Saturday, April 2, 2011


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Homecoming or Bust!

As we prepare for yet another homecoming, I wanted to link up to my previous homecoming stories....

Homecoming #1 from a year in Bosnia.

Homecoming #2 from a year in Iraq.

Homecoming #3 from a year in Iraq.

Homecoming #4 from a year in Iraq.

Soon there will be a FINAL homecoming #5, from Afghanistan.  I better charge that camera!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Welcome Home Sign

I have tons of things to finish up before Gunner gets home.

One of the things that we always do is to hang a sign up.  I have used the same sign the last 3 deployments, and today I found it so we could get it hung up!

Buildasign will give you a free sign too--you pay shipping & handling--by clicking on the link on the right hand side of the page.

I got this sign back in 2008 and after serving us well, I will be glad to retire the sign with no more deployments on the horizon!



I will see his face.
I will no longer have to be the only one chasing children.
I will be able to hand over potty training to him of his son.
I will have to give up control of the remote control every night.
I will have a lot more laundry to do.
I will find my house buried in a sea of ACUs.
I will have the "Army" smell back in the house.  ( you know the smell I am talking about?)

I need to quit coming up with optional things to do and get the house straightened up.

I've made banana bread.
Found a cookie recipe that apparently I need to try before he comes back.
Window shopped online.
Emailed with a friend.
Thought that I really should go to the store to get a new trash can, but then thought better of it.
Watched mindless tv.

Anyone else procrastinate right before redeployment?

(When we lived in Germany and Gunner was returning from Bosnia, I waited till the last minute to do everything.  They said they would give us a 3 hour warning.  Instead we got about a half hour warning, and I had to shower, find something to wear, and race over to help a friend get her kids ready since she was a fellow procrastinator!)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Camp Purple Signup!

Today is the day to sign your child up for Camp Purple, a free camp for military kids.  Em has been twice and Abs once, and they both loved it.

Go here.

You can read about our experiences with Camp Purple here.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

It's been almost 8 months.  He'll be home soon...

Monday, March 28, 2011

We HEART Nutella

Make that a big red puffy heart!  Gunner is German. While his dad was stationed in Germany, way back in the dark ages, he met and married Gunner's mom.  On Saturday mornings, his mom would always make crepes (she even got us our own crepe pan and when Gunner is home, he carries on the tradition).  They would have fruit, nutella, and even ice cream.  (Throw Blue Bell on anything and I am there!)

I was selected to host a nutella party, and invite 10 of my friends over to enjoy in Nutella festivities.  How can I say no?  The kids have inherited Gunner's love of the stuff (For the record, I am not a chocolate person, but because of the hazelnut, I have been known to eat a little nutella on occasion.)
We had gift bags, we had recipe cards, we had samples of nutella, coupons, nutella coffee mugs, and of course a giant jar of the stuff!  ( pictures of the food, because I spent my time trying to keep my kids from devouring it all!)

We served up some crepes, peanut butter and nutella (which is what my kids lived on during our trip to Disneyworld), and fresh fruit with nutella to dip it in.  Everyone was in heaven!
There's just enough nutella left for Gunner, and I have hidden it from the kids.  Do you eat nutella?  What's your favorite way?  We always ship it to Gunner while he is gone too, so he can use it to make a quick sandwich when he comes back from patrol and the mess hall is closed.    
(Even Uncle Dave attended the festivities!)

*The nutella and all nutella merchandise was provided to me at no cost for me to evaluate and share my opinion.  The opinions are mine and mine alone.  How can you not like nutella?