Saturday, July 26, 2008


My inlaws dropped off our German breakfast. Yum.

We went to a wellness day through Scott and White, and it was pretty informative, and it was a great group of ladies that I got to spend some time with. One of them looked so familiar and it turns out that Junior and her daughter are in the same daycare and her son will be at the same school with the girls next year. Of course once they got the kids back together with the parents and served pizza, all the kids were busy eating....except mine, who decided it was time to cry. Junior was tired. Abs drew a picture that wasn't perfect....the list went on. Finally got them fed and watered and home. Junior's nap was heaven and I even got to sleep a little.

This afternoon we headed over to the new Target. I actually went there because I was looking for something, but the rest of the Killeen was there to check out the new facility I think. There's not a whole lot to go on in Killeen, so a new store or restaurant apparently requires the attendance of all. I can't wait till Barnes and Noble opens. I also saw that Cracker Barrell is coming along, and there will be a Chipotle. Not the healthiest of choices, but any kind of new choice in restaurants is welcome here! I'd love to get a good mexican restaurant.

No word from Gunner. At the meeting today, some of the wives heard from their husbands every day, and one more than twice a day. A friend of mine will freak out if her husband doesn't call at least every three days, and call the FRG leader. Someone asked me why I don't freak out more....umm.....what is there to freak out about? Please tell me I am not the only one that doesn't wait by the phone or curl up and die inside if they don't hear from their spouse. (Gunner, if you are reading this, ignore the previous paragraph, I am waiting by the phone with bated breath for your phone call, and I spend all day worrying about you and declaring my undying love for you. lol You know how I really feel. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I ate tongue

One of my best friends here at Hood, Mel, is hispanic. She is funny, hard working, and a lot like me. We are involved in the same program to become teachers, and we have spent all summer together, She makes me laugh, motivates me, challenges me, and drives me crazy sometimes. This morning she called me to ask me if I wanted a breakfast burrito from the taqueria. My reply, "Sure as long as you aren't trying to feed me tongue." I just said it in passing, I had no idea that she really ate tongue in her burritos. Shoot, I didn't think anyone ate that stuff. I can pretty much eat anything--but celery, raw broccoli, raw cauliflower, and chow mein noodles mixed with turkey and mayo. Blech.

So Mel shows up at school today with tongue burritos. I ate it. I even ate a second one. It tasted just like roast, minus the thought that I was eating a big, thick, cow's tongue. Once I got over the visual, I actually enjoyed it. Who would have thought!

Tonight we went to dinner with the outlaws. They have been on their best behavior. It could have something to do with their son coming home on R&R and they want to see him, but I would like to think that they are learning to deal with me. (I reminded them tonight that I had been with their son almost as long as he lived at home!) Anyway, within 10 minutes of arriving Abs and Junior are crying. I take Abs out and they get Junior calmed down. It is a small Italian restaurant, and of course they had to sit us in the middle of the restaurant. All eyes were on us.

Once Abs calmed down we returned inside. Andrew was in a crabby mood, but made it through dinner while sitting on my lap. Small price to pay. I found out that daycare had called my MIL because Abs was out of sunscreen. My MIL was nearby and picked up some more and dropped it off. They gave her the bottle that Abs had there...she had filled it with water. What goes through her mind???

Earlier this week Ab's grade level went on a field trip to Wonder World. The were waiting outside the antigravity room, and all the kids were screeching with delight about being able to float in the air. Ab's response was "People, it's antigravity, not zero gravity."

Em should be back in the States next week. I got an email from my mom today that said "Em is making herself at home on another computer and I can't watch her. She thinks she is very independent. Good luck when she gets back." This should be fun. She went on to tell me that she has her father's sweet tooth, but did eat 8 pear halves for breakfast--that's 4 pears. Can we say--runs?

We are plugging away here. Abs and I planted zucchini--late in the season I know--and it is already growing like crazy. Tonight after dinner we put Junior down and then she helped me make a paper mache rat. Our theme for our classes these next two weeks are rats. I never knew I would be so excited to see gummy rats at the dollar store, I bought a ton for my nonstandard measurement lesson.

I'm off to find a map of France!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I got a job! I'll be teaching 2nd grade next year!!!

I wonder what I can worry about next.....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Why oh why

Since the dawn of man, my husband has been paid once a month.

They are changing that and I was informed that they will require EVERYONE to get paid twice a month.

Why mess with a good thing. I like knowing it all comes at once and I have to make it last all month long. It's a game to me, and the more I end up with at the end of the month, the happier I am. Maybe I'm the only one?

Nothing new & then some...

Still plugging away in school.

Junior seems to be doing much better.

I am healed....knock on wood.

No word from Gunner. His chain of command was working to change leave since there was no point in him coming home if we are in school all day.

Still no job, so maybe I won't be in school all day, lol.

The one thing I like about my program (well, one of the many) is that they introduce me to things I need. I absolutely LOVE the ped-egg. It works wonders on my dry feet. Of course they also introduced me to Skinny Bitch and now everytime I eat I think about what I read. Thanks a lot. As if we didn't have enough to do with school, we are now pouring over labels seeing what kind of crap we are putting in our bodies. There's no way I can be vegan, but I did make stir fry using tofu last night, and Abs was in heaven. Yes, my 7 year old daughter inhaled over a cup and a half of tofu and declared it delicious. Tomorrow we are having black beans so Abs decided it was the perfect time to describe our digestive tract and how it worked. A friend at school showed me a great Grossology book and I think it will be on Ab's list for Christmas.

Em is still on vacation for another week. They are in London now, and she seems to be enjoying herself. On the bright side, I got a message today from her and it was not in pig latin. Apparently she made a friend in Oxford who taught her pig latin, so I had to learn to decipher it quickly in order to read her emails. The kid cracks me up. They visited Windsor Castle today and the guard winked at her. How's that for providing me with lots of information!

Found the cutest shirt for Junior. Hopefully pictures will follow soon.