Saturday, December 12, 2009

Second Thoughts

I think I am done with school for a while. 

I'm burnt out, and just can't find the motivation to finish this last week and a half.  I still have the website to finish, and then I have another project that I am not even sure about what I need to do.  The directions are unclear and all my questions have gone unanswered.  How's that for customer service?  Frustrating. 

Sure another degree or certification is nice to add, but what good does it really do when you don't even use what you have?  Maybe I'll change my mind after Christmas break?  I doubt it, but the possibility is always there.

So now I have to decide what to do next.  I'm definitely not Holly Homemaker.  I'm not a good cook, I hate to clean (hence the need for a high paying job so I can hire someone), and I'm a packrat.  My children aren't crowded around the homefires singing kum-by-yah and holding hands, and there is often more screaming than not.

I'm still in this funk and don't know what the deal is.  Maybe it's my lack of working out and the fact that I tried on my favorite pants from Banana and they were snug?  Maybe it's the freezing temperatures and being cooped up in the house all day?  Maybe it is the stress of school, Ab's appointments, and trying to keep everything flowing smoothly?  Maybe it's too much time on my hands, that somehow turns into not enough because I am severely lacking motivation?

On the bright side, Abs is really doing well.  Emily lives in the bathroom these days, the joys of a pre-teen.  Junior is starting to go potty on his own more, but forget pooping, he only goes at school, and only when he feels like it.  Maybe Santa will bring me a potty trained boy for Christmas?

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good morning?

It's the anniversary of Pearl Harbor.  I will never forget the feeling of standing on the USS Arizona Memorial, or visiting the other memorials throughout Hawaii. 

Some nights I really think that I should just write off sleep and stay up all night and hang out with Abs.  It has to be easier than hearing her run through the house, trying to be discreet.  She's anything but.

The remote was hidden.  Cable box off.  Wii remotes hidden.  Computers have passwords.  Her entertainment?  My canon rebel.  I have hundreds of pictures taken in the dark....of nothing.  Her company?  A dog named Sammy. 

School is not closed today, which means visual therapy is still on, and I can make my doctor's appointment.

Gunner's phone rang at a quarter till 5 this morning.  I love how they always pick up right away, give a roger, an out, and are on to the next call.  Two hour delay at Carson.

So what does Gunner do?  He wakes up and starts getting dressed.  I asked him what he was doing and his response was "It's a two hour delay, not two hours to sleep in., it means I have two hours extra to get to work".  I love that about him.

We went sledding yesterday, and Junior was having the time of his life.  He dragged his own sled up the hill, then he needed help getting on and a push off, and he would screech all the way down and do it over and over again. It was perfect.  Abs closed her eyes and veered way off course and ran into a tree, so sledding was over for her after that.

Two more weeks of school.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I will feel like I am getting run over till I get there.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying to pull a fast one...

It is snowing.....again.  The joys of living in the mountains.  Actually I find it absolutely beautiful, and the more, the better.  I am about to start the last two weeks of school, and have enough work to keep an army busy. 

We of course weren't organized enough to do it yesterday, so we had to clean out the carport.  We had boxes out there from round 200 of unpacking, and had gotten a notice that we would be fined if we didn't clean it up.

We borrowed a snow shovel, and then fought over who got to use it.  I'm sure that the newness is over for Gunner, and he won't be begging to do it again any time soon.

We have several inches of snow already, and we need to go to Sam's to get a few vital things--papertowels (because this house cannot exist without them), trash bags (we accumulate more trash than anyone else I know), string cheese (so Junior can continue to exist), dishwasher detergent (we use too many dishes, mainly glasses), and a rotisserie chicken (because a trip to Sam's is not complete without one).  I also have to mail two fed ex boxes.

Gunner & I had a conversation that went like this:

G:  I should go to Sam's by myself because of the weather.
Me:  Are you sure?
G:  Yes. 
Me:  But you just came back from the recycling center and told me that the roads were all clear.
G:  Didn't I tell you about the car that crashed?
Me:  No.  I need to mail the fed ex boxes, and I have to do that.
G:  Oh.  I guess we should all go.
Me:  Oh no, I would hate for you to go out in such horrible weather conditions.
G:  No, they aren't so bad, we'd hate for you to have to go all alone.

We went sledding instead.