Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cleaning House

My mom is still here visiting, and today we tackled Ab's room.  What a mess.

While we are cleaning, she is cooking, which means I am eating what I don't usually eat.

It won't counteract it all, but I am hitting crossfit 5 times a week right now (well that and Abs doesn't have OT one morning like she usually does).

Not a great picture, but I was about to do half a million squats.....or at least that is what it felt like.

Have you seen the new plans that they want to have for retirement?  Now they want to change them to apply to everyone with less than 15 years of service.  We won't fall into that category, but I would be upset.  I'm looking forward to that retirement check coming in every month.  We won't be using it to live off of (I hope!), but one of the main reasons Gunner stayed in was for the retirement pay....It just frustrates me because it does affect a lot of people that I know.

I am switching my plan on MyCaa.  We'll see if it gets approved.  I need to use it up before Gunner retires.  I wasn't aware of that little caveat, but rest assured I'll put it to good use.

Oh, and we have ONE more IM appointment this week and then we are done!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

War Shamoor

I think one of the hardest things about being a military spouse is not hearing from your Soldier.

I was miserable about a week, but not about to complain since it had been a month for a friend.

How long do you go?  When the war first started, the first 6 months, we had 3 ten minute phone conversations during that time.  That was hard.

While I will never complain about not hearing from him too loudly, I still miss him terribly.

Gunner's facebook status tonight.....

Gunner "is just thinking of home".

Sometimes I like to pretend that I have it harder.  I don't get packages, bills are all that come in the mail, and seriously, I have the three kids.  There's crossfit, cooking, cleaning, laundry, appointments, schoolwork, potty training, changing diapers because someone refuses to potty train, and  a million other things.

On the other hand, while I deal with snow, crazy drivers, walking the dog in the cold, and doing mountains of laundry.......I am not going through what he is, or even close.  But, cause there's always a but.....he loves his job.  (Mine's not so bad either of course, but Junior potty training would make my job much, much, much, much better)

While no one likes to be deployed, how many of your husbands love what they do?

He keeps telling me that one day he will have to grow up and quit playing GI Joe.  Heck, every Halloween he was a Soldier when he was growing up.  So what he once pretended, he has been living for the last 23 years.

But soon it will end.

In the meantime, if the war could slow down every once in a while to let me GI Joe call, I would really appreciate it...

What's the hardest part of deployment for you?

Monday, November 15, 2010

So much...

for blogging every day in November.

Em is home from Japan and is working hard to catch up.  She had a great time and has beautiful pictures and gifts for us.  I missed her.  A lot.

Gunner has been busy with everything going on in his neck of the woods.  Enough to give anyone gray hair.

He ended the day by being doused with fuel during a refueling (obviously).  Thankfully he had his eye pro on.  That with full battle rattle, I bet the guy is ready to come home.

No dates for R&R, kind of depends on the whole retirement thing.

I'm worn out.  Tired.  Exhausted.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Interactive Metronome

I love the program, and it really helps Abs.

Today I thought we had our last session, but they extended it another week, so we have another three sessions.

That's an additional 4.5 hours of sitting there and waiting.

I know it helps, but another 4.5 hours?  Ugh.

On the bright side, the two ladies that have kids in the program at the same time, are wonderful to sit there and talk with.

The OT is really recommending that we go gluten free for Abs.  We have tried it, but with Gunner gone, it's so much more difficult making sure that I have a well cooked meal, and not to mention when you have 6 appointments a week, it cuts into what you are able to do.

She understands, but thinks Abs will really benefit from it.  I guess I will start in January and try to make it happen.

After OT this morning, Sam's, and a short nap, we were just hanging out.

I could have cleaned since Em and my mom come back tomorrow.

Instead I loaded up the car and took the kids to the outlet mall.  Mama needed new jeans.

Junior was great, and Abs was less than thrilled to be dragged around from store to store.  Luckily at the last store she found a great pair of boots--imitation uggs in patent leather.  Her face lit up.  I couldn't say no, they were so "Abs".

I got those, and found some great deals at The Children's Place.  $2.99 for halloween pajamas....who really cares what they sleep in?  Em spent almost a year sleeping in a red tutu.  I don't know how she was even comfortable, but she loved that drippy thing.

I'm excited to see Em tomorrow and hear all about her trip.

Oh, while we were at Sam's, Junior saw some older lady and got really excited.  He was waving and telling me it was the lady who had to watch him in his "afternoon-in preschool" as he calls it.  She came over and introduced herself as the behavioral therapist that would be working with him, and Junior was so ecstatic.  I think they'll be a good fit.

I had the following conversation with Junior today:

Me:  I don't think Santa Claus visits little boys who aren't potty trained.
Junior looked shocked.
Jr:  Really?
Me:  Yep, we should probably work on that.
Jr:  Or not.
Me:  You don't want Santa to visit?
Jr:  He's got a busy night, it'll be okay if he takes care of all the other little boys that are potty trained, he can get me next year.

I have officially given up on potty training.  He did insist on getting some new underwear at Gap though, so maybe there is hope down the road...