one pound of fat. I don't know what is going on with my body, and I even gave up monsters and diet coke all of which I was hopelessly addicted to. I'll keep plugging along though! I'm on a mission.

Tonight is trash night! One more week down.....

Ice ABW style

Junior woke up with a fever of 103.

School is open.

Roads are icy apparently.

I have no sub plans.

MIL is headed over.

Abs has an appointment at 7:30 this morning that will have to be canceled.

I will go to school. Abs will be dropped off at school. MIL will take Junior to the er. I think he has pneumonia.

Oh and I have pink eye. Woke up this morning with it, so I found some old medication from the kids and am treating it. Yeah I know, don't use other people's medications.

Time to quit yet? (Of course that's probably what my MIL is saying--well that and wondering why they moved to the same town as us!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I present Ab's new haircut....

Junior as a pirate at Tucker's birthday party....he wouldn't sit still. The patch covered his black eye, but you can see the remnants of it in the middle picture.

Em wouldn't pose. Such a teenager.




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One more for the road...

We are fast approaching being down to trash days that I can count on one hand. Goodness knows I have enough to keep me busy, so days are flying by, but his homecoming date still seems so far away.

The ball is being held on a Wednesday. Isn't that odd?

My MIL wants to have tshirts airbrushed with my husband's picture for everyone to wear for his homecoming. Not happening. I have to be very careful how I say things because they become offended and won't talk to me for a while. Hmmmm....maybe there is some merit in complaining to them?

Microwave dinged, I better go get dinner!

Rant #584

Okay, so this will probably interest no one, but I have to write it.

I have Abs and Junior in daycare on post. Abbie goes to SAS at her school for both before and after school care. Junior has full day on post.

Because of the "winter weather"--I swear the people think we need to pull out the igloos and hibernate even though it will get up to 40+ tomorrow. There is supposed to be ice on the roads tonight though--POSSIBLY. We don't know for sure. The line barely crosses where we are.

So anyway, I go to daycare to get Junior and they inform me that daycare will not be open till 8:30 tomorrow morning, regardless of whether or not school is open. So if school is open and I need to be there by 7:00 then I have to find something for Junior and Abs.

It makes no sense. So what do all the other teachers do?

And Junior has a fever tonight. I am hoping it is a fluke. I'm pushing pedialyte, giving tylenol, and just plain hoping. I bet that going to the ER in the middle of the night with icy roads and three crabby children would be a fun and exciting adventure?

The new microwave

is in full swing. It cooked our dinner last night, our breakfast this morning and our dinner tonight. No wonder it was worn out.

We headed to the px bright and early, but it was closed till 11. I needed to hit the commissary too, so we headed over there. Halfway through Junior wants out of the buggy. Em assured me that she would hold his hand, and so I let him out. I continued walking down the aisle with Junior in between his sisters holding their hands.

That beautiful picture was short lived. By the time we rounded the corner, Junior wanted to have one hand free to touch everything within his reach. This meant that one sister was without his hand, which led to Abs crying and Em gloating.

"He loves me more"
"No, he loves me more"

on and on and on. They were so busy fighting that Junior started running, with no hands. I finally got everyone back on track and the commissary journey ended with me carrying a screaming baby and the girls unloading the cart and fighting over who go to take what out of the cart. "Just put it on the conveyor belt" became my battle cry. So we head home where I made all the kids unload the car. How nothing got broken, I still don't know.

We loaded back up and went to the px, because nothing can go smoothly! We hit the px and find a microwave. There was little selection, but I was in no mood to bargain shop with this crew, and goodness knows Abs has to eat and she can't without her microwave!

I had to buy a present for Tucker's birthday, so we perused the aisles of the px.

Got that taken care of and raced home so that we could eat lunch and go to Tucker's party. I thought it started at 1. We were an hour early. Left at the time it really started so I could drop the girls off and then raced back to the party. Pictures to follow!

Left the party to take the girls to Girl Scouts where I paid for cookies and picked up a few more some friends ordered. Then went back to the party, where Junior had a complete meltdown because I cut his cake in half. The screaming and screaming and screaming got to me, so we headed home where he cried himself to sleep for the 10 minutes we had at home. At that point, 10 minutes was a welcome reprieve from the noise.

Got the girls then fed them their microwaved dinner before heading out to take the girls to the local gymnastics studio for an hour of instruction to earn a badge for Girl Scouts. They had fun, and Junior ran around like a wild man. Abs was jumping off a vault into the pit, and before I could stop him, Junior went flying through the air behind her. I didn't know he could fly that high. Of course since he was so small he started to sink to the bottome of "the pit" and I suddenly remembered a story about a girl being smothered in the pit.

We rescued Junior from the pit, and we finally headed home. By this point, since we had dinner at 5, they were hungry again so we had to stop and eat again. Enter microwave stage right. Guess I really do use it for everything. Of course I don't do anything gourmet like The Mrs. such as chicken nuggets. Might have to add that to my repertoire.

It's Tuesday and I started these the other day....a million more things to blog about now, but they get their own entry. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh no!!!

We got up this morning and Junior wanted oatmeal, so Em said she would microwave him some. The microwave started making weird noises and wasn't heating up. Further inspection led me to decide that the microwave was broken.

The look of panic on my children's faces. The sick feeling in my stomach as I was thinking "now I have to cook?". Abs yelled out "What will we do, we have no way to eat now till Daddy comes home!".

Okay, I know I microwave a lot, but she thinks I CAN'T use the stove?

And to my defense, if I had made the oatmeal this morning I would have heated up water in the kettle on the stove. Much easier to cook more than one bowl at a time that way!

But of course, the first stop today on our list is the px for a new microwave.