Thursday, August 30, 2007


When I was younger I used to beg for piano lessons. My mom figured it was something that was short lived and just moved our piano into my room. I ended up cutting out letters and labeling each key and teachng myself to play some simple songs. My mom relented and enrolled me in piano lessons taught by an older lady at our church. I took for about 5 or 6 years till I was too busy with swimming, sailing and being a teenager. When we moved to Texas I got my piano back and found someone to be my piano teacher again and enrolled Em too. We both took for a year and a half till she moved away after her husband retired from the army.

I play periodically but this past weekend I found some music that I had been missing at my mom's house and I am back at it. Junior loves to sit in the playpen while I play each day and every once in a while he gets fussy if I spend too long on a song. It's been fun going back to play some of the songs that I did when I was much younger and the girls think I play beautifully--always nice to hear!

Maybe by the time DH gets back I can brush up on a few songs and impress him. When we moved into this house they moved my piano in first and I played a couple of scales to make sure it survived the move and the movers had me play for them till I ran out of songs that I had memorized. I used to think that if we ever got to move I would leave the piano behind, but I think we will just pack it along with us and let it continue to travel the world (it originally was bought while we lived in Australia).

Random Thoughts

Abs has pink eye.

I did Boot Camp at the gym today and it was hard and I am very uncoordinated.

I did pilates yesterday and I am sore today and was just as uncoordinated at that as well.

Em managed to lose her homework this morning...which hadn't been done. She got it done while I parked in the parking lot.

Junior has not slept well in days....lots of days....I am exhausted.

Got a text message from DH and all is well, he was watching the sand in the desert pulling guard. Looking forward to coming home.

I need to go to the commissary but I dread the thought of going on a payday weekend.

It's a three day weekend and I have absolutely nothing to do. Hopefully the pools will be open or something so that we can get out of the house.

I came home from the gym and the housing guy told me I needed to mow my grass. Guess I will strap Junior to my back and go.

I have had a headache for the last 4 or 5 days.

They are changing the dates of max leave and it isn't block leave yet, but I couldn't wait to buy tickets to Hawaii till the last minute, so they either have to let us go or we are out of luck. Figures.

Abs has gotten in trouble for talking every single day this week. I love her. Yesterday she also got in trouble for playing rock. paper, scissors. At least she hasn't had an "H" day. That stands for "Hullabaloo--causing a great disturbance". I just hope she doesn't have one of those all year!

I miss my friends...and my husband, but that is a given.

Some People

There is a for sale list here in Killeen and some of the things people want or are looking for just never cease to amaze me. Here's a posting from today:

I need a baby sitter for a 3 yr old from 7 am - 4:30 pm. every day of
the week. diapers and wipes provided. and some one to pick up a 6 yr
old from school. the clarks one in com 2. At 3:15 and keep him till
4:30. I am only able to pay $200 a month. Please Let me KNow.

So for 9.5 hours a day, five days a week and then 1.5 hours a day 5 days a week for the older child you want to pay $200 a month? Can't imagine that anyone that does daycare and provides rates like those is going to be very reliable. Not to mention why not go through the daycare on post or through a FCC provider or something. How do you know what you are getting? Random advertising on a for sale list is how you are going to find someone to leave your precious children with?

It's beyond me. At least this person can spell better than a lot of then. I hate to read "I have the following items for selled".

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monday, August 27, 2007

They Survived

Junior and I had a great day by ourselves just going to the gym, shopping and he took a long nap. I should have gotten one in too!

I picked the girls up and it was mass chaos. Finally found Abs and her teacher told me that she did "pretty well" and that she "had a problem with excessive talking". Maybe she gets that from my oldest sister? Luckily she survived and didn't end up with a trip to the office. She told me that her color was light blue, but I am not sure how many colors are on the spectrum. At her old school she could blow through the colors by 11 am, so I am hoping that she has improved some or that they have more colors.

Em did a great job and had a lot of fun. She's just excited that they have two recesses and that they only had learn each other's names today. I'm sure homework will kick in soon enough and she will be tired of school. I used to love homework. I was a nerd back then.....I only wish I had kept that outlook.

After we got the girls we had to go look for the hard to find black and white Mead composition notebook. We finally managed to track it down after we had a car full of cold things from Walmart, at another location, with 100 degree temperatures. I don't know if the ice cream will ever be the same.

Only 4 more days till my birthday!

First Day of School

A few years ago my mom and I were at Sam's and we noticed they had a ton of those plastic bodies that the swimsuits come on. Of course we needed them for something and they have sat in my closet ever since. The girls found them and dressed them with their school uniforms so that they would be ready to go in the morning. At least they are being used now!
Abs and Junior getting ready to leave for school.
Abs, Junior and Em.
Abs--1st grade and Em--4th grade

When I woke the girls up this morning Abs started chanting "First day of school! First Day of school!" Junior was up really early this morning and the girls flew out of bed to get dressed and were ready to go well before it was time. They can eat breakfast at school so they opted for that and Junior and I stayed with them. We had practiced Ab's lunch ID number and when she got up there she got confused and couldn't remember it and didn't believe Em, who tried to help.

They ate breakfast and then I dropped them off at their classrooms. They were both so excited and couldn't wait. Can't wait to hear how they both did!

On a side note, I sent DH a pic of the kids on the cell phone so that he can see them ready to go to school. He has never made it to the first day of school for either one. He'll be gone next year too.
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