Friday, May 13, 2011

End of an Era?

After over 22 years in the Army, the 5 uniform changes that have occurred, and 5 deployments, I always said if there was a war that you should be at my house.

What once fit in a tiny front closet when we got married, now takes up half of our garage.

What is it you ask?  TA-50

I'm sure you have all learned to embrace the plethora of equipment that your husband has been issued.  I've tried numerous ways to organize the crap too.

There were hanging devices.  Stacked crates.  Left in the boxes that they were packed up in.  Footlockers.  Tubs.  The tubs seemed to work the best, because at least I could stack them on top of each other.

How many gorilla trunks are sitting in your house right now?  We got 4 by mail shortly after Gunner returned home.  I was totally not overjoyed to see it arrive.  These were added to the 8 gorilla trunks we already had here waiting for his return.


In just a matter of time, this stuff will start disappearing from my garage.  Hopefully huge amounts of it.

Soon he can go request a list from CIF with the master list of everything that he needs to turn in.  What will I do without 50,000 pounds of TA50 to move every couple of years?  What if there is a war and we need to hunker down and live off of MRE's and be ready to dig our own trenches or create a new village complete with a multitude of uniforms for everyone to choose from?

But then I start thinking about all the duplicates he has.  You can't just have one e-tool can you?  A Soldier with less than 5 canteens?  That's unheard of.  How could he have been a Soldier without stocking up on 8 sleeping mats?  Less than 20 pairs of boots?  How would that work, since he has to have tanker boots, then there are the black boots, then there are gortex boots, mountain boots, rubber boots, desert boots--you know, the right boots to match the right uniform?

With the right boots you have to have the right accessories.  We have a rucksack in every uniform color.  Don't worry, as he also has accumulated an assault bag in every color.  In case he gets thirsty, he has a camelbak in every color.

There are soft caps, berets, kevlars, pyle caps, pt caps, stetson, mess cap.  We've got 15 duffel bags, all painted with previous unit assignments.  We've got DIFFERENT PT belts from every.single.unit.

The list goes on.  So while I started thinking that we might be downsizing, I realize that my grandchildren should someday be prepared for their Grandpa to be sitting in old uniforms and telling them stories "Back when I was in the warrrrrr....".

So maybe we'll be okay in case of an emergency, because I can't imagine all of this TA50 is going anywhere...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Questions--I need answers!

It's been so long since I've worn makeup, and since I will be entering the workforce sometime in the near future, assuming someone wants to hire me, I need makeup.

What's your favorite brand of makeup?

This of course brings up the question....when did you start wearing makeup?  I see girls at Em's school that have started wearing makeup, but I was thinking I'd let her in high school, which is still a year away.  She hasn't complained about it.....yet!

I took the girls shopping for Mother's Day, because we needed to get them some camp clothes.  Keep in mind that my daughter is about 5'7" tall, thin, and does not look 13.  Why do they want her to dress like a hoochie mama? Anyone know of any good clothing stores that will have cool clothes for her age, but not break the bank?

Next question is back to potty training.  Junior is potty trained.  Reflect on that for a moment.  My almost 5 year old son is FINALLY potty trained.  He is wearing underwear.  He is dry.  Let's be honest, this is a miracle in itself.  But....did you potty train your sons at night by letting them go in underwear?  I'm thinking if the kid wants to wear pullups to bed at night, he will eventually train himself, and I should push it.  Heck, I'm just glad that I am not changing diapers during the day anymore!

(Gunner, please do not read this)  Retirement presents.  I have something in mind, but I was wondering if anyone had some great ideas for a present to give him for retirement?  (I apparently get a yellow rose at his retirement ceremony....5 deployments and I get a rose?  I should get a 24 karat rose!)

Which brings me to coin boxes.  I have looked at several online, but was wondering if anyone had a recommendation of someone that they ordered from, and the quality was impeccable?  You know how they love their coins!

Last question--I have my half marathon on Sunday, and I need some good songs for my playlist.  I know I need to download some black eyed peas, but what are some other good up-tempo songs that need to go on the list too?

Thanks guys!