Saturday, May 30, 2009


I survived swimming on Friday.

We did our 50 mile bike ride on Saturday. My time was 3 hours 12 minutes. I was hoping for under 3 hours, but I timed the stops and had to pee twice!

This morning we did a 10K obstacle course. Gunner and I were signed up as a team for this event. We climbed up ropes, over tall hurdles (not in a single bound), tires, army low crawl (Gunner kicked ass, and me not so much), low hurdles and a tunnel, then finally the rope wall! It was a lot of fun and we did it in 1 hour 17 minutes which isn't bad considering you have to wait sometimes for the obstacles!

They do need to work on the water situation, since there were only two stops and one of them was out of water by the time Gunner got there. Poor guy! In this Texas heat, that's not safe at all. We didn't even think about taking our own water since every other race has provided plenty of support.

Guess they spent all the money on the beer at the end? I'm glad we did it though, and now I feel like I can take on this triathlon and do it!

Pictures to be uploaded soon, we've got some cute ones of the kids and their antics. Em refuses to pose anymore.

Em and I did have the great fingernail debate last week when we went to the nail place and she wanted her nails painted black. We settled on a purplish pink color. No black nails.....ever.....

We were in the car the other day and Abs was telling me all about how Daddy would not buy her the crossword and logic problem book that she wanted. I nodded, and then we continued on driving. About 10 seconds later she told us "I guess if I don't have logic problems to do, I will spend my time catching small animals in Colorado." I guess in her eyes that is a logical replacement? I was thinking more along the lines of reading a book. For being a second grade teacher, I don't understand this second grader much!

The movers come tomorrow morning for our pre-inspection so we are doing a mass cleaning and toss today. I can't believe how fast things are moving, but glad that so far the children are pretty agreeable and haven't voiced too many concerns.

Em is more interested in whether or not she will have her own bathroom. Abs is probably secretly making classification labels for the small animals that she plans to catch, and Junior has totally decided that potty training is not for him.

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow holds...maybe...

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. I have no idea where the time went, but it is flying by...way too fast.

We have a date for the movers, and it is in....two weeks from yesterday. Ummmm....we have a lot to do before then!!! There's children to raise, bags to pack, have to find a place to live till July 8th when I am done with school, and then there's all the other usual PCS stuff. Add in the bike ride and 10K this weekend, three kids, the end of school, a triathlon, a PCS, clearing, and the start of my summer graduate classes......whew. I thrive on being busy I guess.

I had training twice this week. My first one of the week was at the track where we did fartleks. I dreaded it. Thirty minutes of running, with sprints when she blew the whistle. I got started, and it wasn't so bad. By the time I was done with my thirty minutes, I was in love with it! I felt great and got a really good workout. This whole triathlon training has done great things for me! Tonight I had to do bricks with the trainer, and it felt great. I think that is the transition that I worry most about, but I feel better that I can do it and maintain my speed.

My question of the day is...why is my school out of sanitizer and soap for the third day??? I get grossed out thinking about it. I stand outside the bathrooms with a bottle of sanitizer.

I just realized that I never posted this....more about what's happening in a few!

Monday, May 25, 2009

We did it....

After dropping off a carload of stuff at my mom's (don't worry mom there is more coming!), we headed over to REI to look at socks. It seems like every pair gives me a blister unless they are tight in the middle. Of course I can't remember where I bought those socks, and I need them every day, so I wanted a few more pairs. Socks are expensive!

While perusing the aisles, Junior exploded, so we had to go get him a new pair of shorts since of course we had nothing to change him into. Poor little guy. He loves his new shorts, and I just gritted my teeth when I looked at the price tag. I might need to make him wear them every day till he outgrows them and then make sure Tucker wears them every day too!

We had lunch at this hamburger joint--something fine and mighty or along those lines. It was good, and reminded us of the airplane place at California Adventure.

I worked. We came home and I decided we needed to tackle the garage. It was out of control. Gunner's parents took a truckload to store for us, and we have a truckload headed to Goodwill as well. It was crazy the stuff we had in there. I thought I had gotten rid of all the baby stuff, but it was all there. I saved a stroller for my mom and the peek-a-boo blocks for my baby nephew, and the rest is gone. I feel like a HUGE load has been lifted off my shoulders.

Gunner was appreciative too, since he had been putting off facing that mess alone. Of course once we started, it dragged out every kid in the neighborhood looking for handouts. I assured them that their parents would not want them dragging stuff home, so they just sat there and played with all the toys that were in the keep pile. They conveniently disappeared when it was time to clean up, and the kids weren't too happy.

A quick pickup job, a dinner of gizzards, baths, and they are hopefully fast asleep.

Tomorrow Gunner is going to camp out, outside of the transportation office, so that the civilian that works six hours a day can hopefully get us an appointment. I need hours like that! He's the only one too, and apparently works pretty slow, so the line starts forming early.

In other news, I am not buying anything new, anytime soon. The amount of stuff that we have given away, amazes me. I love a good deal, but I think I often buy it just because it is a good deal and not something I really need, want, or love. I wonder where I get that from?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The purge

still continues here at Fort Hood. I've got piles of stuff to deliver to people. I've got the trash can filled and tons more to go out. One glance and it's gone. Nothing is safe anymore. The kids have run around gathering up their toys and harboring them in their room for safety. Their rooms are next.

I've told each child that they get two rubbermaid buckets to take with them of their "treasures". They looked at me like I had lost it? How could they possibly fit everything in two buckets? I rest my case--you.have.too.much.stuff.

Of course I have to practice what I preach, so all my clothes that don't fit or don't get worn are in a pile to drop off with my mom. She can drop them off with her church or the thrift store or whoever, as long as they are gone.

I'm cleaning out the pantry for the food bank.

If it came from McDonald's, Sonic, Burger King or Subway, it's gone.

If I don't love it, it's gone. There's still a long way to go, and I haven't touched the garage again. but my thinking's all gone. There's only 9 weeks of school left, and I need to get all that stuff packed up and brought home as well. Hopefully we will have a transportation date on Tuesday. We are behind the power curve, so I am sure it won't be anytime soon, but I can hope! Gunner actually mentioned doing a DITY move. I told him to bite his tongue until we hear something from transportation!
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No training today, since I needed a day off. We have a 50 mile bike ride on Saturday and the 10K obstacle course on Sunday. Tomorrow if it doesn't rain, we are loading up the kids and going for a bike ride. I think we all have a little cabin fever. Em called me last night at 10 to let me know that they were sleeping at the leader's house because everything was soaked. A good call since it rained almost all day today and they would have been miserable. A miserable pre-teen=a miserable family.

Shepard's pie for dinner, with extra veggies for me!

We are still deciding what to do to honor Memorial Day. There is an event in Austin, we have talked about visiting the memorial for 4th ID, and several other ways to make sure our kids know and understand that Memorial Day has a meaning.