Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Gunner!

You were such a young spring chicken when I met you, but damn you still look good!

We love you and miss you!!! Sorry the package will be late--okay I haven't even mailed it, lol. You didn't marry me for my organizational abilities, or lack thereof!

Sorry you aren't here to celebrate with us, but know that you are in our hearts. We'll go out to dinner for you. :)

In honor of your birthday, Abs knocked a gallon of milk out of the fridge on to the floor and made a giant mess. Junior pooped in the tub. The toilet got backed up. Em....well so far so good, but who knows what tomorrow holds......(knock on wood)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

For Gunner

Gunner called last week--twice in one day! I was in shock! He has been calling about once every 10 days since he left, so that's not too bad. He complained that I don't update my blog more frequently. Ummm.....hmmmm.....maybe because I am busy taking care of children, working, going to school???

So Gunner, here's an update:

Em--seems to be enjoying her new school. It was only one day, so can't expect too much. They are reading a book and since she hadn't read it yet, she got to start reading it while they did the work with it for the week. Em finished the book during that time. The class is only on chapter 5.

Abs--what is there to say??? She is Abs. She was convinced there was an ant in her bed the other day and so every time I went to see if she was asleep, she was curled up at the top of her bed, sitting up. I told her to go potty, straightened her covers and told her I got the ant. Don't know why it didn't work when I did it earlier. She slept. At her school they are allowing her to go up to 5th grade for reading since she is so advanced. It's nice that they will do that.

Junior--he has mastered the art of temper tantrums. He must take after you. Yesterday he woke up and took off his pajamas. He had pooped so luckily he didn't take off his diaper. When I put him in there later, he took the diaper off too. Thank goodness he had just peed. I did the taking off the diaper and wiping poop everywhere the first deployment with Abs. Think the army will consider this an emergency and send you home???

Me--My 5 new students are pretty good. I am tired and worn out, but I don't have my school until the 27th. Good thing since I have done nothing for it. It's on my list. We are headed out in a bit to run errands and head up to school to get things done. One day I will be organized! I am still cleaning so that the maid can come back. Oh, we got a new fence. Probably a good thing since the other one would have been destroyed in the wind on Saturday.

Ike didn't hit here at all. I was hoping for a good thunderstorm. On the other hand I don't want to have to mow the grass!

The girls are watching Captain Planet. Junior pronounces Tia's baby's name as "rabbit". The german bakery is closed, so no treats for the next two weeks. The girls have Girl Scouts today. Martha is pregnant. (yes, you read that right! LOL)

Everything else is fine. We miss you and love you Gunner!

Dallas Airport

Since this is Gunner's third time in Iraq, he has flown through the Dallas airport numerous times. Every single time he has been treated extremely well by the USO and the other travelers as they rush from place to place to make connections. When Gunner left from here almost two weeks ago, he arrived in Dallas, hungry and ready for lunch.

Knowing he had a bit of time, he just headed over to McDonald's to grab something to eat. He say down and was quietly enjoying his meal when a lady came over and sat near him. She proceeded to tell him that she supported the troops but.......the war was wrong. The idiotic lady went on to tell him how the war was about oil, gas prices weren't coming down, and Bush was an idiot. She didn't stop there and continued to fill Gunner's ears with her political views when all he wanted to do was eat his lunch, think about having just said goodbye to his family, and about what lay ahead.

My quiet husband spoke. He told her why we were there. He explained why he believed in the mission. He talked about his political views. Gunner then told her that he had just said goodbye to his wife and three kids that morning, for another 9 months. He told her how he understood how precious time was, and he wasn't going to waste his time on her. Gunner got up and walked away. She said nothing.

To the lady at DFW....if you support the troops, all you need to do is say thank you. Leave out the but.......