Saturday, May 24, 2008

Friday Night

Em had her sleepover last night and Abs and Junior and I headed over to a friend's house to swim and have a BBQ. It was so nice to relax and just talk with friends. I was surprised that Junior didn't try to get in the water. He got in a few times with an adult, and that was enough for him. He loved throwing all the stuff in the pool and drinking the saltwater. Abs had a great time playing with her little friend too. I really need to get a haircut for Junior.

Some pictures from last night:

He was eating a carrot.

Yes, after hundreds of dollars worth of swim lessons Abs was wearing floaties. She can swim though!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Went to the doctor to find out I am not dying, even if I do feel like I am. That's reassuring.

I've needed an oil change for a week or two, but never had the time. So today I am driving home and the check tire light came on. I get home and the tire is almost flat. I call AAA and they are sending someone to change it. Could I change it? Yes. Do I want to? Heck no!

So I called Toyota and told them I needed to take my car in on Monday if they were open. They are. Good. So I asked about the 60K checkup and he gave me a price. Ouch, but needs to be done. He then tells me it takes 4 1/2 hours and I need to be there at 7:30 am. We are going in our pajamas. I told him that I hope he liked kids cause I had three of them coming along with me. He told me that they have a shuttle that will take us home and then pick us up when the car is ready. That's nice. Whew.

That huge basket of snacks that they have in the waiting room would have been eaten in the first hour by Junior.

Now to search online for what kind of tires to buy. Any suggestions? (and NOT goodyear!)

Renaming my blog

I think I should rename my blog to something like "The Adventures of Gunner's Children--Three cute kids whose dad is serving his third tour in Iraq and whose mother is trying to raise them up to be productive members of society. Read our story as we try to give our mom a run for her money and make our dad laugh while he is gone."

So after a day of changing diapers--BTW, Huggies overnight diapers work great when your kid has diarrhea--Junior seemed to be doing much better.

Abs had an appointment at 2 yesterday so I picked her up after Junior's nap, came prepared to entertain Junior for an hour, and showed up at the clinic. I was an hour late. The receptionist was not nice at all. "I know it is a free appointment but you should call if you aren't going to come." I didn't traipse out to this place with all this crap and all these children to have a rousing good time hanging out for an appointment and not being seen. Geez. Abs started to cry.

So we load everything back up and head home. We get back and even though Junior had just had a snack (the boy could eat a bear most nights for dinner, but Tuesday night he settled for 4 hotdogs with buns, a banana, and the spoiled milk), and was still crying hungry. We were playing in the living room and then I heard a crash and saw Junior rooting around in the pantry. I went over to the gate and Junior had pushed on it so hard that it punched a hole in the drywall and that caused the gate to lose its pressure and swing wide open. Add calling housing to my list of things to do.

Em comes home from Poetry Club and we all hang out for a while, and I talk to Gunner online. He looks good, but is extremely tired. He's having a hard time sleeping more than 3 or 4 hours at a time. I told him "Welcome to my world!". He at least found it somewhat amusing. We miss him.

I spent swim lessons last night chasing Junior. I took his ball, threw it to the top of the ramp (which winds around) and he would run all the way up the ramp to get it, then run all the way back down. This happened a few times and he started to get tired. I did it again, and he looked at it, thought about it, stood in front of the stairs for a bit, then took off. He climbed up the stairs (which was a much much much shorter route), grabbed the ball, and ran down the ramp. He handed me the ball and said "Junior no play". He slept well last night.

Haircut at 9:30. I needed to do something since every time we walk outside the door now, my children see the plant, look at it, and say "Bye Mommy". They think they are funny.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sour Milk

Tuesday night at dinner, Abs didn't finish all of her milk. Not a big deal, but she forgot to put it in the sink. I didn't notice till the next day while I was running around trying to get things done, so I made a mental note to get Abs to put it in the sink when she got home.

Best laid plans of mice and men. I forgot. Fast forward to dinner last night and I told the kids to sit down so I could serve dinner. I hear Junior gulping and look over and he is going to town on the milk. I screamed. Junior stopped. His bottom lip came out. He started to get huge tears.

This morning I dropped him off at daycare and told them what happened, but let them know that so far nothing had happened. I went to the gym to workout (ran 2.5 miles!), showered and the phone rang. I guess the spoiled milk kicked in and Junior was going all over the place.

This will be a fun day.

On the bright side, at least I got my workout in and I will have plenty of time to finish up my resume, etc. Maybe I will take Junior for a haircut or something.

I need a vacation!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What does this resemble?

My mom told me on the phone about all the super cheap dead plants that she rescued from Lowe's. This morning when I showed up to work I saw this plant on her front doorstep and immediately thought of.....

