Thursday, June 19, 2008


I went from overwhelmed, to drowning. And fast. I have so many things to get accomplished this weekend, in addition to picking up Em from camp, getting Junior to the doctor for another ear infection, taking the kids to the Mayborn museum, picking up a prescription and getting it filled, cleaning, eating, taking care of kids and more. Where's Gunner when I need him?

My inlaws have booked a bowling party at the bowling alley for Junior. Then they call to tell me that I am supposed to have 10 children come. I don't even know 10 children to invite. I guess my three take care of a third of it, but still. Anyone want to go bowling? I don't want him to have any presents, so the whole idea that a 2 year old needs a party is ridiculous to me. I'd be happy having cake and ice cream at the house. Ugh. Where's Gunner when I need him????

My computer is acting up and won't install word 2007 and I can't figure out what the problem is. It would make my life so much easier if I could get it on there and do my homework quickly instead of fighting with the stupid computer all the time. I wish I had time to take it in, but I don't even have time for that. Maybe I can find someone that makes housecalls or something. Where's Gunner when I need him?

Off to lab......

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


My schedule, for Gunner:
1. Get up, get dressed, get a drink, brush my teeth, check email.
2. Get Abs up. Give Abs her medicine. Listen to her whine about how cold it is, how early it is, how tired she is.
3. Remind Abs that she chose to not go to sleep and that she better get up, potty, get dressed before I take her out to the car again in her underwear. (Yes, I took her in her underwear on Monday)
4. All the screeching has woken Junior up.
5. Go get Junior. He greets me with "I waked up mommy!" and a huge smile.
6. Get Junior dressed. Continue reminding Abs that her time is wasting.
7. Get Junior situated with a book while I give him his medicine.
8. Continue listening to Abs.
9. Get things ready for daycare.
10. Abs finally gets dressed.
11. Load car.
12. Drop off Junior.
13. Drop off Abs. They have her signed in as Em this week. Correct that.
14. Come home. Make lunch, pack bags, head to school.
15. Computer lab. Finish project. Get assignment.
16. Class. Take phone call from Ab's doctor.
17. More class. Squeeze in lunch during lecture and classwork.
18. Move to a different class. Get some clarity on the projects due in a few days. No time to do them though.
19. Leave class, go home, research book for literacy group project (Grrrr on group projects).
20. Go get Junior.
21. Go get Abs. Talk to friend in program with me.
22. Go pickup Rosa's since I am not cooking.
23. Eat, clean.
24. Change poopy diaper.
25. Bathe Junior.
26. Clean poop out of tub because Junior decides that's a great place to go.
27. Clean tub. Put Abs in shower. She empties entire bottle of shampoo and has a bubble shower.
28. Dress Junior, give him medicine, read him stories. Put Junior to bed.
29. Plow through bubbles to find Abs. Get her dressed for bed, read stories, tuck her in.
30. Talk to fell group member about project and plan of attack since we have 6 major things due Monday and Tuesday, plus exams.
31. Read blogs before I study.
32. Study, study, study, then shower, fall into bed, repeat, but usually with far more mishaps and drama.
This was a slow day. I hope I didn't just jinkx myself for tomorrow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Doctors don't call

I was in between classes this afternoon and I checked my cell and noticed that I had a missed phone call. I listened to the voicemail and I couldn't understand most of it, but it was a CPT so and so and they gave me their government cell number. My heart stopped. I knew Gunner was alive, but they always notified injuries by phone the last two deployments and I knew that Gunner was out today. I called and it was the doctor that I saw on friday telling me that I had strep. My heart started beating again. Fortunately it is the kind of strep that doesn't hurt your heart, so they don't treat it. The thought of trying to fit going to the pharmacy in somewhere was nervewracking too!

I had my first interview today and the principal and all the teachers were absolutely wonderful. They interviewed all day, and the person before me walked in with a HUGE portfolio of her lesson plans. Ummm......yeah, I don't have anything like that. I thought it went okay, and I am hopeful that they liked me, and since I made them laugh, it has to count for something, right? I was the last person to be interviewed and then they were making a decision and then it goes to HR. I am trying to be optimistic, but the glass is look half empty right now. I do have another interview on Friday too.

I dropped Em off at GS camp yesterday, and when I drove away my super shy daughter was playing in the dirt by herself. I wanted to run back there and grab her and load her back up, but she wouldn't have gone. I'm sure she is doing fine right now. Every time I worry, she comes back with wonderful stories, so I know she will be okay and will make some friend. I was/still am shy, so I understand. Not sure where Abs got her ability to talk to anything that breathes and even stuff that doesn't.

Tons to do for school. Projects are coming fast and furious. My weekend is already booked, and that's not even scheduling my group work. Thankfully my friend is my partner and has no kids, so coming over here isn't a big deal. Shoot, I better start cleaning.....