Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last final

I had my last final today. Tomorrow I have our last day of teaching and a paper due. I at least made mine amusing for her since I know our prof is burned out too. It's just a reflection paper, my favorite kind as there is really no way to do it wrong.

Em comes home in two days. No more incidents at camp, so that's a good thing.

When Eduardo passed through town, Abs proceeded to give me an entire lesson on the history of the umbrella. I really didn't put much thought into why we have them, but now I know. It's amazing how much I learn from this kid.

If you ask Junior what his name is he will only reply with "me" and point at himself. I never say "hey me" so no telling where he picked this up from! It's cute though, and he named the bear Em got him from England "you". And what a pair "me" and "you" make.

Countdown for R&R is on. Hard to believe.

Training starts next week for school. My friend Mel asked me if there was ever a day I didn't worry.....ummmmm........probably not.

Oh, I hired someone to come clean my house, and I LOVE HER!!!! She's coming back on Monday to clean the kids' rooms. Yeah, I know they should clean their own, we'll get to that point, but right now I can't take it anymore. She's wonderful, did a great job so far, and I feel so much better when I am sitting here working since I don't have 5,000 other things that I need to be doing. I think I found my reward to myself.

Monday, August 4, 2008

You'll love this

I go to school today to pick up my classroom. Talk about bulletin boards, tons of them. No idea how I will get all this done.

I get out to my car after I am done and see my mom has called 4 times and there is a message. I call back and she starts off with "Em is okay". Never a good sign. Guess she hurt her hand at horseback riding today.

So I call the camp nurse and they have taken Em off to the er. She called during class to let me know that her hand was fractured--right hand and she's right handed--but that she was okay and already back to her camp activities with a splint on. The kiddo needs to up her calcium. we need to follow up with an orthopedic surgeon in the next 1-2 weeks, which means we have to go to the doctor and get a referral and then wait some more. Maybe I can add it to Gunner's list?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here today…gone tomorrow

I saw Em briefly on Wednesday after she returned home from her three weeks in England. I picked her up on Friday after class and we spent the day getting our nails done, etc. Very nice and relaxing. Saturday I packed her up, and today I dropped her off at camp for a week. Camp Outback one of the Camp Pine Cove camps, gave a free session to military kids! Em didn't qualify for Camp Purple because she went last year, so we were really excited to find this camp. It was REALLY nice and not one we could afford since they are quoting $799 for one week next year. Ouch! But, it was all free, and they have so many things that they get to do. There is horseback riding, challenge course, wall climbing, water slides, zip lines, water activities, and tons, tons, tons, more. Her best friend Gwen is with her, and there were several other people that she knew as well.

When we drove up to camp, we were early (of course) and they had staff out on horses to go car to car to talk to the campers. When we drove through the gates, finally, they had tons of staff dancing and jumping around. It got Em even more excited. We had a counselor that followed our car, unpacked it, explained check in, and sent us on our way after a rousing welcome. I had never seen such enthusiasm in hundred degree heat!

We got Em checked in and settled in her cabin. Air conditioned thank goodness. I dropped her off at the pool where she passed the swim test with flying colors—guess the 10 weeks of lessons, hundreds of dollars and gallons of gas paid off. Tonight they were having a safari dinner and I am sure staying up late!

Abs has been such an angel lately. Calm before the storm? Sure hope not. When Em got back she did find that Abs had colored her carpet with a black marker. (Ata--According to Abs--she slipped)

Pics to come soon of the kiddos.

I went to the teacher supply store with my friend Mel on Saturday and was overwhelmed.

Junior is back on antibiotics, so he is in fighting form. So cute, so opinionated….must get that from his father.

Back to the books….