When the girls came home from school, they saw the plant and said exactly what I thought. "Mommy, that plant looks like your hair!" Oh the joy of having such wild, curly hair!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Learning a lesson

Em was excited about a field trip to the Bob Bullock museum that her grade was taking. Unfortunately she won't be able to attend. Permission slips were sent home and Em didn't get hers signed. They weren't even due yet, but in a panic she thought it was better to sign the permission slip herself and try to pass it off. It didn't work. Her teacher was nice enough to not write her up, but now Em is not allowed to go on the field trip and will spend the day doing extra work while sitting in another classroom. I can tell she is bothered by it, which she should be. Oh the joys of living with a pre-teen hormonal girl. Did Gunner plan this deployment any better?

I was talking to Ab's teacher about getting some OT help from the school district. She had communicated with the assistant principal about it, and was relaying the information back to me. Her teacher mentioned the PT because of the arm Abs broke in Kindergarten. Ummm....what broken arm??? I looked at Abs and she said "Well my sister almost broke her arm when I was in Kindergarten."

Junior seems to be doing better and the endless stream of snot has tapered off ever-so-slightly.

And just for the record....some people make me want to scream! Ugh. More on that later.

On a side note, they are having a blood drive at the girls' school. I would donate if I could, but since we were in Germany before 1996, it's a no go. Does that apply for the rest of our lives? Seems like that would limit a lot of people in this area from donating. Well that and I think the flyer stated if you had been to Iraq or Afghanistan in the last 12 months. There's the other half of our population....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Things I learned on Sunday...

1. Never try to cut the toenails of a baby you just doused in aquaphor. He will win.

2. While cleaning the garage with a 23 month old, always have a clear path to chase him. (Junior rounded the corner before I got to the door of the garage and I couldn't find him anywhere. I ran inside to grab the phone (he had a 10 second head start at most) and found him playing with his toys. Whole incident lasted about 120 seconds, but a few new gray hairs were added to the lot.)

3. If you have just scrubbed the dining room, don't serve pizza as one piece will land upside down on the floor.

4. When Abs says she is going to take a shower, hide the brand new bottle of shampoo. She will opt for a shampoo bubble bath instead.

5. If your husband every says he needs something from clothing and sales, don't believe him! Gunner took duffle bags full of stuff to Iraq, and I filled a dresser, two huge rubbermaid trunks, 5 duffle bags and still didn't get everything put away. In case of emergency, my garage is the place to be. We can have our own army.

6. A mother's instinct is right 99.9% of the time, even if you don't have a medical degree.

7. When you stuff the freezer and it accidentally pops open, it will be your ice cream that falls out and melts because it will make the biggest mess.

8. It is possible to do laundry all day long and still not be done.

9. In order to make banana bread, you need to buy 4 bunches of bananas so that your crew can't eat them all before they get brown (and since they were from the commissary that takes all of 3 days).

10. When your son is small, but stocky, he may not be able to climb over the gates, but he will learn to bulldoze them down. Great.


I love Amazon. After thinking about Cheaper by the Dozen, and the sequel I placed an order for them.
I have never read Belles on their Toes, so I am excited about getting it! While I have never read it, I do remember that Tina B was in my 7th grade reading class and she did it for her book report. My mind is a wealth of useless information.

Knowing my kids, they will probably start taping foreign languages on the bathroom walls.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Diaper head, spidergirl & Em

He did have a diaper on his bottom too.

What better way to be dressed to watch Cheaper by the Dozen. (The original one--I absolutely loved the book when I was younger! I think I need to find a copy and read it to the kids.)

Not to be...

I mentioned that I hoped with the girls on antibiotics and Junior just coming off (finished 20 days of amoxicillian on Friday) that we would be in the clear.

Not going to happen. We just got home from the weekend clinic (which for all you Fort Hood people is now walk in only so get there early, but they said Sunday is always super slow). Junior has a double ear infection with huge amounts of pus, strep throat (probably), and pink eye. All this and he was in there singing the ABC's for everyone. Poor little guy just can't win! He's playing nicely, and if it wasn't for the fact that he ALWAYS has an ear infection, I wouldn't have known to take him in since he is pretty good natured (which he gets from me!).

So back on antibiotics we go, and of course augmentin means diarrhea. The doctor did put in a referral to ENT, and I know some people balk at tubes, but she said we are getting to the point where they are constant and severe and could start building up scar tissue and affecting his hearing. Not on my watch!

My mom had the girls overnight and they will pick berries after church today and then she will return them home to me. I'm off to sanitize the house, replace toothbrushes and clean out the fridge. Can't get much more fun than that!