Saturday, March 22, 2008


I love lysol in any form. I love the smell of it.

What I am particularly happy about today is that: Lysol will prevent you from having to freak out because your sister BREATHED on your door. Oh the drama of it all.

Junior was sick from 4-7 but seems to be fine now. I've put all activities on hold unfortunately. I'd hate to get all the way to Crawford and have someone get sick or worse I get sick and it turns into a HUGE mess. I even contemplated packing extra towels, barf buckets, wipes, clothes, etc., and going anyway. I really needed a change of scenery.

We went to dinner with the outlaws last night and it was uneventful and I didn't have to cook. I imagine that if what Junior has is contagious that my MIL will have it soon. Junior will take food out of his mouth and feed it to her. He thinks it is hysterical that she eats it. I find it gross and told her not too. She said she didn't mind, afterall he was her grandson. Ummm...yeah....but he's my son and you wouldn't catch me eating his chewed up food!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sick Diet Take 5,429.

It's 4 in the morning and Junior just barfed. He is clean and back in bed. Laundry is going.

Em was up to go to the bathroom twice. Abs was thirsty. Does anyone sleep in this house?

We were going to Crawford to the egg hunt, then tye dye easter eggs, then send the girls off to go to church with my mom in the morning.

Eating toast all weekend is much more fun I am sure.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Blogging for Peanuts

Just realized that I have been blogging for a year, yesterday.

I'm headed out on an adventure with Abs today and Erin and her family. Then biofeedback at 3. Never a dull moment.

When I woke up Abs this morning and reminded her that we were going on a big adventure, she told me "yeah, right!". That's the same thing she said last time too. This one should be more interesting for her, although I don't know how she can think that estate sales, etc aren't fun.

...I was dressed and ready to go and then spilled breakfast all down the front of my shirt. I can't even blame it on the kids this time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wrong Major

I should have been a Physical Therapist.

We waited a year for Abs to get into PT. Finally in December after being on the list at three clinics, we got into one. She loves it and has done really well, but still has a ways to go--gross motor skill delay. Last week the therapist told me that her contract was up so Abs would be without a therapist. She is back on the waiting list till they hire someone, till they find her a spot at the neighboring clinic or we move her somewhere else.

I asked her for some recommendations of what to do and got a two page print out with some ideas. We work on some things already at home, building her core muscles and increasing her strength and coordination. Now I will just have to do double duty.

I was talking to another woman in there who is an ER nurse but can't work because her daughter has a communication disorder and requires lots of appointments. She wasn't complaining, but she was also frustrated that her daughter's speech therapist quit and she was without someone to fill that void. Finally frustrated she found a school in Austin that specializes in communication disorders and was moving there a few weeks before her husband deployed so that she could have the resources available to her. It's very tempting. I just want Abs to get the help she needs in order to make sure that she doesn't get further behind. Once her gross motor skills catch up then we can focus on her fine motor skills, which means appointments with an OT. If we can find the meantime I'll just follow the list I was given and work with Abs every night and hopefully she won't get further behind while I scour the ends of the earth for a PT that accepts Tricare.

Plugging Along

The first time Gunner deployed to Iraq, the three of us were sick, Abbie ran into a car, I quit my hellatious job and I was getting ready to move. That was the first few days.

The second deployment I was pregnant and slept.

This third time....we are still plugging away. I just got home from my mom's where I worked, dropped of Em, picked up Abs and headed home. There is a possibility when Gunner gets back that we might PCS to Fort Carson. I LOVE to move! I'd love to live in Colorado! What I can't imagine doing is making it through a deployment without family close by.

I would never move home during a deployment because I don't think my mom could stand me for that long--something about "I've done my time!". Yeah, okay, I'll give her that.

I'm sure if faced with that situation we would manage, and I do have friends at Fort Carson that were stationed in Germany with us. (Hi Jessica!)

Abs is still hauling around the daddy doll with her. Junior flipped out trying to reach my computer when he saw a picture of his daddy on there. We made it through one trash day and it's already time to put the trash out again, so that's a good thing. One week at a time....

Monday, March 17, 2008

What should we do???

My mom was over for a visit today, it was nice.

Abs returned home with her and apparently talked the entire way home--about a 40 minute drive. I can only imagine what Abs noticed along the way and the ideas she noted. I'll pick her up on Wednesday when I work.

Tomorrow Junior has daycare, so that leaves all day for me to spend with Em!!! I'm sure cleaning is not at the top of her list of things to do. Maybe a movie? I'd say a pedicure but with my feet taped up by the foot doctor, I would look pretty ridiculous.


Happy Birthday!

After my dad passed away, my entire family did the LIVESTRONG challenge in Austin. While coming home from the event, Abs was riding with my mom and her Uncle G. This is what Uncle G told me happened.

Abs: We celebrate Lincoln's birthday and he's dead?

Uncle G: Yes

Abs: We celebrate George Washington's birthday and he's dead?

Uncle G: Right.

Abs: How come we can't celebrate Grandpa's birthday?
Uncle G: Why not? Of course we can!

So on March 17th, we get together and celebrate my dad's birthday. This year my mom is coming over and we will get some things done that we are working on and then grill fajitas.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hard Day

While I never imagined that we would be skipping through the daffodils today while holding hands, I did think it would go smoother than it did.

Abs did not go to sleep last night till 11. She was up before 5 this morning. That led to a tired, cranky, moody, sick little girl. If Abs is thrown off kilter too much her reaction is to barf. Thankfully she had just finished lunch and missed the trashcan. I didn't have enough to do! Poor baby though, she took a small nap and was back in fighting form minus the headache.

How did I know she was in fighting form? She was supposed to be in bed for the night and instead was in her sister's room. Em is really into creating things out of paper and she spent hours making a guitar, complete with a string so she could wear it, a ring to hold her pick, the whole nine yards. Abs cut the guitar into pieces while Em was in a shower.

So then I had two crying girls. One sobbing over her guitar and the other sobbing over being in trouble. Those tears led to missing and wanting their dad. Flat Daddies and Daddy dolls just don't do the trick, and there isn't much I can say or do at that point to make it any better. They are finally all tucked into bed and asleep. I can only hope that they sleep in tomorrow....

Tomorrow will be a better day....