Saturday, April 3, 2010

Exercise, Easter, Experiments

I read an article about how it is beneficial to you to work out in the morning.  I read it after I dragged Gunner to a spinning class at 7 am.  It was a wonderful class.  I loved it.  I don't think Gunner shared the same excitement.

We raced to Walmart and purchased baskets, eggs, rubber cement, and all that good Easter stuff.  It was a whirlwind race through the store.  

Sneaking everything in the house proved to be a little bit harder, but I got it all in and hidden.

I am the queen of the 5 minute showers, and shortly afterwards, we were cleaned up and the 5 of us headed over to the parade field for the egg hunt.

It was insanely windy today.  

Even the eggs were blowing away.

Junior started out collecting eggs until he saw the candy.
He ended up with more candy than he got for Halloween.

It was insane.  The girls age group were flying around the field and it was over within minutes.  There was supposed to be a carnival, but I think it was canceled because of the insane wind.

Em went to a chemistry event at the Academy with her troop and had a great time, and learned a lot.  We cleaned, baked, played, and built our garden.  With all of our free bricks, we have a HUGE area for a vegetable garden, and a nice sized area for a flowerbed out front.  Now we just need to get a ton of dirt, and the seeds are on order.  I gave the kids and area to grow their own veggies, and Abs went to a hole and started collecting dirt.  She took Junior with her and they dug and dug and dug, returning with a bag of dirt.  Unfortunately it didn't even make a dent in what we need, so that's on the agenda this week.

We dyed easter eggs using rubber cement.  Junior made a mess of it, but had a great time.
Em and Abs did a few, but were more interested in the dying portion.

The end results were.....

All in all, it was a great day with the family, but a long day.  Tomorrow I am sleeping in, and then Gunner and I are going to try the HUGE hill that is part of the triathlon in just weeks.  Wish us luck!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh JRTC, how I don't like you

The timing of JRTC though, couldn't have come at a worse time.  

Gunner and I signed up for a triathlon and it will be less than 12 hours  the day after he gets home.  I hope his flight isn't late!  

Abs got written up at school.  It's about something so ridiculous, and something that in every other classroom across the nation would have been handled in the room.  Granted, it is slightly bigger than when she got written up for having a cold and blowing her nose and using an entire box of kleenex, but still.  

I can't believe Easter is here already.  

We have plans tomorrow for an egg hunt and carnival.  Em has a chemistry day with Girl Scouts, and I signed up for a 7 am spin class so I can get my workout in before all the festivities start.  

Maybe we can ride the route for the triathlon too. 

With JRTC finally being here, it is reminding me that I need to get busy on preparing for deployment!  My initial to do lists were pushed aside with everything else that is going on, so it's time to create more--I wonder if there is an app for that?

Does anyone have any checklists that they have created that they want to share?

Oh, and earlier this week I was ready to book a one way ticket for myself on the crazy train, but more about that later!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday--Baby, Baby

Unfortunately my son knows every word to Justin Beiber's "Baby". Poor kiddo, the curse of having two big sisters.
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Garden of the Gods

After picking up the bricks (they were free!) we needed in order to make a raised flowerbed and playing some basketball, we decided to go hike at Garden of the Gods.

Next time we are taking the bikes.

Yes, he had his shoes on the wrong feet. (He's holding his snack in his lap so it wouldn't fall)

It was absolutely beautiful, not a cloud in the sky.

And this my friends, is what my family looks like traipsing around the countryside. Junior decided he didn't want to ride, but wanted to hold on to the safety strap. Abs insisted on pushing the stroller and the two of them could not agree on a constant speed.

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This is my family

Meet Gunner. He is easy-going, a hands on father, and loves the outdoors.

There's Abs. Always squinting. Wearing mismatched clothing and earrings, because she's decided that always matching doesn't release her creative side.

Em, Em, Em. She was irritated that I made her take sunglasses off. Twelve going on 23.

Junior--Always a ham. Learning to stand up for himself. Loves having his own camelbak.

Sammy the dog. He went crazy at every person and dog he saw. He either needs to be socialized more, or he was trying to tell the other dogs to save him.

Me--Taking the picture as usual.

Picture taken at Garden of the Gods.
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snow Day

We woke up to 5" of snow yesterday and it was still coming down.

Luckily, it quit about 10 am and started to warm up.

We went to Focus on The Family, because the girls were dying to do the 2nd script for the radio show.

There was a meltdown about a cookie instead of a sundae.

They put on a show for us.  Em was in the back in charge of costumes and makeup.  I could remember when she wanted to be the one on stage.
Junior pooped in his pants.  Then he had to go again, and Gunner was the foley guy in the radio show, so I took him to the women's restaurant.

Junior:  I don't want to go into the girl's bathroom.
Me:  It's okay, it's a bathroom for mommys and little boys.
Junior:  That doesn't make any sense.
Me:  Just go potty, you don't have any other alternatives right now.
He starts to potty.
Another mom and her little boy walk in.
Junior:  Hey, this bathroom IS for mommy and their little boys.
Me:  Yep, so focus on what you're doing.
Other Little Boy:  I just peed all over my legs.
Other Mom:  How did you manage that?
Junior:  That doesn't sound good.
Me:  Focus on yourself kiddo.
Then the other mom tried to get into the stall where the little boy had locked himself in, apologizing and explaining that he was three and she should have known she couldn't go into her own stall.

Junior at this point announces to everyone in the bathroom that he is pooping, a lot.

Thankfully the third lady in there assured us that the boy with pee on his legs in the locked stall, and the boy that were pooping a lot were no problem because she had a 4 year old son.

We finally made it out of there.

I had to fit in an hour and 45 minute bike ride, so we tracked down the parts to the trainer and got it situated in front of the tv.

Even with a good movie, it's a long ride inside.  I better get used to it though because it's where I'll put a lot of time in once Gunner is gone.  JRTC is creeping up...